Thinking Outside the Box

Posted by Dreamerous on 21.01.01 00:00

Some of you people believe that the numbers on the rods mean that is the number where the rod is placed in the Nine Rods of Dominion. The number could stand for something else like how many years the user’s life span is reduced, the number of years it took to make it, or number of people it took to create it. Also how do we know what the Nine Rods of Dominion are all Oath Rods? What about the rod that the Black Ajah used that shoots balefire? It could be a Rod of Dominion. The Oath Rod in the White Tower I think is one of the Nine Rods of Dominion because it has a low number, three I think, and the one that Sevanna has is a binder, which is why Sammael didn't keep it. One last thing to back up the claim that the Nine Rods of Dominion are not all Oath Rods is that in the prologue of The Eye of the World Ishamael says to Lews Therin, "Once you summoned the Nine Rods of Dominion." The proof is this - Why would they make nine Oath Rods?

wotmania says: Hmmmm... I think it is a pretty solid bet the Oath Rod of the Aes Sedai reduces their life spans by more than three years, so I doubt the number on the side of the rod indicates how many years it shaves off the user’s life. And Galina sure thinks Sevanna’s rod is just like the Oath Rod of the Aes Sedai. I do not really know how relevant my comments are to this theory, but it has been a long week and I think my brain is about to shut down...


What the number means

Posted by Murgen on 02.04.01 00:00
Perhaps it refers to which Circuit Court used the rod in the AoL? Instead of swearing on a bible, they would swear on the Oath Rod...

Could mean anything

Posted by Zelda Sedai on 07.10.01 16:04
I could simply refer to the number of oath rods created. The one in the tower was the third made, the one Sevanna has could be the 125th (I believe that's the number). These numbers really could mean anything. We can only guess. I agree about the Rods of Dominion not all being oath rods, though. It seems superfluous, and a misnomer if that's the case. We've all seen how the truth can be twisted. Oath rods do not alone seem sufficient for domination. The distinction between binding rods and oath rods is not one I understand. They both bind a person to tell the truth, so there is no diffeence in my book. It's like using a synonym. We'd all be bored to tears if Jordan wrote "oath rod" everytime he tried to refer to the function or effect of swearing on one. Likewise, "the oath rod" might simply be the way Aes Sedai refer to the one that they possess, believing it to be unique in their era.


Posted by Mussels on 02.05.02 00:48
uh, maybe there was guilds or something, and each person who made ter'angreal had their own number? but they forgot or dodn't bother once the wars started.... i dunno really. new here so if i post alot people will know me.

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Posted by i bear the taint on 25.05.05 20:47
But balefire wasnt discovered until during the war of Power, how would one of the nine rods be able to shoot balefire if they hadnt discovered it yet? I think it was just a weapon made for people wheo couldnt make the balefire weave.

But i agree about the nine rods not all being oath rods, good work!

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