Cyndane NOT Lanfear

Posted by Savok on 21.01.01 00:00

In the theory "Is it Possible for Rand to sway Cyndane/Lanfear Back to the Light?" the writer assumes that Lanfear is Cyndane. I think that’s way too crazy and just can’t be. My own freaky theory is that Mesaana or Semirhage is Cyndane. They have failed the Dark One in someway, and are being punished for it. Perhaps for failure to capture Rand, Mesaana was turned over to Moridin? Perhaps Semirhage failed in some way as well? Anyway who ever she is, she just can’t be Lanfear. If she is Lanfear where is Moiraine?

wotmania says: I would think Jordan would have made it a scene if one of the Forsaken (Mesaana or Graendal) died. I think Cyndane is Lanfear, everything we know about Lanfear and Cyndane would seem to lead one to that conclusion. If Jordan starts killing Forsaken behind the scenes and resurrecting them I am going to be extremely disappointed.


How could she NOT be?

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 06.06.01 11:40
Cyndane makes her first appearance at Graendal's place along with Moghedien, and then is at a meeting of forsaken at which Semirhage is present. That would only leave Mesaana among the non-Lanfear choices, and Mesaana doesn't appear to have failed anyone in her work in the White Tower.

That Cyndane is of the Forsaken is certain. She has personal knowledge of the AoL, and speaks with the other Forsaken in far too familiar terms to not have known them already.

Cyndane echoes Lanfear's wishes, that her and Rand could challenge the Dark One or even the Creator by using the Choeden Kal, but since Rand yet again spurned her affections and temptations and let Nynaeve use it with him to cleanse Saidin, he would have to die. Cyndane and Rand have had no direct contact, so who has tried to tempt or seduce Rand? Among the female forsaken, Lanfear is it. Rand has never come face to face with Graendal, Semirhage, or Mesaana, and the closest he's been to Moghedien was while Moggy was leashed to Nynaeve in T'A'R and they watched Rand finish off Rahvin.

Cyndane is Lanfear. Not Lanfear+Moiraine. Just Lanfear.

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Are you guys ill? It's very simple.

Posted by Green Gaidin on 19.07.01 15:42
Any body who has read winters Heart and does not know for sure who Cyndane is needs to give their heads a shake. GO AND REREAD THE LAST CHAPTER, SPECIFICALLY PAGES 641 AND 648/649. Then go ahead and call youself a woolheaded sheepherder for not seeing the first time.

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its true

Posted by metallica-man2 on 29.09.01 23:07
read those pages and its very simple.

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Thank the light!!!

Posted by Deathbone1 on 21.03.02 21:21
Whoever wrote that theory that cyndcane is not Lanfear needs to be shot. I can MAYBE, just maybe, though barely, believe that maybe C is a combo of Lanfear and Moraine, but I highly doubt that too. But, to say that she is either Messana or Sem. is just insane and stupid. For all that don't believe me, just look at the above posts. End of story

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Lanfear is Cyndane

Posted by The_Dragon_Reborn_314 on 16.08.02 15:55
The pages said above prove it with her mention of Aielfinn. I made a theory proving with quotes from those pages that Lanfear is Cyndane but it has not been posted yet.

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Posted by rebel_ashaman on 25.10.08 04:29
"was turned over to Moridin? Perhaps Semirhage failed in some way as well? Anyway who ever she is, she just can’t be Lanfear. If she is Lanfear where is Moiraine?"

You say that Cyndane "just can't be Lanfear." For Light's sake why not? There are more questions in your theory that answers, and no evidence or quotes at all. General consensus in the WoT community is that Cyndane IS Lanfear, and this is born of the fact that it is simply OBVIOUS. Who else would speak of LTT in such ways (see KoD, its in another theory somewhere) and take meetings and familiarity with other Forsaken? Perhaps a review is in order.


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