Ageless Look

Posted by Jennifer Sedai on 21.01.01 00:00

The problem with the refutation that was posted from Egwene's test to become Accepted is that before the test candidates are told they are facing their deepest fears, meaning that the images from the test come from within themselves. To prove this, Beldeine was stilled but still retained the ageless look (hence, Egwene as Amyrlin did not know she was stilled by looking at her). We know from seeing Siuan and Leane after they are stilled, that the ageless look left them as soon as they were stilled. Since Egwene did not know this at the time of her test for Acceptance, the stilled Aes Sedai in her "vision" did not reflect this truth.

In my opinion, it is still the Oath Rod that causes the ageless look.

wotmania says: This is a very good point. It is difficult to take a lot of evidence from Egwene's experience in the testing ter'angreal, since her experience there seems to be affected by her perception of reality... Nice work!


I doubt it

Posted by Hentai Guy on 18.01.02 10:33
Because the Kin, in their younger years, had Slowed. The only reason many of them look old now is the fact that they are so damnably old (old enough to make Aes Sedai recoil in surprise anyway). *shrugs* It's just the nature of the power is my guess...being the driving force of time itself, why shouldn't it also sustain it's vessels?

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Posted by Andygal on 09.02.02 01:44
I agree with this theroy totally.

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Maybe, but...

Posted by DanAshaman on 08.06.02 23:01
I think this is a good idea, considering that there are probably other side effects of the Oath Rod besides lowering life expectancy. But as someone else's comments say, the Kin in Ebou Dar slow w/out the Oath Rod. Since we've decided that Egwene's experiences in the Arches are based on her experiences, perhaps she has not yet had the experience of meeting a person who was just recently stilled. Therefore, she would not know whether or not a stilled person loses the ageless look, and just goes with what she unconsiously thinks is what happens.

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Posted by perrinn on 19.12.02 13:33
But Aiel Wise Ones have the ageless look, if not as pronounced as Aes Sedai, and this is probably because they don't use the Power as much.

It IS the Oath Rod

Posted by Arr-Khon on 17.01.03 13:31
I am not sure what book it was in (one of the earlier ones) but Moghedian (SP) or one of the other forsaken is talking about the fact that they had been found out in the age of Legends as a Dark Friend. And that they had been offered a chance to swear on a Binder. The comment was something like "How could they expect her to swear on the Binder, MARKED so that everyone could see her crime, and have to watch as death approached her". I am not trying to quote but the idea is the same. She indicated that the oath rod marks you a criminal so that everyone who looked at you will know that you had commited a crime. The ageless look is that Mark. Kinda like in the old days when they would tatoo those who were marked for death.