The Oath Rod Isn't a Rod of Dominion

Posted by Aginor37 on 21.01.01 00:00

I have read a lot of posts that state the Oath Rod is one of the Nine Rods of Dominion. I don't see this as true. From what I have managed to put together the Oath Rod is what Age of Legends people called a "binder." My reasons are:

wotmania says: I always took it to be that the Nine Rods of Dominion were binders. Lews Therin, as the Tamyrlin, controlled the Nine Rods of Dominion. It would presumably be his responsibility (and probably others who helped lead the Aes Sedai) to bind those who misbehaved. The Nine Rods of Dominion, or binders, were the punishment which rebellious Aes Sedai of the Age of Legends would have to face. All told, I think those Nine Rods, the Oath Rod, and binders are all the same thing.


Disagree (again)

Posted by Lord Nazh on 14.04.01 00:00
It seems that my only posts (2 so far are to disagree, I would like to disagree with wotmania and not the post... I don't think that the oath rod (and binders) are the Nine Rods Of Dominion (captilization books) because of the numbering sequence. Sevana's oath rod is 111 alot higher than nine and semirhage never said that Lew Therin would bind her, just the hall....

no no no

Posted by bukama on 04.06.01 16:07
The number III I took as being Roman numerals, or the WoT equivalent. Besides, Sammael could easily have been lying when he said it only worked on women. If he told them it worked on men, maybe they would get a chance to use it on Rand, which would both mess up the DO's plan and Sammael's revenge, neither of which Sammael wants to do

Terribly disappointing

Posted by Prophet on 03.07.01 15:33
I would be very disapointed it the Nine Rods of Dominion are just Binder's.
The oath rods, if you look at it, are simply Ter'angreal programs to use compulsion to make someone keep their 'oath'. Any moderately strong person from the AOL could do the same thing only easier. On the Oath rod the person/victim has to physically say the oath, it the antagonist catches his victim unaware with compulsion he can simple dictate the terms, the victim does not have to give-in and say the words.
One of LTT greatest titles is the (not sure on first word) "Master of the Nine Rods of Dominion". First off if the all did the same thing why would there be nine of them and why would he control all of them? Second off, if they were just oath rods (ter'angreal for compulsion) what would be the big deal? It's something he could do by himself, why would he laud it as a great Title? Unless you said they amplify compulsion. Well then, normal compulsion can already be made strong enough to kill, so the only significant way to amplify it would be to make it affect masses of people at one time. But that doesn't fly either, b/c in the AOL they would never make such a device which could only be used for wicked purposes (the predate the bore).

As far as I can tell the only proof for the Oath Rods being the Rod's of Dominion are that both are called... rods. Which is hardly convincing proof.

This of course leads to the question what are those stinking Nine Rods?
1. Theory One: Rods in the AoL (like other cultures) were symbols of authority or power. They could have simply been the symbol of office of the Aes Sedi ruling counsel. LTT as the Leader would have had one, and would have been the master of the other Eight held by the others on the counsel. The rods may or MAY NOT have had any power themselves. They might not have been Ter'angreal, angeral, or san'angreal. They might have just been symbol's. Of course they easily could have been nice bigh juicy San'angreal's too. And honestly I would be diappointed if RJ made that big a deal of them and the turn out just be be symbols (the equivalent of a crown, or septer), or worse yet if he just never explains them.
2 Theory Two. It they weren't symbols of the counsel it seems that for LTT to be the Master of them he must have had all of them at his disposal. The were his while in office and theri use was his responsibility. Therefore we must conclude that they all have different uses/abilities. Why have Nine of them if the all do the same thing? This means that they have to be Ter'angreal and not Angreal or San'angreal as they all have but one use. Now, what do these Nine Ter'angreal do? Not the foggiest, except... they most likely have little or nothing to do with war since they where never mentioned being used in the War of the Power/Shadow.

3 Theory 3. The only remaining posibility I see is that These "Nine" Rods of Dominion are actually "One" object. The rods are part of one 'thing', this would bypass the requirement for them having 9 differnet functions. This means they/IT could have been A San'Angreal. Which since LTT was just an elected leader and the Rods stayed with the post, it would have to be able to be used by both sexes. A rare but I believe not unheard of thing. However we still have the catch of why didn't we here of IT being used in the War of Power/Shadow? We hear of the Callandor being used, so it stands to reason that if another great San'angreal was in existance and available to LTT it would have been used and we would have heard of it.

Geeze that was long, anybody make it all the way through?

The Numbers Lend Support

Posted by Anendosora on 04.07.01 14:38
I want to point out the numbers. The Oath Rod in the tower is numbered three. The oath rod Sevana has is numbered twenty-seven. Unless they were numbered in multiples, there's definately more than nine.

All binders aren't rods.

Posted by malic on 17.07.01 16:03
I seem to remember that either in tFOH or LOC, there was a discussion of having someone sit in a chair of binding.. I will look it up but i believe that the chair only worked on men, so maybe the oath rod is a binder that would only work on women. More to be added after i research this....


Posted by Salmoneus on 28.08.01 13:31
I suspect the Nine Rods of Dominion are purely ceremonial, perhaps symbolic of LTT's command of Aes Sedai. Similarly, in Lord of the Rings, Saruman, head of the order of Istari (wizards) accuses Gandalf of plotting to gain dominion, saying that he seeks to hold the Five Rods of the Wizards. Rods or staves have often been used as symbols of authority, particularly by the head of a family.

they cant be

Posted by BROTHERofBATTLES on 13.11.02 00:18
if the nine rods of dominion were oath rods then why would the forsaken refer to them as binders and not rods of dominion? and if they were and they sound important why would sameal give one to sevanna? so the only conection is the word rods and that was the name given to the binders by ais sedai that didnt even know what they did well enough to know they were intended for criminals so it almost should go without saying that the oath rod aand the rods of dominion are not even close to the same.


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