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Posted by Bob the Forsaken on 19.01.01 00:00

I've got a nifty little theory on how Rand will rid himself of the thorn in his side, the Seanchan. The Seanchan that are already on the Randland continent will have been dealt with by Rand and company, possibly, to simplify this. One thing has to happen - the Tower has to be unified, and the Horn of Valere recovered. (You can probably see where this is going now...) And maybe in that process Mesaana will be dealt with. Anyway, Rand will gain possession of the Horn of Valere. He will now have Aes Sedai on his side, as well as Asha'man. He will take a couple of each, along with the Band of the Red Hand, and Mat (if he can find him) to Seanchan via gateway. Maybe Mat will be sent to Seanchan, and Rand and company will find him there.

As we know, the Seanchan are a huge force. The ones that we have seen thus far are just a trickle. They are supposed to be the people that do the scouting before the real Return, and when the real Return happens, all hell will break loose. But Rand will get Mat, and will proceed to meet the Empress of Seanchan. Mat will call on the Horn of Valere, and Artur Hawking will tell the Seanchan to follow Rand. And in one giant swoop, Rand has just gathered a huge army and gotten rid of the threatening Seanchan. Mat will also probably hook up with the Daughter of the Nine Moons at this time as well, or meet her for the first time at least...

wotmania says: I think it is very likely that the Seanchan will be behind Rand at Tarmon Gai’don. I am not sure if I believe this is how it will happen, though... Personally, I am partial to the idea that Mat’s raven-marked spear will end up having something to do with him gaining status with the Seanchan. But Rand Traveling to Seanchan is a definite possibility as well.



Posted by bukama on 31.05.01 14:37
since nobody seems to use the Blackboards here often, I will! It looks like after Winter's Heart that Mat will end up married to Tuon, the Daughter of the Nine Moons. She will then become Empress of Seanchan, and Mat will be her uber-general. Remember in The Path of Daggers when Rand was fighting the Seanchan? During one of the bouts, a general named Miraj(????) was killed. It's later mentioned, almost as a sidenote, that he was the best general the Seanchan had, the Lord Captain Commander of the Seanchan, for lack of a better term. Mat is certainly the guy to fill his place.


Posted by Rathan on 17.06.01 02:30
I really do use that title a lot. Anyways....
RJ has already said that no big huge things are going to happen at the Seanchan homeland, so Rand's Traveling there with the horn is very unlikely


stuff about Mat

Posted by Ninya Evoneigh on 12.07.01 23:08
Does anyone remember when either Egwene had a dream, or Min had a Viewing, about Mat getting ravens on his shoulders? Settling into his skin, like?
He'll become something in Seanchan society cause that'st he mark of a Deathwatch guard, or something like that, and since Viewings and/or Dreams always appear to come out true in the end, something important'll have to happen in Seanchan for him to get those.

I wish I could attend on of the online interviews with RJ, so I could learn some of the things that these people are throwing about, like the no more Seanchan stuff, and Asmodean never coming back.

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Hav you read the latest book or wot?

Posted by perigrino on 25.07.01 21:14
That was a nice wee bit of thought that I see here! However many of the answers to these questions have come in the latest book! Did you read it!?! Mat ends up meeting the daughter of the nine moons and carrying her away with him .
The Seanchan are not unbeatable as has been proved in "The Crown of Swords ", They have no knowledge of gateways and let people walk away who mearly promise to 'obey and wait for the return'.

In answer to the theory that Arthur Hawkwing himself will come back after mat has Sounded the Horn once again, Well this is a bit unlikely ! Anyway I think it will be Berlain who make the Treaty with The Seanchan as she is a direct decendant from Arthur Hawkwing himself(so it is claimed), But this will only happen after Rand defeats them in a huge battle..Hey , thats what we are waiting for!


Posted by Xanrn on 04.12.01 08:06
U are forgetting Nicoles prophecy.

The Last Battle Done, but the world not done with battle. The Land divided by the return.

Not exact quote, but the point stands. Maybe a ceasefire to after TG. But I don't see the Seanchan leaving or stopping wanting to take back all that Artur once ruled.

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Posted by metallica-man2 on 30.12.01 16:08
would the seanchan listen to artur hawking? if their commanders or the empress told them to, they would try to kill him as an "imposter of a great man." also, concerning the horn of valere... i wonder what effect its being blown would have on rand. the last time, was before any trace of lews therin was in him. now that lews therin sees all of these fellow heroes of the horn, who knows what will happen.


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the horn, huh??

Posted by Mr_MolsonXXX on 07.06.02 01:00
i think the whole thing is a bit far fetched and i agree with the comment about ravens and mat from further up. also, of course,tuon will have to play a role in there somewhere too. i just think it would be real cool if
hawkwing was summoned by the horn( i love the horn of valere and if i were mat i'd be tootin' on the thing all day). hawkwing would slap these seanchan idiots up real quick and tell them to stop their damn whining and play nice with the other children!

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