Another Cyndane Theory

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First you might want to read the FAQ section about Cyndane. In short, it's explained that she for sure is Lanfear, but it's not certain what caused her death and why weren't we observers of such a significant event. One option is that she died in Finnland and was resurrected by the Dark One, another is that the new body is a result of a wish (although it's not clear why she chose to abandon her "legendary looks"), and the last is that she died off-screen after her return to Randland. (This last option is described as incredibly lame.) I think none of this is correct - Cyndane is the real Lanfear, with changed looks, the same way as Moghedien was hidden in the Salidar Aes Sedai camp - it's possible to do that and tie the weave so that no one can sense the Power in you, nor can one see the weaves. I believe it was called an "inverted weave" or something like that.

But why?

Here's why. It's highly unlikely that Lanfear died in Finnland - if she was stilled she may have asked the Finns to heal her and bring her back, and this means that Moiraine was stilled too. (That is why the bond was severed - it was severed before the melting of the doorway). Lanfear had extremely good chances to survive the Finns - she was a One Power scientist in the Age of Legends after all, she must have known how to deal with them pretty well (better than Mat for sure). It's pretty safe to assume that she returned from Finnland and went straight to Shayol Ghul (if she died, she must have been returned to Shayol Ghul as well). We know that she is currently mindtrapped, that's for sure. The Dark One must have been really upset with her trying to kill Rand and plan things against the Dark one - she told Rand that with the statues they would have been able to defeat the Dark One. She was a really bad girl, she deserves what she got.

But why must she pose as Cyndane? This is something I yet have to think about. I think that's because the Dark One doesn't want anyone (and especially Rand) to know that he is capable of resurrecting people, and everyone knows that Lanfear is dead. She might be very useful that way, hiding in the shadows with Moghedien. Or it's to remind her that she's not Lanfear anymore, and therefore she shouldn't try to mess with Rand or plan against the Dark One. My most serious suggestion is that the Dark One doesn't want anybody to know that he can resurrect people - Forsaken will start messing around too much, the fear from death will be gone.

I may be wrong, but I don't think so.

wotmania says: Everyone knows how I hate to argue... Well, not really - I love to argue (on either side of an issue, I just like to argue!)... Anyway, I kind of like the idea of Cyndane not being Lanfear reborn - simply because Jordan has resurrected several Forsaken already, and I would be a much happier camper if that did not happen too much. But I kind of have a hard time imagining Lanfear in the land of the Finn and not ending up in serious trouble - I think someone (Moiraine?) said that questions related to the Shadow must be avoided while talking to the Finn or else you end up in trouble. And could one of the Forsaken realistically avoid talking about the Shadow while in Finnland? I started this response with a point in mind, but I seem to have lost it. So I will now be quiet before you all think less of me as a person...


Cyndane is Lanfear Reborn

Posted by knave on 15.07.01 12:24
While it is possible that Cyndane is meerly the real Lanfear with an inverted weave, this is highly unlikedly due to her changed name, as well as her decreased power level.

Cyndane means " Last Chance " [ as Moghedien told the reader ]. Why would she take the name Cyndane for herself? She wouldnt. The Dark One re-named her Cyndane, just like he re-named Aginor and Bathameal, so that they didnt remember their other name.

Cyndane is also a little less powerful than Lanfear, but pretty much still the most powerful female Forsaken. Only that Seanchan sul'dam is more powerful than her, and thats just because of ' old things returning '. Also remember that Cyndane is Moridin's little servant and does whatever he tells her to. While they were Lanfear and Ishamael, things didnt work exactly that way, but the two still got along amazingly well considering their both Forsaken, and Forsaken scheme against each other more than they do against the Light. Lanfear also has to watch whatever she does now, because of she screws up again and dies, theres no coming back. The big D.O. isnt going to ressurect her this time. I think the only reason he brought her back in the first place is because shes powerful , and can be a usefool tool. She's lost without guidence though. The first time she actually fights anyone after coming back [ her little ' fight ' with Rand in the Stone, TSR, wasnt to the death or anything. she pretty much just told him to use Callandor and walked away ] she gets killed by one of those children who call themselves Aes Sedai

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Posted by Random Jackass on 28.09.01 22:32
Why couldn't he decrease in power be the price of the finns or one of moraine's whishes?

I think

Posted by Avatar Darkstorm on 13.11.01 10:01
That Lanfear's decreased power was Moiraine's wish. She wanted to be as strong as one of the Forsaken, so they took the ability from Lanfear and gave it to everyone's favorite meddling little so and so.

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Nice thought

Posted by lokiian on 10.07.02 17:33
Here's a thought why the DO would like to disguise Lanfear as someone else. As Lanfear her mere presence and looks would tell the story of power to everyone including the Forsaken. They pretty much all fear or have respect for Lanfear, but if they don't know it's Lanfear because different body, they will believe she is someone new. This nocks Lanfear down quite a bit in the social hierarchy if no one can recognize her, and she really can't disobey the mind trap or the holder of it which probably won't let her tell who she is. It's all a psychological thing man.

I don't think

Posted by Buazag on 29.04.03 10:50
That it is anything quite so complicated here as far as motives for hiding who she is on the part of the Dark One. It has become quite obvious that th D.O. has the ability to ressurect his fallen chosen as long as they didn't succumb to balefire. In order to ressurect them he needs a new shell as it were. Some body to put them into. I don't think that he is neccessarily hiding anything from anyone any moreso than that he simply doesn't usually provide very much information at all to anyone. He tells each of his chosen what he wants from them...sometimes even giving them conflicting orders and enjoys watching them sqabble amongst themselves for power.

The fact that the D.O. doesn't send out a memo letting everyone know all that he has done and who is who isn't surprising at all. I think that Lanfear did in fact die as a result of the aelfin doorway...whether it was the simple destruction of the doorway or a later death at the hands of the finn or whatever....she died in there and I think the means aren't terribly important or it would have been part of the story and we would know. She died....D.O. ressurected her.

Why Lanfear herself doesn't come out and reveal herself to the other chosen? This also seems to have a simple reason behind it. Revealing her true identity means letting the other chosen know of her tremendous blunder. As stated above...Cyndane means last chance. This signifies that the D.O knew at least in part of her plans and ambitions.....probably not all of them as plans against the D.O. himself probably wouldn't have warranted that "last chance" even under the strictures of the cour souvre(sp). I would guess that what he did know was that despite his orders she was plotting for her own gain on a personal level and when she discovered that not only had "Lews Therin" spurned her but actually slept with another woman she went on a rampage and tried to kill him thus going against the D.O.'s wishes to keep him alive and turn him to the shadow...."let the lord of chaos rule"

In short (OK I very rarely say things "in short" =D) I don't think that this particualr area needs a "theory". This is one of the few parts of the series where I think we were handed all the pertinant information right up front and there is no hidden meaning or agenda.

Cyndane's Strength

Posted by AgingComputer on 23.10.04 15:19
The thing that hangs up everyone in refernce to Cyndane is simply her change in strength in the OP. Cyndane is still more powerful than Graendal, but not as powerful as Lanfear was. That means that Lanfear was the strongest female channeler by a fair margin.

So let's take this logically. First, the change in power is NOT, I repeat, NOT a punishment from the DO. The DO can place souls in a new body, NOT change their strength in the OP. If he could, the ressurected Forsaken would be super powerful. Yet we see Dashiva holding the Power in ACoS, and Rand thinks that it's ALMOST as much as he himself can hold. Aginor was the 2nd most powerful male Forsaken.

Second, I don't believe that the change is the result of being healed from severing. One reason is that while Lanfear might have been burnt out, she was not stilled -- and RJ has told us that being burnt out is completely different than being stilled. So its unlikely that Nyn's healing would work the same way on a burnt out person. Another reason is the difference in strength afterwards. OK. Before Nyn, Elayne, and Eg, Siuan Sanche was as powerful as an Aes Sedai could be (except for Cadsuane). Delana thinks how Suian was always more powerful than her by a fair margin. So, if the cut-off point for Aes Sedai is level 4 (this is all supposition, btw, but it illustrates my point) and Delana is 7, then Suian is level 9. Now, post-healing, Delana thinks that the power margin now goes the other way. So Delana is 7, and Suian is 5. This makes sense because while Suian isn't the very weakest an Aes Sedai can be, she's describes as so far down that it doesn't really matter. So, that's a drop of 4 levels. Depending on whether or not that's based on PERCENTAGE of OP strength, or just a change in levels, Cyndane should be MUCH weaker than she is. Say Graendal is a level 15. Cyndane is a 16. Lanfear is a 18 (to give her that fair margin). If you go by levels, Lanfear would be down to a 14, weaker than Graendal. You can, of course, say that Lanfear might be more powerful than level 18. But remember, Suian lost nearly 50% of her strength. That would place Lanfear pretty far down there. Therefore, the change in strength wasn't a result of healing being severed.

Third, the quote is "she was stronger than Cyndane had been before the Aelfinn and Eelfinn held her!" This implies that the change took place while she was being held, i.e. as a result of a wish.

In conclusion, this all ties together to show that Lanfear's power change to Cyndane is a result of the *Finns, not anything else.