Ogier and the One Power

Posted by Mashadarman on 21.01.01 00:00

It seems to me that the Ogier must have some connection to the One Power, but it is totally different than humans’ channeling. I explained in another theory that the One Power is distilled and transformed when channeled by a human being. The Ogier on the other hand do not distill the Power when they channel.

Talents like Treesinging use Spirit, although it is not distilled and therefore does not require weaving. Other things that the Ogier do that require channeling, but they do not know it of course, is their amazing abilities as stonemasons. The shaping of stone uses Earth, Fire, and possibly Water.

Someone is bound to say that inside the stedding the True Source cannot be sensed and therefore how can any Ogier channel in this situation. An Ogier does not channel in the same as a human would. They simply take energy out of the existing, un-distilled Power around them. The True Source is only something that human beings need to use the Power. It does not exist solely for that reason, it is the focal point from which all the energy in the World of the Wheel comes. Humans cannot absorb energy from around them or take energy from a living thing, as an Ogier does when he or she Treesings. Ergo, the True Source does not need to be "sensed" in a stedding for an Ogier to do his or her special type of channeling.

I haven’t puzzled out the how or why of the disappearance of the True Source in a stedding, but I’ll get back to you on that one.

wotmania says: Hmmm... I do not have much to say on this one, as I have never really thought about this before. I cannot recall it saying anywhere how exactly Treesinging works - this might be a possible explanation.


Bah, I think Mashadarman has looked too deeply.

Posted by Your.Master on 07.05.01 21:01
I think the power is the power. Ogier were MADE with the power, it says so in the guide, and therefore have amazing abilities.

Hate to fall into Mashy's trap, but...the power doesn't exist in the stedding, it can't even be FELT to exist, as it would if humans just distilled it. The only way to use the power in-stedding is to carry it with you, like you do in Far Madding. Otherwise, it doesn't exist. After all, you don't believe that Cadsuane has "pre-distilled" power that she must re-distill to channel, do you?


Power, Power, who's got the Power?

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 03.06.01 14:26
There are three categories of cosmic forces. Elemental forces (earth, air, fire, water), the ethereal force (spirit), and the life force.

If the life force were not a separate thing, then one or a combination of the others could be used to bring the dead to life. Additionally, if you say that life is a product of Spirit, then either you should be able to channel Spirit inside a stedding, or nothing living should survive the lack of Spirit inside a stedding.

Ogier treesinging, the growing songs of the Nym, and such things are a product of the living force, and nothing to do with the forces associated with the One Power.

When the Old Song is recovered, when the Aiel return to the Leaf, there may well be some remarkable discoveries made. Then again, that might just be my wishful thinking.

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Posted by Rathan on 17.06.01 02:40
It probably is


Makes some sense

Posted by Manwë on 29.06.01 21:05
It makes some sense really

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Another connection....

Posted by SharonToggle on 08.10.01 09:00
I've noticed that Ogier have "Talents" (note the capital "T", such as Treesinging, just like Aes Sedai. hmmm...

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Ogier were not made

Posted by drgnrbrn316 on 12.11.01 11:02
In response to Your.Master's post, you have the Ogier confused with the Nym (such as the Green Man). The Nym were made in the Age of Legends, whereas the Ogier are a naturally appearing non-human being.

The Ogier are the only race we've seen so far without the ability to channel, so it would be interesting to learn that perhaps they do have some use of it. However, I doubt that we'll see an Ogier that can channel to any degree due to the Longing they experience away from the stedding. The One Power is addictive like a drug and all the channeler POVs that have appeared throughout the series has never shown a desire to be cut off from the True Source as one would be in a stedding.


Posted by Andre alKel on 19.01.02 22:27
why aren't the male orgier crazy?
human may not be able to channel inside steading bc the orgier distill the power so much inside it eclipses the human abilitie to channel, their ability to channel also prolongs their life?

well there is my first theory responce how was that?=


Posted by erith on 30.01.02 15:42
I always took Treesinging to be a communication between Ogier and trees. Kind of like a language that only they can understand. When Loial needed a quarterstaff in the mirror world, I think he just asked for one from the tree.


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Maybe Ogier channel the normal way...

Posted by Mortecareus on 30.04.02 15:44
...but they live in stedding, so don't know it. i don't know if this has been discussed to death here or not, so please don't kill me. just thought i'd mention it


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wasting away?

Posted by pselus on 10.07.02 10:26
if you remember, Ogier outside of the stedding for too long die, but it is different for each Ogier...
What if the Ogier (male and female) could channel the TP, but they cannot do it inside of the stedding. Maybe when they leave the stedding, they are affected by the TP and slowly die, unless they go back to the stedding.
(if you remember, Jain Farstrider had some OP/TP sickness that was healed just by being in the stedding, and Ishmael was the one who gave him the sickness, so it could have been the TP)

not saying I agree with this post I'm just thinking out loud

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