Aes Sedai Agelessness and Long Life

Posted by Nozz on 21.01.01 00:00

Aes Sedai agelessness can not be related to the Oath Rod. Nynaeve was displaying signs of agelessness while she was a Wisdom. She has yet to take her oath. I am sure I read in one or more places her reflecting on how everyone thought she was younger than her real age. I am not discrediting the theory that agelessness is a response to a One Power wielder’s own self image, but I dispute that it is caused by the Oath Rod. As to life span, Sorilea is centuries old, but so is Cadsuane. Their long lives may again be attributed to there own self image - determined, confident people who believe to some extent they will survive forever.

wotmania says: It is true that Nynaeve was often taken for her younger than her true age... But maybe she just looks young? None of the other groups of channelers (the Kin, the Windfinders, Wise Ones) have shown any sign of that ageless look. As for the life span thing - Aes Sedai in the Age of Legends lived a long time, much longer than now. That could simply be due to the fact that channelers now are not as strong as they were back then. But I have a sneaky hunch both the ageless look and shorter life expectancy are due to the Oath Rod.


Agelessness and youth

Posted by apk5 on 03.04.01 00:00
Nyn was described as looking young. looking young for her age is not the same as looking ageless.


Posted by Onarishma on 06.06.01 19:53
Agelessness is not equivalent to slowing. Agelessness is a noticible trait, whereas Lanfear and Grandeal and all the rest jsut look youthful. They look like they are twenty something because biologically they still are. Reanne has grey hair at four hundred + because at her rate of aging that how long it took. WHere due to their binding and lesser strength in the power the AS remain "ageless" ie indeterminate while gettting older. Slower than the average woman but faster thatn the unbound.

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Oath Rod does cut lifespan

Posted by Kalme Safiar on 17.09.01 15:08
Actually, I think that the oath rod severly cuts down a channeler's lifespan as a side effect. In WH, when Egwene and Elayne are arguing in the World of Dreams and Egwene says that she plans to allow Aes Sedai to retire to the Kin so that they may have the Oaths removed, this is the very center of the argument. One of them does, in fact, come out and say that that is a side effect of the Oath Rod and why the Kin/Wise Ones/etc. all outlive Aes Sedai by a good amount of years. This is also alluded to earlier in the books when the Forsaken are discussing Aes Sedai, and Demandred (I think) says that he wonders why they bind themselves as criminals.

I think you are mistaken

Posted by RoGuEmOnKeY on 13.01.03 19:07
I am pretty sure that what you are talking about is not the Agelessness, but rather the slowing that comes from channeling. Slowing makes the channeler appear younger than they really are, whereas the Oath Rod makes them look Ageless.

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