Oath Rods and Agelessness

Posted by Szuszanna on 21.01.01 00:00

I feel that the Oath Rods do cause the ageless look, but that just plain channeling causes the slowing. This is why only Aes Sedai are ageless, and everyone else that we run into for women channelers just look young. True, the members of the Kin don't look very young, but when one takes into consideration that they are between 400 to 600 years old (some of them anyway), they do seem to have slowed. Also, when Egwene stared into the mirror during her test, she could have been commenting that at that point she hadn't held the Oath Rod. The vision is obviously set in the future, so its not unrealistic to think she might yet take the Oaths. Further more, a few of the women that we see taking Oaths that talk about the experience talk about a tightening of their skin all over. Could this be a permanent face lift that causes the slowing to turn to an ageless look? I think so...

wotmania says: I am starting to think this might be the way things are... I do not know about that facelift thing, but the rest I totally agree with.


Theory is wrong

Posted by The_thinker on 06.11.02 18:17
If you think that the oath rod is what causes agelessness but you say she hasn't held the oath rod yet why would she say she has the ageless look??? Unless your saying that because someday she could possibly hold the oath rod she becomes agless. But then that would affect the kin and all other channerlers and people.