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Posted by Abel on 21.01.01 00:00

I have read the other theories, and I find the reasoning lacking. If the Oath Rod was instituted by the Black Ajah, then since its members have bypassed the Three Oaths, do the get to live a lot more than the rest of the Aes Sedai? The same question goes for the theory that the Oath Rod merely shortens life.

Furthermore, we have not read yet an account of an Aes Sedai dying from natural causes, except from the Amyrlin foretelling the Dragon's rebirth - death caused by extreme stress? So, there is room for speculation.

What if the agelessness is purely a self-construct image, i.e. the Aes Sedai subconsciously choose to freeze their age? This may be due to the way they are taught to handle the One Power, or an effort to stand above and beyond the rest of the world - Mr. Jordan has provided us with many examples of such an attitude. They use the One Power to freeze their age, or slow it down considerably. The Knitting Circle definitely do not wish to look like an Aes Sedai, therefore they lack the looks. This effort may have as a result a shortening of the life span - you cannot look great AND live forever!

Now, as to the actual length of their lives. We can assume that, from all the groups of One Power wielders, Aes Sedai lead the most dangerous lives, therefore they do not get the chance to grow old.

I find it somehow suspicious that we were not given a clue as to how Aes Sedai die from natural causes. Perhaps Mr. Jordan has an ace up his sleeve.

wotmania says: I do not know for certain whether or not the Black Ajah instituted the Oath Rod (but I do think that would be a cool twist). But I would be willing to bet that the Oath Rod does shorten the lives of Aes Sedai, and cause that ageless look - remember when Graendal mentions that the Aes Sedai of this Age bind themselves? You might have a point that Aes Sedai lead the most dangerous lives out of any of the Power users in Randland, but I would say the Wise Ones are right up there, too...


What About...

Posted by -=OSAN-GAR=- on 07.08.01 12:06
...the brown ajah members who never leave a library? they don't have very danjerus (sp) lives...


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Posted by Thomas Crown on 17.03.02 02:18
I do agree that the Oath Rod shorten the lives of Aes Sedai but don't think it cause the ageless look, because a Aiel named Urien in TGH commented that Verin had the look if a Wise One, and they don't use the Oath Rod...hmmm? not sure thoe

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Posted by Deathbone1 on 21.04.02 23:38, the Knitting Circle consists mainly of people who wanted to be Aes Sedi more than anythign and were rejected because tehy learned to slowly or for other reasons. Yes, a few of them did not like all the work they had to do, and thus ran away, but the majority of them wanted to be Aes Sedi, which would explain why they have a system somewhat like how the Aes Sedi's tower is. Also, the Oath Rod does limit life. Back in the A of L, most of the AS's lived close to 600 years depending on their strengths. How odd that now that they are bonded by an oath rod, that they seem to age much more quickly than they used too.... *thinks to self*

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Definate no...

Posted by Oppa_Kom on 23.12.02 20:27
Remember what Semirhage once thought to herself regarding the punishment proposed by the AS in the Age of Legends: To be stilled or *to be bound and see the end of life approach*. I think it's pretty obvious from this passage that the Oath Rod shortens the life span of channelers.

Regarding the "ageless look": If it isn't caused by the Oath Rod, then why do Leanne and Siuan both look young again after being stilled and even after being Healed, where before they had the ageless look. Or what about the fact that the Aes Sedai think that the look comes from working the power for a certain time, but have never seen an individual with the ageless look who has worn the shaw less than 2 or 3 years...Even tho some people (eg:Siuan and Moiraine) have been novices and Accepted for as few as 10 years, while others were novicesfor _much_ longer. (I think one example was almost 80 yrs at the Tower before attaining the Shawl.) And finally in this category, What about some of the Kin who are several _centuries_ older than any Aes Sedai, regularly (if w/in strict limits) use the OP, and yet still look fairly young, or at worst in late middle age.

Just some food for thought....

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