What will Rand's Lesson be?

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Before Logan was stilled, he was going along the basic conqueror mode of attack, building up his army and attacking other nation's armies, but along the way he also started burning villages, and when one of the characters, I forget which, Egwene or Elayne, makes some comment of sympathy about Logain being stilled, and as lost as a blind puppy, someone makes the comment, "tell that to his victims."

The point is that Logain was not the best of men, or at least not the kindest, but after being stilled, he seemed to become "gentler"(sic). Protecting Min, Leane, and Siuan on their flight from the White Tower, albeit for his own reasons, but also becoming the "good" faction leader in the Black Tower. I'm not sure how much that holds up, as we have not seen much of Logain, before and after stilling, but he definitely seems changed. He even goes so far as to recognize Rand as the Dragon Reborn, though whether he will go Taim's route in wanting to be First, not second is up for grabs.

But, Rand and the other Ash'aman are destined to be taught a lesson at Cadsuane's hands, and they aren't going to like it. At the end of Winter's Heart she makes the comment to Verin that she needs to remind Rand that he is human, not stone, and that if he does not, his victory will be the same as losing to the Dark One, becoming Shai'tan himself.

What better way to teach a demigod he's human than by taking away what makes him godlike? Rand and the rest of the Ash'aman could be temporarily stilled, and Nynaeve's Healing restores men, at least, to their full strength.

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Is Logain for the Light/Cadsuane's lesson

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 31.05.01 08:42
I tend to believe Logain's conversion to someone not so hard. I don't believe he was ever for the Shadow. He is very specific about noticing Rand up on the palace wall when he was being taken to Caemlyn in a cage, and how brightly Rand glowed to his eyes. Rand wasn't holding the Power, so this is more akin to Nicola's ability to see ta'veren, or perhaps just a personal epiphany to Logain that Rand was something larger than he. Whatever the case, Logain is convinced, and remember that his current driving motive is retribution against the Reds.

It certainly appears that Logain is also not trusting of Taim, as shown by the formation of factions loyal to each within the BT. Since Rand can be fairly sure that Taim is an enemy by now, he can borrow from the arabic saying that "The enemy of my enemy is my friend.", and consider Logain as a solid ally.

Cadsuane's intended lesson is to remind Rand that he's human, and to bring him back to both laughter and tears. It's not that Rand is beginning to believe himself deific, but that he has mistakenly decided that in order to survive the destruction caused by and around him, he needs to insulate himself from human emotions. Cadsuane talking with Sorilea says that he needs to be strong, and instead he's making himself hard. The fear is that someone with a totally hard heart winning Tarmon Gai'don might be worse for mankind than to lose.

Whether that lesson is the one Min's viewing says Cadsuane will give to ALL the Asha'man, isn't certain. What people intend, and what happens, are rarely the same, even sometimes for Cadsuane.


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It doesn't hold up. if she wants to take away his ability to channel then she could have left him in Far Madding under guard. You can't touch the source there and even a blademaster can't fight off 25 guards at once. Also remember she talks to soreilla(sp) so we know what she wants to teach Rand. "How to laugh and cry again".

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Light! How would she possibly do that?

Posted by Asha`man`aman on 03.05.02 02:31
There are over 400 some men that can channel in the BT. When Elaida sent out some 60(or was it 50) sisters to 'gentle' them all, at least one group was caught without any casualties. How would Cadsuane who has currently refuses to align herself with either faction of the tower possibly sever that many men? Even if the BT crumbles before this happens(Taim/Logain conflict) you can assume that the larger/more powerful force will win. So now you have at the least 150 Asha'man. Since men are usually more powerful than women it will take at least 1 sister for every soldier, 2 for every dedicated and 4 for every Asha'man. That adds up to too many sisters for such a small group as Cadsuane Sedai's to take by force.
Now if you think that the men will willingly allow themselves to be 'gentled' then I can't argue that further thatn to say you are crazy!!!

Not gonna happen

Posted by Fallen Ashaman on 26.12.02 02:05
There's one major thing preventing Cadsuane using this as a lesson: if you were a "demigod" and someone took your powers from you to teach you a lesson and then you got your powers back from another source (no pun intended) what would your first action be? I know I'd go after the person who took away my powers in the first place. Plus we have Cadsuane's conversation with Sorilea where they agree to teach Rand to laugh and to cry again.

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