Cyndane is NOT Lanfear

Posted by Valacar on 21.01.01 00:00

I honestly don't have a theory about who Cyndane is but she is not Lanfear. Lanfear fell through the gateway with Moiraine. If Lanfear has died and been resurrected, what happened to Moiraine? Moiraine cannot be gone for good. It's not like Jordan to take such a main character away from the story and not bring her back, without so much as a hint at her death. She will either come back or we will somehow find out about her death. If Moiraine is still destined to come back into the story, as I am sure she is, how Lanfear could have died? I seriously doubt that someone being in the far off land that she and Moiraine ended up in could have killed a Forsaken (especially without Jordan saying something about it).

Falling through the gateway didn't kill either of them. If the fall didn't kill them, I don't think anything else has. The only possibility that Cyndane is Lanfear is if Moiraine killed Lanfear, Lanfear was resurrected, and Moiraine is still finding her way back.

wotmania says: I have absolutely no problem with Cyndane being Lanfear, or Lanfear returning before Moiraine. Lanfear, in my always humble opinion, could have pretty easily been killed in Finnland; recall that questions regarding the Shadow were considered dangerous in Finnland, and almost anything Lanfear could say or do would probably relate to the Shadow (she being a Forsaken and all...). Cyndane's name and mannerisms definitely lead me to believe that she is Lanfear. As for Moiraine, maybe she is just hanging out in Finnland for Thom to drop by and pull her out of the fire...


have NONE of you even read the books??????

Posted by MasteroftheDice on 26.06.01 18:01
First, Cyndane is Lanfear. Read the chapter called "With the Choedan Kal" almost ever Forsaken is mentioned and their true identity given. Ever mention of Cyndane, even thought Cyndane has, even ALL of her mannerism points out that she is Lanfear.
Need more proof - this seals it.
Same chapter, page 649 harcover version - "Then the woman struck back at her, and she suffered her second shock. She was stronger than cyndane had been before the Aelfinn and teh Eelfinn hald her!"

Suck on that!!!

Of course she's lanfear!

Posted by Aemon on 25.08.01 17:01
I completely disagree with this theory, Cyndane does = lanfear. I don't know how lanfear got back, but here is one idea, you said the only way for lanfear to get back was for moiraine to kill her. Moiraine knocked lanfears angreal out of her hand during their battle. No one knows what happened then, but it is very possible that some of lanfears channeling ability was burned out at that time. Also, maybe moiraine GOT that angreal, in which case she could most likely beat her. I haven' read that specific book for a while, so if the angreal was left behind in the real world don't yell at me!


Posted by Walruss on 10.09.01 08:44
In Winters Heart, Cyndane thinks something like "he had refused her love, and she would kill him for it." I know that wasn't exactly what she said, but it was somewhere down that path. That would point to Rand rejecting Rand, so there's no doubt in my head.

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read WH

Posted by Shae,en M,taal on 16.10.01 22:31
it all but spells it out for you in the last chapter cyndane is lanfear resurrected woolhead =


Posted by Deathbone1 on 21.03.02 21:27
My god, thank you everyone. Maybe this screwed up theory can finally be put to rest. There is soooooo much more proof of who C is compared to some of the other forsaken (ex: demandred). Again. Thanx for pointing out the obvious guys.

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strenght in the power

Posted by Mussels on 01.05.02 19:41
but they also say that lanfear was more pwerful than cyndane is, and we know that strenght in the power doesn't change with a new body from the DO. (aran'gar and osan'gar)

the finns did something, maybe even switched their souls or something? is there a physical description of cyndane anywhere?

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Lanfear is Cyande

Posted by avhienda on 28.06.02 11:57
Lanfear is weaker as Cyande because she had her three wishes or questions or whatever from the Finn, and thus the price she paid was losing some of her strength in the power. Seems prettye asy to understand to me, What do ya'll think?

Cyndane isn't weaker

Posted by googliezoo on 03.09.02 11:58
When Moghedien and Cyndane go to visit Graendal to tell her she must serve Moridin, Graendal thinks to herself that Cyndane is stronger in the power than she herself is, which was rare in the AoL, let alone in this time and that it was odd for Moghedien to be in her company since she is jealous of anyone having more of anything than she does. I don't believe it ever says Cyndane is weaker than Lanfear.

Lanfear could have died.

Posted by Malkier3 on 19.02.06 00:53
If she entered once before and asked for strength in the power, she went through again and the finn killed her, Moraine only went through the door for questions. She wasn't killed, it wasn't her second time through. She made requests, but forgot the price, her price was imprisonment. Lanfear was revived by the DO, but her wishes were for her body, not her soul, she returned to her original strength.