Black Ajah and the Oath Rod

Posted by Cirelle Devoran on 21.01.01 00:00

I believe that the Oath Rod causes the agelessness and Aes Sedai living shorter lives... (It seems quite clear, but with Jordan... Maybe we are totally wrong...)

When Leane and Siuan were stilled, they lost their ageless look. The Rod didn't hold them any more. But if you lose the ageless look when the Oath Rod isn't "working" any more, what about our Black Ajah? They look just like Aes Sedai who are under the Oath Rod. How is that possible???

wotmania says: I would say it is because Siuan and Leane were stilled, and all the Black sisters wandering about were not stilled. They simply swore a new set of oaths which replaced the Three Oaths. If any of the Black sisters were to be stilled, I am sure they would lose the ageless look as well.



Posted by Lord Nazh on 14.04.01 00:00
Joyia (the black sister in tear) was stilled and she appeared "young looking"... ie, her 'black oaths' were not in affect anymore... more concrete evidence that the oath rods cause agelessness

I agree but

Posted by Aaron on 26.04.01 00:00
you cannot say that Suaine (sp?) Leane or that black sister provide evidence about the Oath Rod. They were stilled, which breaks the oath but also cuts off their link to the source. Therefore it could still be the link to the source that causes agelessness. Need to find a character that unbinds themselves from the Oaths but remains connected to the source and see if lose agelessness eventually, or need to keep tabs on those that were Healed of stilling and see if they regain agelessness before reswearing the oaths (which could take time, considering the only two examples are both much weaker in the power, if that makes a difference)

RE: I agree but...

Posted by Call_me_Tim on 30.05.01 09:57
Siuan, Leane, and Joyia all gained a youthful look upon stilling. Siuan and Leane retain the youthful look after being Healed and are once again able to channel. It wasn't loss of the Power, but separation of the Oaths that removed the ageless look.


Call me Tim

Yall are wrong

Posted by Wicked Demenor on 17.02.03 23:16
It`s as simple as this. When a woman uses the One Power for a long enough time she reaches a point in her life known as the slowing or something. her aging slows drasticaly. That is why the KIN can be over 600 years old, and bearly have grey. When Suian And Leane were stilled it severed their connection to the one power. Most women begin slowing at age 20 or so. When they lost that link, so did they lose every effect of the power, oaths included. This lack reset their ages to when the slowing began. when they regained the link to the one power it is an artificial link. Thus, all effects must start over. The slowing occurs with prolonged use of the One Power. new link, new use, they have to restart their use in order to regain the look.

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