Slip of the Tongue Reveals Dashiva as Osan'gar?

Posted by Wayeth on 21.01.01 00:00

Ever since reading the theory that Dashiva is Osan'gar, I have thought and thought about it, and come to the conclusion that it does fit quite nicely.

First of all, the names Aran'gar and Osan'gar are the left and right hand daggers in a sport from the Age of Legends. Most people know this, and the fact that both participants usually die because of the poison on the blades... Left and right are mirror images of each other... (I am a mirror twin, soI understand this well.) We know Halima is Aran'gar, and is in the "True" or "Little" White Tower... The mirroring would imply that Osan'gar is, indeed, at the Black Tower... Remember Yin and Yang...

I don't have the evidence in front of me to support the face touching information, but other posts discuss this much better.

Next, I refer to the Chapter "A Time for Iron" in The Path of Daggers. On p531 of the paperback, things come to a head. This is the encounter where Dashiva lectures Rand about the "weirdness" on saidin, and the dangers inherent in the situation.

Note Lews Therin's reaction to Dashiva weaving the ward. He doesn't even snarl, he just grabs for the Power. Is it possible that he "knows" Aginor's method of weaving? As in, he recognized Aginor through Aginor's touch (???) or style of weaving? Just grasping here, but it might be important... Same thing for Taim and Demandred, by the way... sorry, wotmania...

Also note the point where Rand mentions that he has channeled longer than Dashiva. Dashiva almost turns to ice, and snaps that he is "well aware" of how long Rand has been channeling. Given that Rand's first MAJOR act of channeling was to face off against Aginor at the Eye of the World, that might be the rub...

The reason for the subject is the line: "I don't like strange applied to saidin, and I don't want to die or... or be burned out because you're blind!" (The Path of Daggers, p531)

The interesting thing is the ellipsis. Why would he hesitate? It could be just emotion, or it could be emotion almost made him slip, and say "severed," or some other Age of Legends term for burning out, and reveal who he REALLY was...

That's my thoughts on the subject... I was also reading around, and I noticed one possible hole. Is there any mention anywhere on how good a healer Aginor was? He was a biological scientist, so you think he would be pretty good, but Dashiva can't Heal anything... But he may just be hiding his ability.

wotmania says: I really liked this theory until you threw in that comment about Taimandred. Seriously, there are some very good points in here - I particularly like the comment that Dashiva is "well aware" of how long Rand has been channeling. I can see where Dashiva might take that the wrong way if he really is Osan'gar - Aginor just might be a bit bitter about being killed approximately four seconds after leaving the Bore...



Posted by blood of kings on 19.07.01 12:15
In hindsight, this is all crystal clear of course, but also think of Dashiva flinching at rand's "No one stands toe to toe with the dragon reborn!"

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About Healing

Posted by Avatar Darkstorm on 12.11.01 11:07
I don't think Healing has anything to do with knowledge of the body and how it works. A geneticist wouldn't be able to perform open heart surgery, so why should Aginor be able to Heal, necessarily?

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Posted by Fenrar on 13.11.01 09:55
The fact that he can heal may not be very important. But added with the other stuff, it does incriminate

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Nice one mate.

Posted by Eyeless Myrddraal on 20.01.02 07:12
Coming up with that before WH, good effort.

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Yes. Yes. Yes!

Posted by karlaan on 21.02.02 13:17
I agree completely. And regarding your healing problem... Dashiva/Osan'gar was the one who started Damer Flinn off as a Healer in the first place. D/O probably recognised the healing potential in F. Actually, the scene where they say that Dashiva was just 'wondering' about different weaves for Healing was when I began to suspect him. Try to draw a paralel with Nynaeve-it doesn't work.


Dashiva IS Osan'gar

Posted by sirme on 27.02.02 21:30
Check out page 645 in the Hardback Winters Heart:

"Crouching behind a fallen log, Osan'gar panted from the exertion of running. Those months masquerading as Corlan Dashiva had not made him any fonder of exercise."

This proves beyond a doubt... Dashiva is Osan'gar.


Posted by Heiti on 21.10.04 14:32
AoL Healing and present day healing are quite different. It might look very suspicious if someone "rediscovered" a lost Talent like that.

The only way to convince me is by providing some evidence!