Olver-Gaidal Cain

Posted by Aardvark on 21.01.01 00:00

I think that Olver is Gaidal Cain, although my evidence has little to do with that put forward by Ashram. Remeber when Birgitte was pulled from Tel'aran'rhiod? Around that time, she was moaning about Gaidal Cain not being anywhere in Tel'aran'rhiod that she could find - she theorised that he had been reborn, and that her time to be reborn was coming soon. And then, after being ripped from Tel'aran'rhiod, she was upset because Gaidal Cain always got himself into trouble - and she HAD to be there to save him from that trouble.

And then of course, we know that both Gaidal and Olver are incredibly ugly, which although isn't substantial in itself, just adds to the evidence. Birgitte also mentioned that time runs differently in Tel'aran'rhiod - although Gaidal was only missing from the World of Dreams for a short time, it's possibly that that amount of time was sufficient for him to be reborn, and to be several years old...

But then there is the issue of what purpose the Wheel would have for spinning out Gaidal, when he is only going to be a child for the events in this round of the War of Power - but then, the Wheel Weaves as the Wheel Wills....

wotmania says: The problem with the sequence of events is not necessarily how long Birgitte was missing Olver, but more that Olver is about seven years old (from what we know) and the battle at Falme was definitely not seven years ago (at least not in WoT time!). But of course there is that quote from Thom about the dead taking over the bodies of the living... I do not know for sure that Olver is Gaidal Cain, but it sure would be a fun plot twist!



Posted by saleem on 29.08.01 04:40
Interesting theory. I seem to remember a reference to Birgitte being fond of ugly men. "The uglier the better"
From Olver's description I don't think he fits the bill. But maybe so. I wonder if Birgitte would recognize Gaidal. I think she would considering that this time she is in full possession of all of her past memories. Hmm.....

ahhhhhh, but...

Posted by errantrogue on 07.01.02 13:42
as we can see, she is losing all of her past lives and is quickly becoming just one woman, one lifetime...

Can you see the line where the water ends?
Draws itself off into oblivion...

she won't recognize him.

Posted by yao on 15.04.02 17:33
the hero's probably look different each time they are spun out. at least LTT never was described as looking like rand, and i think lanfear commented that he looked completely different.

Nah, Olver's a baddie

Posted by Eric, the plump inkeeper on 14.10.02 11:05
I swear I think Olver's one of the Forsaken re-embodied. Who'd suspect a child? What an easy way to sneak up on a taveren and get close to him. He acts like a little sneak all the time anyway, and remember his grown-up tastes when it came to his buxom tutor in the palace in... jeez, I can't remember the name of the town now. Too long between books. You know the one I'm talking about, the one with the Rahad and the marriage knives and lemonade and all. Anyway, that Olver's a rotten egg, I say. He's going to stab Matt in the back (or maybe the eye!).

Eric, the inkeeper whose girth strains his apron

Rebirthing theory

Posted by very deep throats on 30.10.02 10:37
Every one seems to think that being reborn means always the same as literally being born.
It's also possible that heroes are being "made" by events.
I mean that the people evolve into a heroes and when they are ready hero in question disappiers from the world of dreams.
Remember that birgitte has mentioned that she couldn't remember her past lives until she died again.

Very deep throats