Lanfear in Moiraine's Body

Posted by Isla on 06.01.01 00:00

Here is a far flung idea.

Cydane is Lanfear in Moiraine's body. Both Cydane and Lanfear were stilled/killed when they went through the gateway. Cydane has been reincarnated in Moiraine's youthful body (due to the stilling) with Moiraine's level of powers. At some point Moiraine will reappear in Lanfear's body with Lanfear's powers and be the female person that will fight the last battle with Rand.

It seems to me that there is really no character that is a main part of the story, that is female, and has comparable strength to Rand. This would fill this gap.

wotmania says: Well, I need to read Winter's Heart again. But from what I recall, Graendal was thinking Cyndane was nearly as strong as she herself. Remember that Lanfear was stronger than Graendal. And channeling ability is tied to the soul - Balthamel is still channeling saidin in a female body after his resurrection. If Cyndane really is Lanfear, it would seem the Dark One must have taken away some of her ability as punishment, else one one would think she would have come back as strong as before. I don't know how reasonable/likely it is that Cyndane is really Lanfear in Moiraine's body, but it would certainly be a fun twist to the story.


Moiraine does not have blond hair!!

Posted by Vercingetorix on 23.03.01 00:00
Moiraine does not have blond hair. Moiraine had "dark ringlets"( from EotW, where Rand first meets Moiraine) so she has dark curly hair. Also, several times in the books it mentions Moiraine having DARK EYES, like any Caihirien does. So Cyndane's new body is short. Big deal. It doesn't make it Moiraine's body.


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Excuse me?!

Posted by Ruriha on 24.03.01 00:00
As mentioned, Moiraine has DARK hair, and DARK eyes. Cyndane has SILVERY hair and LIGHT BLUE eyes. Lots of people are short. Also, MOIRAINE IS NOT DEAD!!!!! SHE IS COMING BACK!!! The indications are that Thom and a few others will come to her rescue. That is, unless you are sugesting Moiraine will come back in Lanfear's body and scare the heck out of everyone ?


Almost...but not quite

Posted by shadow on 06.04.01 00:00
This theory would be acceptable if we had not read the previous books, but I believe we all have, and it clearly states in them that Moraine has DARK HAIR, it would be a nice plot twist though.

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Posted by knave on 06.04.01 00:00
Cyndane is most definetly Lanfear ressurected, due to her referign to Rand as Lews Therin. in WH, she also talks about how she would have turned on the DO himself for him, but he rejected her, so she was going to kill him. Rand hasnt had any other contact with a female channeler allied to the DO who would do anything for him. Only Lanfear. Her lower-amount of power is punishment from the DO for failure to due his bidding, and all her running around killing ' Innocent ' Darkfriends most likely. Somewhere it says that a Darkfriend's die when ending either land of the Finn, and you dont get much bigger a Darkfriend than one of the Forsaken/Chosen. Lanfear is ressurected, but Moiraine remains in the land of the Finn until Thom & unknown others go to save her.

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Posted by Anima Sedai on 16.05.01 17:29
Okay....If, and this is a big IF, Lanfear is reincarnated or "merged" with Moiraine's body, then how in the world is Thom going to rescue Moiraine and marry her??

Now, this could be a viable theory, even with the difference of hair and eye color, because it is reasonable to assume that hair color can be changed by a simple herb (such as Nynaeve did with Elayne and her hair with Luca's menagerie) and that eye color can be changed with a simple parlor trick done with the OP.

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Posted by Call_me_Tim on 31.05.01 08:18
Type and strength of Power is tied to the soul, as proven by Aran'gar/Balthamel. However, for one reason or another, Lanfear's strength in Saidar has been reduced as Cyndane. In one Forsaken meeting, Demandred says he believed Cyndane to be Lanfear restored, until Mesaana told him that Cyndane was weaker than Lanfear. Nice trick on the DO's part to increase confusion among his Chosen at the same time.

Now, Lanfear was by a great margin the strongest female Forsaken, as evidenced by Cyndane's first appearance, with Moghedien at Graendal's place. Graendal is wondering who this arrogant young wench is, then notes with surprise that Cyndane is stronger in the Power than she is. If Lanfear's strength was reduced, and is yet greater than other female forsaken, it becomes remarkable how Rand managed to survive her attack at the docks, considering both used angreal and Lanfear had much greater knowledge of inflicting pain. But that's history.

Moiraine is not back yet, and she won't be in Lanfear's body when she gets back.


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No strong female??

Posted by Ananke on 15.06.01 11:52
I was just thinking about Nynaeve, Alivia, Elayne, Egwene, Aviendha, Jolein, Moiraine, Cadsuane...

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Balthamel? Female?

Posted by MikeMayhem on 14.08.01 17:26
Wasnt it Aginor who made the trollocs, hence he was the one to come back in the female body? Book 9, he remembers fondly making the trollocs and in Book 1, it mentioned Aginor as the creator of the Trollocs

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interesting but no!

Posted by Shae,en M,taal on 16.10.01 22:24
it certianly would add an exiteing twist but in one of the other books i can't remember which but th DO needs a living body to put someones soul into it cause Aran'gar and Osan'gar were put into the bodies of captured Shenierians:0=


Posted by Maldais on 05.11.01 19:20
You said that there is no good female with a power anywhere close to matching Rand. Your wrong, Nyneve and Cadsuane are both extremly strong in the power and have never been derecly comparied to Rands power (that I can think of).

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Posted by Knight_of_the_Dragon on 13.04.02 22:53
WT!? Nynaeve is stronger than Moghedien. Even if Lanfear was stronger, MOggie was at LEAST in her ballpark, seein as how they are both forsaken. Which means that Nynaeve is close in the power to Lanfear. And she hasnt even reached her full potential yet. And Lanfear was at LEAST as strong as Rand in the OP. So i would think that Nynaeve is almost as strong as Rand.

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Moraine's deal

Posted by birgen on 15.05.02 14:46
So Moraine and Lanfear fell through the doorway in which people get to "make a deal". S'pose that Moraine asked to be the same strength as Lanfear. So the Aelfinn say "okay" and >zap< Lanfear now is the same strength as Moraine.

That could explain the decrease in Lanfear's strength. There certainly was deal-making" going on through that doorway. Lanfear may have requested that they keep Moraine prisoner for all we know.


Why Lanfear can't be in Moiraine's body

Posted by Jerin Quickfangs on 18.05.02 19:25
The first time Cyndane is seen in the story, when Moghedian and her go to Graendal, it says that she is short, which would show support for her being in Moiraine's body, but, it also says that she has silvery blonde hair....and that is NOT in support to this theory...just my three and 1/3 cents.


Posted by Cerendrallion on 08.07.03 14:55
Hate to point out the obvious, but Cyndane doesn't look anything like Moiraine! She's got blonde hair.

Cyndane is probably some random body snatched out of the borderlands or somewhere.

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rand is way above the others

Posted by the speedbart on 22.11.04 13:06
when nyneave threw all of moghediens power at rhavin, he had enough power to fend of the attack with ease, (that he was harmed at all was due to the element of suprise). rand states that he was stronger than rhavin, but only by a whisker. therefore rand is a fair way above moghedien. lanfear is only a whisker below both rand (and ishmael, the strongest forsaken) this means that a channeler of lanfears strength would be VERY useful, afterall, didn't alvia have an angreal when she faced lanfear, and didnt lanfer handle aviendha and egwene with ease BEFORE she picked up the angreal on the wagon. by the way, moghedien and nyneave are equal, nyneave beat her in tanchico because she sent the sad bracelets at moghedien

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