The Lightfriends

Posted by The Bear Boy on 21.01.01 00:00

Well, because everyone seems to think about the Lightfriends and who they are I started to think out a freaky theory to mock you, but after I read a special theory something inside of me snapped and everything fell into place.

The Lightfriends are the wolves. Preposterous you say? Well it is pretty abstract and probably not true but my reasons are:

I don´t know if you can sense the One Power when using the True Power but who says that the True Power must be exactly the same as the "light power"!

All people who are against the Shadow are the opposite of low Darkfriends, and the Power wielders are the opposite of Dreadlords. Perrin and Mat are the opposite of the Forsaken and Rand is the Light's Nae´blis.

Can it be more simple (or more freaky)?

wotmania says: I do not think I have ever heard it suggested that the Wolves are the Lightfriends. I do not know whether or not I agree, but no one can argue that they all hate the Shadow with a passion.



Posted by arangin on 23.04.01 00:00
Wolves are the lightfriends! I never thought of it that way untill now, but it seems they have powers not available to any other group, even humans, they would have to be blessed for that! Good idea man!

wolves are just wolves

Posted by Storm on 04.05.01 00:00
wolves just hate fades and trollocs because they are innatural they are made by aginor! he has abused nature while making trollocs and fades! wolves don't care about humans remember in THFTH wolves don't care about the darfriends and in COS other wolves are laughing at the wolves who helped Perrin free Rand at Dumais!


Posted by durril on 01.12.01 00:16
What about cats? Dogs/wolves I suppose don't like females who can channel. Toveine was mauled by dogs if Winter's Heart pg.62-63. Her savoir mentioned that cats wouldn't stand her husband. I assume he would be Asha'man. Does this mean that cats are creatures of the dark. I personally belive this is the case in our world. Anyway, I think the only really good evidince the thoery has is the scene where Perrin tells the wolves who was captured, and they went nuts. I think it was because the wolves respected "Shadow killer" because of the amount of shadowspawn he has killed. The wolves probably just like his style. Remember Hopper helped save faile, but other wolves think Perrin is overreacting. The wolves probably just help who they like.

Ravens in the DO's service

Posted by Loffe on 07.01.02 14:56
I don't really believe that wolves would be Lightfriends that carries out the Creators will. But something that speaks in favour of that theory is the fact that ravens (and maybe some other animals that I don't remember) serves as spies for the DO. Couldn't the wolves be doing the same thing for the Creator?

some kind of shadowspawn on acid

Light Spawn?

Posted by ChampionOfMight on 08.04.02 17:12
The Shadow has Shadow spawn so maybe... in a turnig of the wheel far removed some one created wolves to serve the Creator.

Other animals can enter T'A'R

Posted by Birdhead on 13.07.02 04:22
All untamed animals can enter T'A'R. Umm, what else?
Shadowkiller is the wolves' name for the Dragon- just like Car'a'carn, Coramoor,the Dragon Reborn. Possibly the wolves even knew LTT.
The dog attack just shows the reverses of Saidin vs Saidar yet again. Cats prefer Saidar, but dislike Saidin. Dogs prefer Saidin, but dislike Saidar. This is a particularly cliched bit of WoT- cats and women, dogs and guys.
And i believed wolves dislike Trollocs because of the mutation of wolves, etc with humans- humans are, on the whole, nowhere near as nice as animals. Animals are innocent- and possibly they dislike the mutation of their own species in particular. I don't think wolves engage in fullscale war or murder except for food, so perhaps that is what they dislike the most- creatures who don't just kill, but are a twisting of their own species with their entire purpose being to kill needlessly.

Tuibird in Aotearoa

Umm, what about the horsey's?

Posted by chango on 04.09.02 22:27
I could be mistaken, but in the Shadow Rising, didn't Egwen, I think when she first tried to enter Teleranhoid (<--sorry) without the ring, notice that there were other animals in the world of dreams,like rats and goldfish and some other stuff. In fact I think the only animals that were'nt there were humans, and for some strange reason, horses?


Posted by newperson on 05.02.05 12:36
there is light spawn IT IS EVERYTHING the creator made everything so everything is lightspawn (except shadowspawn)



Posted by napoleonCoplin on 18.09.05 20:18
the DO had no hand in shdowspawn (except myrddraal). Shadowspawn were made by Aginor in immitation, sort of anyway, of the Nym (Tolkien alert). the Ogier are like natural lightspawn. Oh, and the everything except SS are lightspawn thing is good too.

It's not apples and oranges, but no one paying attention could compare these apples without noticing:
(a) one is 12 times bigger and
(b) both of them are rutabagas.