Tuon's Smiling Face

Posted by Corinth on 06.01.01 00:00

Min had a viewing of Mat in The Eye of the World - a red eagle, an eye on a balance scale, a dagger with a ruby, a horn, a laughing face.

I believe the laughing face represents Tuon. During the course of Winter's Heart, she seemed to smile at Mat a lot. And when Mat said that she is his wife, she smiled.

Someone disagreed with me saying the laughing represented Mat's prankster personality. But that wouldn't make sense with the context of what all is in that viewing. All the things Min saw were important parts of his future (the horn, the dagger, etc).

So I believe Tuon is the fulfillment of the laughing face in this Viewing.

wotmania says: Hmmmmmmm... This is a definite possibility. I've kind of wandered out of WoT for about a month, so I might be a little hazy on some things. But I can't recall any other reasonable explanations of the laughing face from that viewing. This explanation is as good as any other I can think of. Nicely done!


Fuel for the fire

Posted by Robby H on 27.03.01 00:00
On page 321 of WH Tuon is thinking about herself and makes the following observation...

"When she forgot to keep a stern mask, her heart-shaped faced belonged on a michievous child."

I think it is true, but more important than that.

Posted by Whitefire on 01.04.01 00:00
You see, Tuon has two faces, one stern and artificial, the other smiling, humane. She has to use the first more often. Now, perhaps Mat will change that. Simply put, the foretelling might have been about Mat changing Tuon's character in some important dimention.

ummm ok

Posted by kennyw on 27.12.01 19:55
the laughing face was the man called Bors, thats who i think it is, or more commonly know as Jaicham Carridin, the whitecloak ambassador that was kill in tPOD

I think that you might be right.

Posted by Lady Faile on 15.09.02 17:47
Some how Tuon has to come into Mat's life, and some how the rest of his viewings must come to a head. I realize that Tuon has come into his life, but I think that the reading that Lidya gave Tuon is what makes her smile when Mat says that he is taking them with him, which of course completes his viewings and her's in a way! Nice job. I personally hadn't realized that myself.

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tuon smiling?

Posted by recked_it on 20.12.02 05:41
We havnt seen tuon smiling yet. How do u know Tuon is that sort of person. She could have a falie type personality.

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Yes! Yes! YES!

Posted by Almira on 20.02.05 11:16
I never thought of that, but I agree completely!

Although I don't think it has anything to do with her secret smiles. Those scare him. I think it has to do with his love for her, because how many times had he commented on how beautiful she was when she smiled, or when she laughed? He especially noticed this when they were playing Stones together, and she laughed several times, and seemed like a "different person."

Aww that sounds so sweet and romantic, I love this theory!

Sorry - dont buy it

Posted by Rahvinspawn on 05.02.06 14:14
I just cant agree with this one. I dont associate Tuon with humour at all. Shes clever and calculating but not really taken with bouts of laughter at all. I dont think it's due to Mats personality either - he jokes alot but he's not usually the one laughing. I dont know who the laughing face could belong to - maybe something still to come?

I disagree

Posted by Krassos on 04.02.07 21:53
Mat is the trickster Archtype. He's a joker, a prankster and generally described as often grinning/smiling. He enjoys having a good time, which also implies a lot of smiling. Happy/carefree(at least he was). Even more smiling.

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