Oath Rods

Posted by Chuckylama on 21.01.01 00:00

It’s never really stated it right out, but isn’t the Oath Rod one of the Rods of Dominion that Ishamael talks about to Lews Therin in the prologue of The Eye of the World? Ishamael said, "Once you wore the ring of the Tamyrlin, and sat in the High Seat. Once you summoned the Nine Rods of Dominion." I don’t know, but it seemed to me that those nine rods were very likely the oath rods. But I must agree that the Oath Rod might shorten the Aes Sedai’s lives. If you will remember, at some point in time, one of the female Forsaken (I think it was Semirhage) talks about how she enjoys giving people pain, and that she was a great Healer in the Age of Legends. Then she goes on to say that when she was a Healer, the others found out about her other activities, and that she could either be stilled or be bound to the Hall of the Servants or something like that. It could very likely be, that being bound to the Hall was swearing an oath on the Oath Rod. And if you have someone swear an oath to you on the Oath Rod, you have dominion over them.

wotmania says: The Oath Rod is certainly one of the Nine Rods of Dominion. And it is almost certainly shortening the lives of Aes Sedai - being bound with one of these rods during the Age of Legends was a punishment. And the Kin, who are not using their Oath Rod, live a great deal longer than any current Aes Sedai.


Nine Rods of Dominion

Posted by Murgen on 02.04.01 00:00
The Oath Rods are most certainly not the same as the Nine Rods of Dominion. For one thing, the Forsaken refer to the Oath Rods as "binders," not Rods of Dominion. For another, the number on Sevanna's binder is 111 (in the old tongue) while the Tower's bears the number 3. This seems to indicate that Sevanna's Oath Rod is the 111th binder (maybe refering to the order it was created in, or that it was used in the 111th circuit court of the AoL.) So, the Oath Rods aren't the same as the 9 Rods of Dominion, although that is what many Aes Sedai believe.

uuuuummmmm nope

Posted by The Undying on 22.06.02 16:01
wotmania, dont forget, when galina is bound by sevanna, after sammael as caddar gives the later a device used to bind channelers, galina takes one look at it and says that had she not known it impossible, she would have sworn that the rod sevanna had was the oath rod from the tower...ITS NUMBER was ONE HUNDRED AND ELEVEN...since the aes sedai belives it to be the same (i know she is black amd cna lie, but her sentiments were internalized! what? is she gonna lie to herself?) as the oath rod in the tower, we can assume that the oath rod is NOT one of the rods of dominion.