Mesaana’s Identity

Posted by Ared on 21.01.01 00:00

I don't think many have yet noticed we have more clues to solve Mesaana's identity than Alviarin's observations (the finger thing, etc). In Lord of Chaos Egwene meets two unknown women in Tel’aran’rhiod in the White Tower.

Stranger 1

Stranger 2

I think the first one is Semirhage and the second Mesaana. We know from the Lord of Chaos prologue she is a no-nonsense person. I haven't yet gone through all the possible subjects but I think at least Tarna (Elaida's emissary) had blue eyes. There are possibly others, but this should reduce the number of possible Mesaana’s.

wotmania says: I hate to break it to you... But Stranger 1 is Leane, Stranger 2 is Siuan. We know for a fact that Siuan and Leane wander around Tel’aran’rhiod in their duties for the Salidar Aes Sedai, and I am pretty certain that is the true identity of these strangers.


We saw her

Posted by Greyslayer on 09.07.01 02:59
Aliandre observes that Mesaana had gold on the hem of her dress & remembers it in PoD.

Later, either Eliada or Seaine, the white sitter who is hunting the black ajah, is walking through the hallways & notices a white sister with gold & black on the hem of her dress & takes note because White ajah usually don't adorn their clothing.
This sister is Mesaana.

That's what I think anyway
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Sounds aboot right

Posted by Robman on 19.03.02 17:48
I'd hazard a guess that Mesaana will end up being someone who occupies a post that does minimal work and attracts little/no attention: NOT AES SEDAI!!!!!!!!!!

We will probably see Mesaana ending up being a minor sevretairy to an Aes Sedai that is conveniently never in the tower. (In a disguise of course). It just doen't make any sense for a Forsaken to make such a stupid mistake as becoming an Aes Sedai in the middle of a revolution in the White Tower.

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Not to mention....

Posted by geoff_mc on 05.08.02 16:00
Egwene sees your Stranger 2 with the Aes Sedai embassy in T'A'R, and she is positively identified as Suane. Sorry.

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response to mesaana's identity

Posted by nigelgoboom on 07.01.03 17:46
the 2 women in the tower in tel aran roid were suane and leane... remember leane had eyes in ears in the city itself and suane was rooting thru the amyriln's study... this was while egwene was still with the wise ones but after min and co reached salidar...

They are Siuan and Leane!

Posted by AlannaMosvani on 02.09.04 15:24
We learn that in LoC too. You just have to read. Egwene talks about seeing the determined woman with the Salidar Six in LoC, and then she learns about Siuan and Leane.

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