Gaidal Cain is Olver

Posted by Ashram on 21.01.01 00:00

I have heard a lot said about this subject, and while I thought Olver was Gaidal Cain reborn, there was always the problem of age. But, I think I just found something that may explain how Olver can be Gaidal Cain. The theory has been stated that maybe Olver was killed during the battle, and Gaidal Cain's soul/spirit entered his body, but I had never heard any evidence that said this would be possible. I think this is some, from The Eye of the World, p278 paperback. Perrin is joking with Mat about how he called out the ancient warcry of Manetheren, and says maybe he is Aemon reborn, to which Thom replies (this is the important part): "That is dangerous talk. Stupid talk. The dead can be reborn, OR TAKE A LIVING BODY, (emphasis mine) and it is not something to speak of lightly." So, maybe Olver was on the brink of death, and Gaidal Cain's soul entered him and it was enough to re-ignite the spark in him...

wotmania says: Hmmmmm... This is certainly a reasonable piece of evidence. We have evidence aplenty that little, insignificant conversations sometimes become important at a later point. This little snippet from Thom could certainly be used to support the Olver is Gaidal reborn theory - or it could just be a foreshadowing of Aran’gar and Osan’gar. Or maybe it does not have any real significance... Ah, don’t you just love WoT???



Posted by darkfriendly on 26.06.02 00:35
i just thought it was sad that this had been here for over a YEAR and no one had commented.

i always thought that Gaidal Cain was Oliver and just chalked up the timeline problems to one more of Robert Jordan's little mistakes, like Perrin's insta-sisters.

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