Proof of the Lightfriends' True Power?

Posted by One Dedicated to the Light on 21.01.01 00:00

Here is an interesting twist to the theory that both the Creator and the Dark One have their own True Power. Do you remember reading in The Eye of The World that after the first use of the One Power that the person utilizing it will feel sick soon after? Remember what Rand's first use of the Power was? He rejuvenated Egwene's horse. When they were fleeing from the Trollocs, remember. It took Moraine an extremely long time to ascertain that Rand had done it, and she was looking for proof that one of the three was the Dragon Reborn. Why did she miss that? Could it be because (as evidenced later when Rand got so sick) that she was looking for the always resulting sickness as proof? If she was, then why did Rand not get sick? Because Rand is the Creator's solution to the plague of the Dark One. He is able to channel the Creator's True Power, but only when it is not in any way attached to saving his own but, or killing. This ties into the knowledge that we have of the Jenn Aiel (the Tinkers) in that even in defense of their own lives they will not harm someone. Why? Because they are the Creator's chosen people, and the song that they will find will be the song that allows all of humanity to become the Creator's chosen. Remember from Rand's vision of the past (in Rhuidean) that the Jenn Aiel were respected because they would not do any violence. Rand can only touch the Creator's True Power when he trying to help others, without harming anybody or trying to save himself from anything. (The Way of the Leaf) Therefore, Rand must not be concerned of saving himself when the Final Battle comes, but instead saving everyone else... Who knows, maybe the Creator will have a little mercy on Rand, his chosen hand of justice.

wotmania says: I had to change my original response to this theory after reading a bit on the message board. Pretty much, I just forgot a fact or two that REALLY changes my response to this theory. You don't automatically get sick from first touching the One Power - and Rand got kind of light-headed and silly not long after he rejuvenated Bela. Recall his encounter with the Whitecloaks not long after that? Anyway, while I like the idea of Lightfriends I must point out the major problem with this theory...


Why Rand Didn't Get Sick

Posted by Luthair Paendrag on 04.09.01 17:46
I may have a possible reason why Rand didn't get sick the first time he channeled...

First of all, he didn't use a full Healing or anything like that, just a bare brush of the Power to make Bela less tired and more able to keep up. So it wasn't like Nynaeve's first Healing experience, where she used probably all the Power she could handle at that time to completely Heal her dying friend. So maybe we wouldn't necessarily expect Rand to get as sick. He does become very ill after he drops a lightning bolt on the inn in Four Kings... his first real use of a signifigant amount of the Power.

Secondly, after the first leg of their journey, what is the first thing that happens when they start to make camp? Moiraine goes around and heals everyone. Again, not a full heal, just a little "booster shot," but coupled with the fact that Rand might not have gotten very sick in the first place, it could have been enough to wash away everything except the dizziness and light-headedness you mentioned.

Just a thought.

Rand's sickness

Posted by Elder Haman on 09.09.01 00:42
Rand was separated from Moiraine about a day after he channeled at Bela. There may not have been enough time for him to get sick in her presence. I think this because I'm not sure Rand got sick instantly after he channeled on Domon's boat or at the Four Kings Inn. Even if he did, the speed with which the sickness took hold may have a direct relation to the amount of the One Power used. So I don't think Rand used the extra power there.

Also, the Forsaken seem to know the difference between when they grab the OP and when they use the TP, they must have some different way of opening themselves to it. Rand would have noticed this difference when he was channeling cups to float, or make it rain in the Waste, or the other non-violent uses of the One Power. Or when he tried to heal the girl in Tear (trying to save someone's life).

In good fun, I must point out that if the Lightfriends' power was created to oppose the Dark One's power, it would be the False Power. And it probably is false.


Posted by mr_froggy240 on 21.11.01 10:23
The speed that they get sick after their first touching of the one power is not determined by the amount of power drawn or anything like that. It is said, I believe by Moraine, that the touching and the sickness are a time apart and that the time between touching and sickness keeps decreasing with each touching untill they both happen simultaniously.

PS, the whole lightfriends theory is pretty loony.

Creator and Dark One

Posted by George0000000 on 27.11.01 20:29
The DO has the True Power, to help out his most important followers.

The Creator has the one power, to help turn the wheel, his most important follower, among those who use it. (Bear with me)

The Dark One also has his own little cabal of followers, that don't use any kind of power.

The Creator is the accepted God of Randland. His followers are whoever worships him (he has no cabal of followers, that's something the dark one does) pretty much everyone but the Darkfriends, who still have the benefit of the world he created. (interesting fact, Shai'tan means satan in, I think,not sure, a language from around the sahara, I know it means Satan though)

The Dark one one gives his True Power to a very select few of his followers, out of those whom the creator gave the inborn ability to channel.

The Creator gives his power to a randomly chosen few, you'd think it's random, of those who he created. The Light is more random and peaceful, seems to me, he Created the world at the begginning of time, along with the Dark One, and stays out, seldom so much as speaking to anyone of his creations. (Except Rand, once, who can wield the power...)

See what I'm getting at?

The Creator gives the spark or ability to learn to channel at a person's birth, where they are completely innocent, and therefore his followers. The Creator, it seems throughout the books, only gets involved at the begginnings
of things: the creation, Rand's first actual channeling, etc... He would not, therefore, get involved in a person's life later, after they join the Dark, to rip away their ability to channel. It makes sense to me at least.

As I have been leading to, the Creator creates, and let's things grow on their own.

The Dark One, Perverts, and changes things as they go.

They are opposites, but not equal opposites, the Creator not only created the Dark One, right? (I'm not sure if he did in the story) But even so, he can always create, perversion stems from creation, when something in a thing's growth goes awry.

Sorry for dragging on, but I justy want to put in all of my thoughts, leading to this theory. And it is my first theory post.

Re-read and get your facts straight

Posted by erith on 20.01.02 22:05
First of all, about the only thing you got right was that Rand's first touching of the Source was helping Bela during the flight from Emond's Field. Go back and read everything that happened in Baerlon a week later. You will notice Rand has a terrible headache; the headache fades and is replaced with a feeling like his head is "packed with wool." Not too much later, after running into Padan Fain and then Mat, he feels dizzy, then giddy, then flushed and excited. After the incident with the Whitecloaks, the feeling suddenly disappears. Now, skip ahead to the events following their short stay in Shadar Logoth. Everyone gets separated, and Ny runs into Moiraine and Lan. Moiraine proceeds to reveal to Ny that she, too, can channel and describes in perfect detail everything that we just saw Rand experience...that EVERY wilder experiences when they must channel alone for the first time. Ny is dumbfounded because it all happened to her, as well. So, sorry to blow your original theory totally out of the water, but the reason Moiraine missed seeing Rand's reaction to his first touching was because Rand didn't tell her. He wouldn't tell her about his nightmares...what makes you think he'd tell her he was feeling a little sick? Oh, and as an aside, Rand is the Dragon Reborn...LTT didn't channel a True Source from the creator anymore than I can so neither does Rand.


The higher, the fewer.

creator talking to rand?

Posted by Tomas on 18.03.02 12:53
could you tell me when the creator talks to rand cos I probably missed that bit when I was readin the books.. and what did he say?

rand did get sick

Posted by johnrandmat on 08.05.02 19:14
rand got sick and had fever and all the other stuff,in eotw when him and mat were attacked by the lady darkfriend(the foxfaced women in wh)so rand did suffer from the usual pains.

Rands sickness

Posted by billytwilight on 21.08.02 21:43
Ok, everything happened exactly like Moirraine said.

1.) Channeled to heal Bela, acts crazy, sickly w/ Whitecloaks at Baerlon.

2.) Channeled on Spray to keep the Trolloc from gutting him right after running from Shadar Logoth. Later he feels lightheaded and funny on the mast of Spray and pulls the stunt that scares Thom and the rest of the crew and makes them think he's crazy.

3.) Channeled in Four Kings, got the bad sick fever chills a few days later.

I am trying still to figure out what Rands block was... I think he has to have one, because with what happened after Four Kings he was sick just a couple days later, and the next time he channeled we dont here anything about when he was sick. That means he learned to channel safely by then, just like when Moirraine said 1 out of 4 could do that, but they always didn't realize they could channel and they always had a block. Maybe because he knew he was channeling at the Eye he didn't get a block...

he did too get sick!

Posted by magpie sedai on 26.01.03 13:46
Rand at first channeled unconsiously, and he did get sick
1. He helped bela run faster, and he got dizzy.
2. He channeled somewhere in caemlyn and got dizzy and giggly soon after
3. Before caemlyn, he channeled at that inn with the skinny innkeeper, and after, he got really sick, so sick he couldnt stand up.
4. He channeled somewhere in shadar logoth, dont remember where, and then on Domon's ship he took foolish chances and felt very giddy, which are also symptoms of touching the power unaided. Getting sick is not the only symptom of using the one power, if you remember what Moiraine said.

Go read the WOTFAQ

Posted by AgingComputer on 26.10.04 13:34
Every lurker on wotmania should at the very LEAST go read the WOTFAQ before they post stupid crap. People seem very confused. Straight from the source, here's Rand's Power Acquisition Fever Syndrome:

ACTION: Made Bela run faster.
RESULT: Dizziness in Baerlon, followed by giddiness. Pulled a stunt in front of Dain Bornhald and the other Whitecloaks.
DELAY TIME: At least a week (10 days), perhaps a little longer.

ACTION: On Spray, caused the boom to swing over and whack the Trolloc in the chest, saving Rand's life.
RESULT: Giddiness and feeling of invincibility, resulting in Rand's acrobatics on top of the mast.
DELAY TIME: Four days.

ACTION: Calling down lightning in Four Kings.
RESULT: Sickness, fever, shaking (influenza symptoms)
DELAY TIME: Two days.

ACTION: Using the untained saidin from the Eye of the World.
RESULT: Temporary memory loss.
DELAY TIME: Almost immediately.

So there you have it. Rand did have the symptoms of the Power Acquisition Fever Syndrome, and there is no "False Power" to combat the DO's "True Power." The Creator's power is the One Power. Wait, doesn't Rand channel that? I think he does!


Posted by Joseph44 on 26.10.04 17:47
This theory doesn't make very much sense and is wrong in alot of ways. Besides the faults already pointed out above, the Jenn Aiel are not the Tinkers. There were two splits from the Jenn Aiel (The tinkers split off then later the Aiel as we know them split off.)

I think reading the series at least 2 or 3 times through should be a prerequisite to posting any theories.

("Amen" to AgingComputer btw.)


UHH... no

Posted by napoleonCoplin on 30.08.05 21:51
Rand did get sick. in Baerlon. He had a cold.

It's not apples and oranges, but no one paying attention could compare these apples without noticing:
(a) one is 12 times bigger and
(b) both of them are rutabagas.