Lanfear Turning Back to the Light

Posted by Nynaeve on 21.01.01 00:00

Lanfear has only shown herself to be strictly out for her own gains. She also seems to have had her own agenda. She seems to be more interested in power than actually serving the Dark One. However, what if when she fell through the ter’angreal, her link to the Dark One was severed? If she’s still alive, where would she turn as a means to regain her power? Perhaps she would see such an opportunity in turning back to the Light. After all, in the Age of Legends some Forsaken turned from the Light for power, so why couldn’t they turn back if they could make it serve their purpose? There is one thing that might loosely support this theory. I’ve read somewhere... I don’t remember which book though, something about that in order for Rand to win the Last Battle, he would need the assistance of a "woman long dead," otherwise he would fail. Perhaps in this case "dead" carries a symbolic meaning, as in a part of a person dying. This could mean the part that is now dead, in the case of Lanfear, this would be Mierin. If Lanfear turns back to the Light, wouldn’t this part of her be born again? Thus the "woman long dead" aiding Rand in the Last Battle. Perhaps in the beginning, Lanfear would turn back to the Light for her own selfish gain, but inadvertently her conversion would turn into a more sincere one, either by the effects of being near a ta’veren, or by being forced to hold the Oath Rod, as has been suggested before. Although I can’t picture Lanfear completely leaving behind her evil ways, perhaps the Pattern may draw enough goodness from her to help Rand.

wotmania says: I was thinking the prophecy referred to Moiraine, and it would sense when thinking of her. I really like the idea of Lanfear turning back to the Light, I just do not see how it is possible...


Not Likely

Posted by Rathan on 20.06.01 02:21
I remember in one of the books, (I think it was tDR) Ishmael(sp?) told Lanfear that "the Great Lord's oaths are not so easily broken as the bonds of the Light that you forsoke(sp?)" or something to that effect. I think I got a couple of words wrong, but that's what was said.

I it is so hard to break free of the DO, will Lanfear really try? Rand has already made it plain that he does not love her, so that won't be modivation. I think she will stay Lanfear.


True... not very likely, but...

Posted by yaminohasha on 25.06.01 11:51
Even if Lanfear is Cyndane(I'm convinced), who better to help or show Rand how reseal the Bore properly than the woman who made the infernal thing?

Also, if she ever manages to break free of the mind trap, she might find that the ties that bind to the DO have become a little too tight.

If she turned "good", I wouldn't trust her farther than I could kick her (which wouldn't be far, I doubt she'd give me the chance ).

I personally don't think this would happen, her personality and pride would get in the way, but it's always fun to speculate.

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Posted by Obby on 17.07.01 10:38
I think when Min had that viewing she knew it was Moiraine.. I can't remember if it was said outright, but I'm pretty sure it was strongly implied


Posted by AshaTwan on 08.02.02 12:06
I believe that it is basically agreed that Cyndane is Lanfear. The only way that I can see Lanfear turning to the light is for one last desperate stuggle in which she dies to save Rand or someone close to Rand. I cannot believe that she would go to the light in terms of a complete conversion for a couple reasons...A) It is assumed that Moridin's other mindtrap is Cyndanes; and where I bet we will see someone break a mindtrap, i'm not confident that it will be her (or even moggie), and B) I dont think anyone would trust her enuf if she came to the light...Granted she could make up some story about who she is...remember, she is not the same as any of our friends of the light remember.
I believe that she has a part to play yet for good, but I'm unclear as to what that is. =)


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It'd be cool but...

Posted by Crazy ol Lews Therin on 29.04.02 11:19
I doubt it. We can hope though can't we?

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Olver actually Gaidal Cain?

Posted by Scorpy on 14.05.02 15:59
Is little Olver actually Gaidal Cain, he who was always connected to Birgitte? Is he too old or is he the right age? Just a thought that appeared while reading book 5 for the second time. Any comments?

Lanfear rules, incase any of you didn't know

Posted by Katie Sedai on 25.02.03 00:35
To start, I love the theory. Before I read this, I was useing some of the same principle ideas that you mentioned to prove to my friends that it is possible. I very much favor the idea that Moiraine is that person, but I find it entirely possible that this applies to two people. Also, since Lanfear would be dead to the Dark, and Moiraine really hasn't ever died, that almost makes Lanfear more likely. Moiraine will probably help in a smaller way, but she isn't near Lanfear's strength in the Power, or at least she wasn't before Lanfear became Cyndane.

The oaths to the dark

Posted by Buazag on 29.04.03 11:33
Certainly are harder to forsake than the ones to the light. The D.O. has shown that he takes a far more active role in the day to day goings on of the world than does the creator who seems to pretty much be a non entity so far. You forswear the oaths to the dark and you will very soon find a myrdraal waiting in your closet for you.

While I wouldn't be surprised completely to see Lanfear/Cyndane be involved in somehow helping Rand again.....I do think that even that has a small chance of happening. Her rage at finding out he had slept with Avhienda seemed to finally wake her up to the realization that not only was Rand NOT Lews Therin....but he didn't now and never would love her.

No way does she turn to the light for him. She is far more likely to do so as an act of rebellion and/or a grab for power because of the way she is being treated by Moridin and because of the humiliation of the mind trap. And that isn't too bloody likely either


Posted by draith on 14.10.04 10:25
The person long dead is more likely to be moraine, in the books she has been gone a very long time

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I'm undecided.

Posted by Bergioyn on 04.12.07 00:28
I think that woman long dead is Moiraine, But it would be absolutely cool if Lanfear turned back to light.

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Posted by eldzorath on 10.03.08 11:03
I think that Cyndane is Lanfear reincarnate, and that she is definitely not returned to the Light. I also believe that "the woman long dead" or whatever, is probably Moraine.

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