The Third Destroyer and Rand's Sickness

Posted by Bad Ash on 06.01.01 00:00

Ever since Rand and the Wanderer crossed balefire beams in Shadar Logoth, the sickness Rand feels when he channels is getting worse and worse. By the time "Snow" rolls around, Rand feels such weakness even when he is not channeling. Why?

My theory centers on my belief that the Wanderer in Moridin, and Moridin is Ishamael. These two beliefs have been argued ad infinitum, and the Theory Post contains several pieces on this argument. Suffice to say that I agree with these theories.

In "Snow" page 98, Lews Therin says, "I thought I could build. I was wrong. We are not builders, not you, or I, or the other one. We are destroyers. Destroyers."

Even Rand thought Lews Therin's mention of a third person here was odd. Three pages later, Rand sees something very strange. He is struck with a fit of weakness although not channeling. The book reads, "He turned to the window, to fetch the leather scrip, and a wave of dizziness hit him. Knees turning to water, he stumbled. A shimmering face he could not make out flashed through his head. With an effort, he caught himself, forced his legs straight. And the whirling sensation vanished. Lews Therin panted hoarsely in the shadows. Could the face be his?"

Who was the owner of this face? Its appearance is very similar to that of Ba'alzamon's in The Eye of the World, especially in the first couple of dreams Rand had. Secondly, in the prologue to The Eye of the World, Lews Therin screamed and panted hoarsely after Ishamael gave him recognition of what he had done.

These facts are a bit sketchy. But when you combine them with the myriad theories supporting Ishamael as Moridin, and Moridin as the Wanderer, a trend develops. I believe that Ishamael infected Rand when their balefire beams crossed. This is why Rand now gets sick whenever he channels. The infection is creating a doppelganger in Rand. Rand is essentially infected with an incarnation of Ishamael, and Lews Therin knows this already. This is Ishamael's way of turning Rand to the Dark One, thus ensuring the Dark One's victory at Tarmon Gai'don and the end to the Wheel of Time.

wotmania says: Well, I would certainly agree that the other destroyer is Moridin/Ishamael. But I am not so sure that the wanderer was purposely trying to infect Rand. I do not have access to my books at the exact time I am writing this, but I recall that the wanderer seemed a little surprised/shook up by the crossing of their balefire streams as well. Personally, I do no think the wanderer (who I agree was Moridin) planned on crossing the streams (but you said crossing the streams was bad... ) with Rand in Shadar Logoth. So to sum up my rambling - I would tend to agree the third destroyer is Moridin/Ishamael, but I am not sure whether or not the incident in Shadar Logoth has anything to do with Rand's current channeling problems. Perhaps we will know in Winter's Heart if Rand manages to cleanse saidin and still has problems channeling...


Third Destroyer

Posted by corinth on 23.03.01 00:00
While its possible that the third face is Moridin's. I don't think it was an something he did on purpose. Moridin seemed surprised when they crossed beams.

I'm not sure who this third face. It could be Moridin or it could be Mordeth. Either way I believe this face is a result of Rand's two wounds.


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Posted by ReginaSedai on 14.08.01 01:18
I think the face is Lews Therin. I think the sickness that takes rand when not channeling is because LT is pushing to get loose. He wants to channel. I think that Moridin is "the other one" -- who i also agree is ishy. the stresses of the job/not to mention the posession of LT inside rand could be all mangling up his psyche(all battling the taint for supremecy in who will make a madman of Our Hero)
that's what i think

Moridin and the third face

Posted by Zelda Sedai on 19.08.01 12:35
Does anyone remember when Rand is told in EotW that he and Ishamael are two sides of the same coin? I think that might indicate a connection to the third destroyer. Could be wrong though.


Posted by Viran Yevel on 03.02.02 23:21
...relating to what I posted on the MB a while ago, I think there is further evidence of Moridin/Ishamael's connection with Rand.

If you read the chapter What Is Written In Prophecy, near the end of TDR, the apparent Nae'Blis seems to tear a part of Rand's 'soul', or something. I'm tired, I put it much better than this last time, with quotes and all, but have another read of that bit, pay special attention to the dialogue between them, and then Rand's feelings as he is attacked with the TP...

I concur that the third face is Moridin.

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Third face jargon!

Posted by NoonyNick on 15.07.03 00:16
Well, it's just a theory, but here goes: Why not have that third face be the creator himself? It makes sense if you look at it this way -- instead of channeling, Rand is beginning to tap into that ultra-powerful source. The one that dude with the black things floating across his eyes used, only from the creator instead of The Dark One. This would explain his queeziness!

If it's true, I'll eat my shoe ala Tucker Carlson!


Posted by firstweaver on 02.08.03 09:50
I like NoonyNick's idea! Finally, a post with interest!

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The Wheel Turns

Posted by tor86 on 02.03.04 04:37
I think the other guy was the Dragon before Lews Therin, he had him in his head, just like Rand has Lews Therin in his head


Posted by sabin on 15.02.05 20:59
im not saying yes, and im not sayin no, im just sayin interesting