Who Is Gaidal Cain?

Posted by Dr. Hue on 21.01.01 00:00

I had been reading the different theories posted here and have enjoyed them greatly. All of you have active imaginations and read far too much (I like that in a person). My idea is about Gaidal Cain. I had read several ideas about him, some stating that he is Olver. I disagree, even if time is different in and out of the world of dreams the gap is still too big. I have just been rereading The Fires of Heaven and a thought occurred to me. I think we can all agree that Aviendha is pregnant with Rand’s child (in Chapter 54 Amys says, "She has been more successful than you know... I have waited for her to tell us, but since she will not - ") I took this passage to mean that she will bear Rand’s child. Also Gaidal and Birgitte must meet sometime during their lives. Lastly Gaidal disappearance and the child’s conception occur relatively close in time. To me all this adds up to Aviendha bearing a reincarnation of Gaidal Cain. What do you think?

wotmania says: I took that passage just to mean that Aviendha had slept with Rand, but your interpretation is equally plausible. The one thing that really makes me think Olver is Gaidal is that Birgitte said he could even be a small boy at the moment, and Olver would certainly qualify as a young boy. I am guessing we will find out before the series is over...


Olver is too old

Posted by tractor on 20.08.01 02:44
Cain was spun out of the wheel not long before Birgitte was ripped out. The boy is much older than this, but that was right around the time Rand and Aviendha laid together.... hmmm?

The Wheel makes it all possible

Posted by planetzebo on 11.12.01 16:51
Because we are dealing with so many futures that can be changed by certain things, balefire for one, we have to consider that the Wheel forsaw that Birgette would be pulled from the World of Dreams and therefor spun Gaidal Cain out in the form of Olver. I would love to be Olver! :b


Posted by Faile on 30.01.02 18:39
I agree. Didn't Min say that there would be something "odd" about Aviendha's babies? Wouldn't reincarnation (not to mention ugliness) be uncommon coming from two (relatively) normal people?

We'll know when...

Posted by Joe al Holz on 16.05.02 20:32
It seems that we'll know when Min views Olver and says, "I see you with an older, but gorgeous archer."

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Old chicks

Posted by ┬╝StaffWielder on 15.08.02 22:25
Amys' comment was because Aviendha had gotten Rand in the sack, not because she was pregnant. She isn't, at least not yet, certainly not from that roll in the hay (er, snow). If she is going to have Gaidal Cain as her son, I certainly hope he likes older women. A LOT older. Because Aviendha still has to get pregnant, pop the sucker out, let him grow up, reach puberty, and suddenly find himself incredibly attracted to this middle-aged, slightly sagging woman with blond hair and a bow. And even if Gaidal is one of Aviendha's offspring, what makes the other three so special?

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Not pregnant

Posted by boaks on 22.01.03 03:16
I don't think that Aviendha is with child. Everyone knew almost instantly that Elayne had been impregnated. Also I think she would be showing too much to hide it now. If you have not read all the books you may not know this and sorry for the spoiler.


Posted by seeba7 on 12.12.05 08:11
I agree with your theory, it makes lots of sense. I had just been wondering if maybe Elayne's offspring could end up being heroes from the past...I do recall thinking Aviendha was pregnant, but since there is no word of it(that I recall) I'll keep waiting for more information.

My theory on Gaidal Cain so far

Posted by Allien Hama on 07.04.06 08:33
I think that maybe Jaril or Seve the orphans who were supposed to be Moghedians children in salidar may be Gaidal as there around right age and i dont recall any other children being given names by RJ howver this is mere conjecture and not based on much fact.

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