The Unaccounted Forsaken

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There were, at one time, more than just 13 Forsaken. But they were killed in the War of Power.

In Chapter 25 of A Crown of Swords ("Mindtrap") on page 419 Moghedien was talking to Moridin of the True Power. saying "Only twenty-nine others have ever been granted--"

Let’s do some math, shall we? Assuming all thirteen Dreadlords from the Trolloc Wars could touch the True Power, and taking in the thirteen Forsaken. That leaves three people unaccounted for. Even if you throw in the Dark One, that’s still two others that could. Trying to say the Creator is another is pushing it, but that still leaves one other person. But my guess is that the DO and Creator aren’t counted.

So, who are these ? And why does no one seem to care about them? If they were a part of the War of Power during the Age of Legends, isn’t there some extremely fragmented record that mentions a Forsaken other than the common thirteen?

wotmania says: I am not sure where you found that there were only thirteen Dreadlords during the Trolloc Wars. I do not think Jordan ever stated an exact number, but I would guess there were a lot more than thirteen... Just because someone could touch the True Power does not mean they were one of the Forsaken. I think Moghedien’s comment was just to point out that to touch the True Power is a rare privilege, handed out to only the Great Lord’s most favored servants.



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The others who were granted the privelage of using the True Power are all dead, after the War of Power. The only reason we have these thirteen around in the present time is because they happened to be at Shayol Ghol(sp?) when the Dark One was sealed. They were sealed with him, trapped outside of the pattern (And time) and thus they are around today. The others who were granted the true power were probably hunted down before the breaking or killed in it, but because they weren't sealed, they died eventually.


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I disagree, but it would be kind of funny if Rand ran into a Forsaken that no one knew about.



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What if Taim is one of the forsaken? We know he is not Demandred, but how about this? Taim was one of the chosen, but after the sealing of the others he was hiding for a couple of thousand years(like that guy in highlander).


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let's do some math over

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moghedien said : only 29 OTHERS

so that would mean(in your theory) there are 4 others

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killed each other off???

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I just have a feeling that there were two different factions that tried to kill each other off...

Obviously, they would need a male and female channeling together and so we have four people that killed each other.

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That's no bloody theory!!! It's a flaming question burn you. (I felt like talking like Uno)

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In the Age of Legends, there were numerous dreadlords and quite a few Forsaken (or Chosen, as they would name themselves). At the moment Lews Therin sealed the bore, 13 of the strongest were having a meeting at Shayol Ghul. All the other Forsaken outside the bore eventually died off when the breaking took place. Most likely it was amongst those other darkfriend-channelers that Moghedien got her number of 29 people given access to the true power.