Aes Sedai Agelessness

Posted by Packer X-Quai on 21.01.01 00:00

A Crown of Swords, p. 521 (paperback):

"We slow, Nynaeve. Somewhere between twenty and twenty-five, we begin aging more slowly. How much depends on how strong we are, but when doesn't. Any woman who can channel does it."
This comes from Elayne talking to Nynaeve about the Circle in Ebou Dar. According to this bit from White Tower classes, all women who can channel will slow in the aging process. Now we must look at this on two levels. The first is that it is correct. Wise Ones are also said to age more slowly, and since many wise ones can channel, that would explain that. On the second hand, it's also said that Windfinders and the Forsaken do not gain this quality. I, for one, have not noticed the Forsaken lacking the ageless quality. Lanfear for one was always described as the epitome of beauty. Maybe they other ones are just naturally ugly? Perhaps it has something to do with their link to the Dark One? Maybe even an effect of the taint in the seals (if they were stuck in prison sealed by the heartstone, they could have easily been affected by the taint. If it can weaken heartstone...) The Windfinders, however, are another story. It was said that the Windfinders do not want any Aes Sedai to learn that they can channel. Perhaps the ones who can channel are replaced once they begin to take on an ageless look to prevent anyone boarding their ships to notice, and in turn let the Aes Sedai figure out their secret. Just an idea...

wotmania says: An Aes Sedai boarding a Sea Folk ship would be able to tell the Windfinder could channel even if the Windfinder did not have the ageless look - women who can channel can sense the ability in another woman. And none of the Windfinders currently with Elayne and Nynaeve have been described as having that ageless look either... I love this little puzzle, it is a tough one!


Where was it said?

Posted by Aaron on 26.04.01 00:00
Your qoute talks about slowing (looking young for your age) and living a long time becuase of the slowing. However, with the slowing you can pick an age you think a person is, regardless of the fact that it is wrong becuase of the slowing affect. Agelessness on the other hand doesn't even allow you to pick a single wrong answer, the age you would pick would be different minute to minute. Therefore, were is it said that Windfinders don't slow and that Wise Ones have the ageless look. All the info I have seen on the Wise Ones seems to indicate that they slow without gaining agelessness.

Windfinders - Slowing vs agelessness

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 30.05.01 09:27
Windfinders do indeed slow. There is at least one example of a pair of Sea Folk sisters, one the one the Sailmistress of a ship, the other the Windfinder. The Windfinder looks decidely younger, and yet it turns out she is significantly older than the Sailmistress.

Slowing is not agelessness, and agelessness comes from the Oath Rod.

The Forsaken do not look ageless, but they have slowed. Mesaana, in an internal POV, mentions having been over three hundred years old when bound at the Bore, and being considered just into her middle years. NOT ageless.

It's the Rod.


Call me Tim


Posted by erith on 18.01.02 16:07
You have to keep in mind that the Forsaken can make themselves look any way they wish. Remember Lanfear as Keille Shaogi in the Waste? Offhand I couldn't say for sure if the Oaths taken to the Shadow would offer agelessness as a side effect, but I would have to guess no. The Kin have not taken the Oaths in the White Tower, and despite their unprescedented ages, I remember no mention of any of them having the ageless look. I would have to surmise that only taking the Oaths gives a channeler the agelessness, not the act of channeling itself. Even the quote cited only mentions slowing, not acheiving agelessness. When I am forty I hope to look thirty because I stay out of the sun. Does that make me ageless? No...I have simply slowed the effects of aging by staying out of the sun.


The higher, the fewer.

The White Tower

Posted by Charles on 04.02.02 07:25
Of those who channel, only Aes Sedai show agelessness. There for it must be something unique to them. Whether or not it’s the oath rod is debatable. Why don’t we just say the White Tower is responsible until the creator enlightens us.

The Kin

Posted by Tsolari on 09.06.02 22:12
Don't forget that it is also mentioned that the Kin are much older than any living Aes Sedai, and it was hinted that it has to do with the Three Oaths. Since they have never taken the Oaths it is hinted that the Oaths some how have an effect on both the agelessness look and the shorter lifespans of the Aes Sedai.

Aes Sedai - agelessness

Posted by chanan_peri on 03.02.03 02:34
i think the answer to that riddle is very simple. only Aes Sedai get the ageless look. the only thing that differs them from other channeling women is the Oath Rod. i think the rod holds the key to both the ageless look and the shortened lifespan compared to other channeling women.

wotmania response

Posted by boaks on 04.03.03 00:07
I don't think he is talking about AS noticing the ageless look of veteran WF, but the average person who knows the look of an AS. We know for a fact that AS are denied passage as a rule. This must be for the reasons you stated, that any woman can sense another woman who can channel.