Is it Possible for Rand to sway Cyndane/Lanfear Back to the Light?

Posted by JMC on 21.01.01 00:00

This is going to sound far-fetched, but please bear with me, I think I’m on to a real opportunity for Rand to get the upper hand in his struggles with the Dark One. Assuming that, a.) Lanfear is not dead, and b.) she has been brought back as this "Cyndane" character, I see a real weakness in the Shadow’s power structure that Rand could exploit. Lanfear was never as committed to the Dark One as the other Forsaken were; yes, they all had their own agendas, but she seemed to be the only one who went along with the Dark One out of purely utilitarian motives. She never seemed to have regarded the Shadow as anything other than a means to her own ends; with the other Forsaken it was much more a cause they were devoted to. Given her unusual allegiance, and her passion for Lews Therin Telamon, I think Rand could have a good shot at convincing her to let him sever her link to the Dark One like he did to Asmodean and then bind her to him like the Asha’man are doing to some Aes Sedai. She must already feel threatened by the Dark One - his new name for her means "last chance," after all, so he can’t be pleased with her performance. If Rand could offer her suitable incentives, like the use of that ter’angreal he’s got that links to the giant sa’angreal statue that she was all excited about one time, and maybe a little personal affection, then I think a defection would be a serious possibility. Of course, he could always just ambush her and force the arrangement on her like he did to Asmodean, but that would probably upset her. Either way, this would be a near-perfect tactical move from Rand’s perspective - he subverts a major enemy figure and turns her into a passionately devoted and extremely powerful ally who has no other choice but to fight for him or let herself face untold horrors at the hands of the enemy - those are the best kinds of allies, aren’t they? When you factor in the fact that she’d be bonded to him, and that he could trust her to wield the ter’angreal since she’s screwed without his favor, I think her value and loyalty would be obvious. If need be, Rand could also insist that his pet Aes Sedai use the Oath Rod on her; that would take care of all loyalty problems forever. Now, I know this is all a little far-fetched, and there are some unresolved issues, like what Rand is going to tell Elayne, Min, and Aviendha if he decides to offer more intimate incentives to Lanfear, but all in all I think this is a good stratagem that’s got an excellent shot of paying off big time for the good guys.

wotmania says: I would never say something is impossible, but this is unlikely at best. Lanfear is obsessed with the Dragon. I do not think I would trust her with the huge sa’angreal. Who knows what she might decide to do with it? In favor of your theory, though, you make a good point that Lanfear does typically seem to be operating on her own agenda. At one point, though, I think she told one of the Forsaken that she serves the Great Lord of the Dark and no others...



Posted by Murgen on 29.03.01 00:00
Yep, Cyndane in mindtrapped. She CAN'T be brought back from the shadow now.

She still could be

Posted by Your.Master on 13.07.01 09:59
The mindtrap could be taken by the light...

I used to believe this theory, but it just doesn't work given the last few books.



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If she did get turned to the light she would want the dragon and all to herself. So she would try to kill Min, Elayne, and the Aiel women (I forget how to spell her name). Rand might not like that, so I think RJ would have run into a dead end. Rand couldn't and wouldn't kill her, she would be hard to send away, so the only other opption is to ditch the other women and get it on with her. So he has the same probelm with his X-girl friends. (two of witch can channel.

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Posted by erith on 21.01.02 19:01
Lanfear loves herself above and beyond anyone else, and Rand knows it. So does the DO, I'm sure, now that I think of it. Should she turn, her hypothetical allegiance to Rand would be tenuous at best. And even then only until it became painfully obvious he only has enough love for three women, which would happen pretty quick. Her only alternative then would be to break off from both sides, in which case she would likely be hunted by both Dark- and Lightfriends. I doubt even Lanfear could keep clear of both sides for very long. The only thing that MIGHT keep her on Rand's side is if she decided he was absolutely going to win, but we all know she would manipulate everyone and everything to get her way. Rand wouldn't stand for that, because the only one in his camp that gets his way is Rand. It's charming and romantic to think Lanfear might change her ways, but it's not going to happen. It might be interesting to see who would kill her first money is on Aviendha.


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power monger

Posted by boaks on 05.03.03 22:34
The biggest problem I have with this theory is that Lanfear is a power monger. She would only share power with someone would be if the second person was her subordinate. Her idea of sharing is like that of a two year old. The entire reason she thinks of maybe betraying the DO (In TGH when with Rand) is for the thought of absolute power and being able to control Rand who she sees as a mere child.


Posted by sabin on 18.02.05 18:03
good, yet bad.

My biggest problem is how would lanfear deal with Min,elayne,and aviendha? Lanfear being who she is, she would definitely not deal well with sharing rand, or Lews Therin, in her mind, with THREE other people...