Quote About the Wise Ones

Posted by Voltaire on 21.01.01 00:00

Wow, aren't we all just picking and choosing our proof. I personally don't believe that the Oath Rod causes the agelessness. Check the spot where Rand and Mat are attacked by Couladin coming out of Rhuidean. When the Wise Ones channel at him the book says, and this isn't an exact quote, "Now Rand saw the Wise Ones’ youthful features for what they really were - Aes Sedai agelessness." That would indicate that the Wise Ones do have the Aes Sedai look, the opposite of which seems pivotal to a lot of arguments. And I think that the Forsaken aren't affected by this in the same way that the male Forsaken aren't affected by the taint. They come from an Age more advanced in the Power. They can do things, like avoid agelessness. I also don't agree with with the "Tightening Skin" theory. I think that Leane and Siuan changed because they were free from the Power, not from the Oaths. I also believe that the Oath Rod is a Rod of Dominion. I think that there was, in the Age of Legends, some sort of Aes Sedai parliament. The parliament members would hold special Rods (of Dominion) that would insure that they would keep the promises they made. To "Summon the Rods of Dominion" means, I believe, to call the parliament together, something only a very important man/woman could do.

wotmania says: I do not know if I agree with that whole parliament idea, but you bring up an interesting point with that quote about the Wise One channeling. Hmmmmm... I am not exactly sure what to say, except to mention that I am going to have to pay more attention to the appearance of channelers my next time through the series...


Rand confused?

Posted by Aaron on 26.04.01 00:00
Is it possible Rand was just confused. The very fact that he used the term youthfulness (whatever exact word was) shows that he is able to attempt to pin an age on the Wise One. The point about agelessness is that you can't call them youthful or old or anything becuase you simply can't tell. I think Rand just confused the two and thought youthful for age = AS agelessness even if it really didn't. Remember, at this point in the series Rand has not been around many non-AS channelers (Egw and Nyn dont count becuase neither have channeled for the years and years that Moraine and the Wise Ones have)


Posted by Obby on 17.07.01 14:32
Both male and female channelers slow, which could be what Rand sees in the WO's, whilst agelessness and a shortening of the lifespan could be due to the Oath Rod

Several problems with your theory

Posted by Jim on 08.08.01 13:01
First off it's before they enter Rhuidien. Second it's Egwene's thoughts not Rand's. And third the actual quote is "Suddenly Amys's youthfully smooth features beneath that white hair leaped out at her for what they were, something very close (emphasis mine) to Aes Sedai agelessness."

The agelessness feature is denfinately caused by the Oath Rod, you'll notice that none of the Kin or Seafolk are described as being ageless. As well as the one Accepted who is 50 but still doesn't have the ageless look.


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Wise Ones do have the ageless look...

Posted by TheMadHatter76 on 22.10.01 00:13
I recently re-read the Eye of the World, and I seem to remember something about the first Aiel (Urien) that we meet. He recognizes Verin for what she is right away because he says that she has the "same look" as their Wise Ones. I think that this means the Wise Ones DO have the ageless look, at least to some extent, anyway...

Not sure.....

Posted by I am Nynaeve on 01.12.01 09:01
Yeah..... that would explain why the ageless look comes with time.... but why aren't the Kin ageless?

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The Wise Ones dont have an oath rod....

Posted by Lightbringer on 14.01.02 00:12
But they do have Rhuidean. Maybe there is some connection?

Just a thought.

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Wow. All wrong!

Posted by oldmanfish on 11.11.02 19:09
Just reverse each of your ideas, and you'll be right on track!

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Posted by Triss Ranuncul on 11.01.04 15:48
There is in wome book about the fight between Asmodean and Rand. Rand cut some black string from Asmodeant to somewhere. Asmodean tell that protect him from the madness.
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