Where is Osan’gar?

Posted by Riko the Wolf on 21.01.01 00:00

Where is Osan’gar? He has disappeared! Many people are saying that Mazrim Taim is Demandred but has anyone considered that the M’Hael is Osan’gar? They both appeared around the same time. This is pure speculation, but where is the reborn Forsaken then? Who exactly is Osan’gar?

I suspect that Aran’gar is probably Balthamel. I am thinking that Osan’gar is Ishamael, but this is based on that he is also Taim.

To finish off, is it possible that Ishamael has been reborn? I don't believe he was killed by balefire in the Stone of Tear. Perhaps he has been reborn as Moridin.

With respect as it is due, Riko.

wotmania says: General consensus right now on the Internet seems to be that Aran’gar is Balthamel and Osan’gar is Aginor. A sizable majority believe that Moridin is actually Ishamael, though this is a tougher question. People are split as to whether or not Taim is Demandred. Personally, my best guess right now is that if Osan’gar is someone we have already met it is either Taim (less likely) or Dashiva (more likely).



Posted by alErling on 11.11.01 08:02
I thought it was quite obvious that Osan'gar=Aginor=Dashiva. After reading the last part of WH where you see trough Osan'gar`s POV he practically tells you that he is Aginor resurrected(shadowspawn creation ) and masked as Dashiva(he says so... ).

Osan'gar Dead Again...

Posted by robb1068 on 15.05.02 19:34
Yeah, Osan'gar WAS Dashiva, but he got blasted at the end of Winter's Heart (With the Chodan Kal) while trying to stop Rand from cleansing Saidin.

Elza: Today, she had been forced to fight the Chosen. Surely the Great Lord would understand if she had actually killed any of them, but Corlan Dashiva was only one of those Asha'man.

Cadsuane: [she] did not like losing two of her people in return for no more than a few singed Forsaken and one dead renegade.

Heh, Heh... Aiel are cool!

osan gar is ishmale?

Posted by shadowslicer on 02.03.03 12:55
osan gar is deffinitly not osangar. one thing he would be named nae'bliss. second he would be tons more powerfull in the power. third osangar is prety scared of shadar haran. shadar haran would not cut off ishmale from the power because ishmale is the DO's favorite sevant. also ishmale/moridin is not afraid of shadar haran.