Who Is Cyndane?

Posted by Rhuarc on 21.01.01 00:00

More question than theory really. I wonder if anyone have a good theory about who Cyndane might be?

A resurrected Forsaken maybe? Since Graendal can feel that Cyndane is stronger in the One Power than herself, Cyndane must be female (i.e. not Halima/Aran’gar in disguise). The only female Forsaken "killed" so far is Lanfear. Lanfear was also the strongest female Forsaken which would fit this theory.

The only other theory I can think of would be that she is a "new entry" that we haven’t heard of before. I sincerely hope that this is not the case, to have new strong characters popping up in the books like that would be rather low of Robert Jordan.

wotmania says: You hit it on the head with your Lanfear idea. That her name means "last chance" is another good clue. I wonder if she is still obsessed with that Dragon guy...


Are you guys ill? It's very simple.

Posted by Green Gaidin on 19.07.01 15:33
Anyone who has read Winters Heart and does still not know who Cyndane is needs to be cuffed upside the head. GO AND REREAD THE LAST CHAPTER, SPECIFFICALLY PAGES 641 AND 648/649. Then procede to call yourself a woolheaded sheepherder for being so slow that you missed it the first time!

Gingers: disturbing the dreams of decent folk since the dawn of time.


Of course Cyndane is Lanfear

Posted by tgjgieli on 16.11.01 08:32
In Finnland Lanfaer mad her wishes and the price she had to pay was her beauty. It is made pretty clear in Winters Heart that she Lanfear, becouse there isn't anybody else that has the same obsession with Rand. The Dark One was pissed at her for conspiring against her so he gave her to Moridin.

The only other person that could be so obsessed with The dragon Reborn I can think of (and I know this sounds absurd) is Lews Therins Wife.



Posted by Jenn Rhuarc on 16.11.02 05:43
Children, of course I know now that Cyndane is Lanfear. This theory was posted before WH. Just watch your flaming tounge Green Gaidin.