Laying One Theory to Rest

Posted by Snowball on 06.01.01 00:00

After reading "Snow" I was thrilled that one of my least favorite theories could at last be put to rest. The theory? That Aviendha is pregnant...

When Elayne and Aviendha are getting ready for their ceremony, Elayne remarks that she wishes Melaine were there. Monaelle responds that, "the babes she carries would be part of the bond between you and Aviendha, if the weaves brushed them. If they survived, that is; the unborn are not strong enough for this."

So that means Aviendha was not pregnant. Thank the Light!

wotmania says: Yes, it certainly does mean Aviendha was not pregnant. I am sure plenty of people were disappointed by that - it would have made for an interesting plot twist if she was pregnant - kind of like Tigraine going into battle pregnant, would have been an interesting little parallel. I know Jordan claims he does look at the Internet, but that seems unlikely (at least to me). Is it possible he put in that quote (which does not have much else to do with the ceremony) just to lay to rest the questions about Aviendha's pregnancy? Makes one wonder, that's for sure...



Posted by Jälä on 30.03.01 00:00

Min said That Avs kids will be Strange, Maybe because the bonding with Elayne????

Maybe a DUNE thing will happen

Posted by Your.Master on 11.04.01 00:00
Maybe by freak accident the babies will survive and *know stuff*. Or not.




Posted by Rinoa on 12.06.01 11:20
Of course they wouldn't know stuff, they would be bonded to Rand; the quote says so
anyway, Avi is not pregnant.. i think

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dune stuff

Posted by mic on 23.06.01 15:49
I think RJ has got enough Dune stuff going on already. If Avi were pregnant (which she's not) I really don't think he'd go that way. Besides, if he was, then the other Aiel, or at least Amys, involved in the Elayne/Avi bonding ceremony would have realized that she was pregnant while it was going on. If at that point they hadn't or couldn't stop it, she would have been digging a hell of a lot of holes with spoons afterwards. Or running laps naked, take your pick which you like better.
Not to mention that if Avi were pregnant and the others didn't pick up on it, Elayne would know by now. And somehow I doubt that if Avi were preggers and Elayne knew before she had her "turn" with Rand that RJ wouldn't clue us in. He likes to keep things hidden, but that scene would have been way too amusing.
Anyway... So, I'm leaning towards the idea that Min's viewing of Avi's kids have to do with her bond with Elayne.

Just a comment...

Posted by Dunèdain on 25.07.01 18:50
I don't necessarily think that Avi is, pregnant, but I don't think that this theory rules it out completely. Remember, Aviendha and Elayne were "born again" through Melaine. I think the weaves would hurt Melaine's unborn children because they affect her uterus, to connect Elayne and Avi to her. The weaves wouldn't have to pass through Avi's unborn child, so they would not hurt it. Just an idea.


Posted by Death (aka Moridin) on 13.09.01 02:42
it was actually Amys!

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Maybe this bonding just....

Posted by Lord Ray Jerden on 15.09.01 20:30
Maybe this bonding just deformed the little tykes and that id the "something odd" thet min saw.

Minus sign on the test

Posted by Cannoli on 29.10.01 14:47
Rand and Aviendha had sex months ago. I kinda think there would be evidence by now. She might even be showing at this point. I believe if on adds up the time since the battle of Cairhien (night before Nynaeve and Elayne borded ship during riots), several days after the gateway incident, the (WOT) week in Cairhien, the several weeks acquaitance Rand and Bashere develop before Taim shows up, the month or so until Aviendha goes to Salidar, and the month spent there, the number of days from the first snow until Egwene meets the Andoran nobles, and the month until se travels to Tar Valon (the same day Elayne met the Borderland rulers), and there is no way she wouldn't know or let Elayne know, if both were pregnant, and Elayne wouldn't have let it slide after the way Aviendha has been on her about diet, excercise, etc. Not to mention Aviendha said that she herself "will not drink the tea" implying she has yet to conceive. Finally, if she is her behavior has been utterly reprehensible, especially in light of her concern that Elayne do all the right things, and so forth. Since, say, Lord of Chaos, she has encouraged Ebou Dari women with violent intentions, stayed in danger (gateway to Andor) which could have killed her child(ren), allowed it to pass unremarked in the Adoption ceremony, despite Elayne's concern about the effect on Birgitte, and got drunk enough to forget the fact that Elayne is expecting twins. Elayne mentions her restricted diet and that she only minds when Aviendha "was gobbling pastries." It is hardly in character for Aviendha to keep her sister from doing things not conducive to a healthy pregnancy, and then indulging herself when she would be much farther along (also Min guaranteed the babies would be healthy and strong, and people who don't have prescient friends go for a couple of weeks without having to go through all that eat right and don't drink crap).

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Re: Laying One Theory to Rest

Posted by SCADY on 15.05.02 15:19
Maybe she was pregnant and that is why her baby's will be different like Min predicted. I don't know just thought I'd throw that out there.

Baby Bonding

Posted by shannath on 28.06.02 06:56
I don`t think Aviendha got pregnant having sex with Rand, but the bonding in Caemlyn may have changed that. That could explain why Avi`s not showing any sign of pregnacy.

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Maybe she is

Posted by The_Dragon_Reborn_314 on 16.08.02 12:49
I think it is possible that she is not only because of Mins viewing but also the fact that while Elayne was on a strict diet Avi was gobbling down lots of food.

I am still undecieded. i guess we will have to wait until November.

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She's pregnant

Posted by couladin on 07.09.02 16:29
I think she is still pregnant. RJ love to play with irony and then reveal it later. Like when he talks about elayne eating all the healthy food because she is pregnant, and aviendha getting eggs and stuff because they don't know that she is. This just makes it more convincing to me that avienda is pregnant now. I also agree that this linking could be the reason that Min sees the kids as "different". I guess we'll just have to read and find out, hahahahahaha.

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And Min???

Posted by Mr Wealth on 15.10.02 09:30
Aviendha isn't pregnant. But the problem is the "something odd" about her babies. I think Aviendha will have twins and so will Min. Let me explain. Min couldn't have viewings about herself, maybe the things she saw on Aviendha is about her. This could explain the "something odd" and the babies will be strong. Min is Rand's "official wife" and they make love all time, I think she's pregnant or will be soon.

I've a question. Min has viewings, she help Rand with her gift. Elayne can make ter'angreals, I think she will repear or make another Choedan Kal. They're important, but I don't see why Aviendha is useful. I love the character and she has to be important otherwise, RJ wouldn't create her, but I wonder what she 's used for. Someone could tell me???

<== Is she Min? I've always thought she has brown eyes


Posted by onnestabe on 24.12.02 00:10
maybe Min's viewing wasn't about Rand and Avi's kids. Perhaps she performs one of the first-sister ceremonies for someone in the future and those are the kids Min's viewings are about- her "kids" being "born" fully grown would certainly be a little odd.

may i point out

Posted by shadowspinner on 13.06.03 16:07
May I point out that Min sees the FUTURE! She didn't necessarily mean that Aviendah was pregnant, it meant that she was going to get pregnant. Anyways, she said that Aviendah would have kids, and that's the final word.
Also, she said that something would be different about the kids. Monaelle had no way of knowing if Aviendah was pregnant, that might very well be the source of why the kids were different!

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come on ppl

Posted by Valintine on 07.08.08 21:24
if Avi was pregnant there was only one time that could have happened okay....
how long ago was that?
She would have been showing a rather enlarged belly by now!

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