Graendal’s Old Man

Posted by Patric on 21.01.01 00:00

Somewhere in The Fires of Heaven during a Pedron Niall point of view he mentions the fact that there are only five great generals alive in the world today: himself, Gareth Bryne, Lord Agelmar, Bashere, and a general (whose name I don't remember) from Arad Doman who hadn't been heard from in a while. I think it's odd that we have never heard of this general anywhere else. Somebody else should have mentioned him unless this was just one of Jordan's hints that there is still someone out there that we need to consider. (Man, Jordan is amazing. His hints are so subtle and he writes so that the smallest things he says help us pick his books apart. I don't think any author is more deserving of theory posts and the constant plot discussions that are out there than Jordan.) Anyway, I believe that the fifth general is Greandal's old man and possibly the old beggar from outside Carridin's place. It would account for him being a good swordsman. Him being one of the best generals in the world would also account for why Graendal would have a dirty old man hanging out at her place. I think it would be awesome if the guy outside Carridin's turned out to be this great general. Jordan left so many loose ends in Ebou Dar - I hope they all wind up getting together. First there is the old man, second is Carridin, third is Setalle Anan (we should definitely see her again), fourth is a menagerie outside of Ebou Dar (I wouldn't be surprised if it was Luca's troop), and of course fifth there is still Mat, Thom, Juilin, etc. I wonder if there's going to be more action around Ebou Dar in the next book, or at least a joining of some of these characters.

wotmania says: Book Nine should contain a lot of action in Ebou Dar, I would think. And I had never really thought much about the great Domani general Niall mentioned... You may be quite correct - and it would certainly be a great help to Graendal if she had a talented general up her sleeve.


It wasnt niall . . .

Posted by RiftWalker on 14.06.01 22:45
in the fires of heaven . . it was one of Myrelle's warders, Nuhel, who was talking about the great generals (p. 469 paperback) and the fifth guy in Arad Doman Rodel Ituralde

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Old Cully....

Posted by Madrox Stalin on 30.06.01 12:36
Old cully would be the fella you be talking about, but its doubtful he would be a general...I dont think great war generals would scanter about in public wearing rags doing survelence on other darkfriends...
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About Old Cully

Posted by Greyslayer on 09.07.01 02:42
We were told by either Carridin that Old Cully was the leader of his circle of darkfriends. Carridin is not from Arod Domon, so he could not be the great general talked about.


The old man in Ebou Dar

Posted by Elder Haman on 09.09.01 02:29

...was Noal Charin (the old dude with Mat), isn't he?. And hile he might be Jain Farstrider, it would be a bit much to believe he is also Ituralde. (Unless he is a plant of Graendal's to assess Mat's command abilities--which is unlikely because she wouldn't interfere with Semirhage/Anath's territory)

Padan Fain

Posted by SirKrane on 11.09.01 10:00
I may be wrong but I think Graendal's old man is Padan Fain.
Wasn't Graendal in the White Tower? At the same time that the old man in the wrinkled coat was seen through the gateway by Rahvin (I think he was the one) Padan Fain was at the WT because just a few chapters before that he had just talked to Elaida in the Amyrlin's study.

Just a thought, I could be wrong, however.


The Dude

Posted by Prof.Bacon on 28.10.01 17:49
What we know of Rodel Ituralde: He's old and in Arad Domain and he is a member of the Royal Family. He could be one of Graendal's pets. Or it could be Noal/Jain. When we find Noal in Ebou Dar, his mind is all out of whack, spending time with Granny can do that

It isn't Fain.

Posted by Graendal_will_be_Naeblis on 30.04.02 16:49
Fain has said several times that he wants to kill all the Chosen because they always get in the way. He wouldn't hang around with one of them. But I could be wrong. Won't know until the next book comes out.

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Mightn't he just be the king?

Posted by didionite on 29.08.02 12:29
It's certainly possible he's the general, but he also might be the king of Arad Doman (who I also don't recall having ever seen onstage). That's what I thought reading that same passage. I doubt (for no particular reason) that Graendal's old man is the same one also seen in Ebou Dar.

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Rodel Ituralde

Posted by purplecoats on 04.02.04 06:32
Ok, he's known as the Wolf, he's going to lead Domani and Taraboners against the Seanchan in Arad Doman, he serves the king of Arad bet is that he's the other great general.