Oath Rod IS One of the Nine Rods of Dominion

Posted by Elyas on 21.01.01 00:00

First off, I must say that I agree wholeheartedly with every point in Annie's theory, but I'd like to explain why I believe the Oath Rod, the "binder" that Sevanna uses on Galina, and even the rod that produces balefire are ALL members of the "Nine Rods of Dominion family." First a little disclaimer: I'm not one hundred percent sure on this, and I don't have much in the way of supporting evidence. It's just kind of a hunch, but it's the only one that makes sense to me. Anyway, I was thinking, what if the Nine Rods of Dominion aren't just nine rods? What if there are many rods out there, maybe hundreds, that have nine different functions? That would explain why the Tower's Oath Rod seems to have the same effect as the "binder" that Sevanna uses on Galina. I'm too lazy to get the exact quotes or pages, but doesn't it seem that the way Sammael and the other Forsaken who mention "binders" always seem to refer to them as there being more than one binding rod? They wouldn't refer to them so casually, as simply "binders" if there were only one or two out there. I think "binders" were just the most commonly used Rod, so there are probably many binding rods floating around out there, probably with many different numerals on them. Maybe that's why Sevanna’s rod says "111" on it... There were probably hundreds made in the Age of Legends. Or maybe all binders have the number three on them, but Sevanna’s was made back when they used, for lack of a better term, "Roman" numerals? My main point is, there are countless Rods out there, many "binding" rods (which the Tower's Oath Rod is one of) but of all the Rods, there are only nine different functions. I know there isn't a lot of evidence to support this, but as far as I can tell, there isn't any disproving evidence either, and it makes a lot of sense to me.

wotmania says: You are certainly correct at the end of your theory - there is not much in the books to support your theory. But you are also correct that there is no real evidence to disprove your theory. I would have to wonder what the other eight functions would be... Maybe one to use on men which would force them to always put the toilet seat down? Or one to use on women which would make them give up sniffing? Anyway, it certainly is an interesting possibility.


Elaynes Rod...

Posted by SilverAshaman on 20.06.01 13:51
Remember Elaynes Rod? When she channeled fire into it, she woke up with out a memory of what happened?
( Obviously from what Ive read in the books and Theories, she got on a table and danced naked..)
Maybe one of the 9 functions is total inhibition?

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Posted by Torin on 18.10.01 13:03
Okay, your idea may have some merit, but your 'proof' is lacking. For one thing, you mention that even the balefire ter'angreal is one of the 9 Rods, which it couldn't be. Balefire was not discovered until the War of Power, and the 9 Rods were in existence before that. I have to agree with a different post about it being disappointing if the Oath Rod, or the binders, were the 9 Rods, but your idea that it may be one of the 9 types is a interesting idea.


True that.

Posted by Darklans on 23.01.02 02:19
I believe in the theory that there were 9 DIFFERENT rods, as its something that I came up with too, as I was reading the books.

I regards to the "Balefire Rod not being one of them," need I explain to you that most ter'angreal are not used for the purpose they were designed to?

Note: the rod is black.. its weak but black is the color of the shadow so to say. So maybe during the War of Power, the Dark One aquired this spacific rod and transformed it.
Or maybe its just being used the wrong way.. it is very difficult to control none the less, remember?

Just my two coppers

More rods during the war

Posted by Myrlin on 18.05.02 00:09
Maybe there were originally only 9 rods BEFORE the War started, but more were created, as maybe only 9 was insufficient. But they kept the name for the original 9.


Posted by Dragonsworn on 18.05.02 14:26
could be buuuut if there were more than one of each of the Nine Rods how come Ishmael spoke to Lews Therin as if summoning were a big deal? Seems to me if there were so many and they were so easy to use that Ishy wouldn't have made a very big deal about it.


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Posted by JAY JAY on 21.08.02 23:06
firstly i think there was only nine rods. the comment by ishy to lews seems to suggest there were only three.

secondly, it seems strange to me that they would need nine rods to do the same thing.

lastly i don't have anything else to say.


Posted by oldmanfish on 11.11.02 19:18
Ok, for the Nine Rods of Dominion to be referred to with that much respect by the strongest of the Forsaken, they have to be somewhat unique and important.
To say that there were a bunch of them, and including any old binder, is like saying that there are Ten Commandments, but then including not walking on the grass, or littering, just thrown in with 'em.
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just a thought

Posted by mordeth85 on 20.02.03 20:53
if there r 9 different kinds of rods then couldn't the rod bayle domon had in teotw be on of them

another thought

Posted by mordeth85 on 20.02.03 21:03
the oath rod and the rod used on galina aren't the same. The oath rod allows ways around the oath (twisting the truth and speaking what you believe to be true)
the rod used on galina obviously had no hole to worm through or she probably would have found it.


The Nine Rods

Posted by Wesley_Sedai on 14.04.06 19:29
Here's a list of Rods that could be part of the Nine Rods of Dominion

1. The Oath Rod in the White Tower
2. The "binder" given to Sevanna, which is just like the White Tower's Oath Rod
3. The Rod that produces Balefire
4. The Black Rod that can be used to beat people with, that Aviendha explains in KoD...it can be adjusted to feel like one blow or 100 blows
5. The Rod that Elayne experiments w/ on her way to Caemlyn...it reminds her of fire and then she blacks out.
6. The Black Rod that Asne Zeramaine used on Elayne, Sareitha, Careane, and Vandene in KoD it can be used to kill or incapcitate an enemy.

This leaves 3 more rods to account for. They might have been glimpsed through out the series...but these are the only ones to come to my mind. Many People claim that the Tower Oath Rod and the Rod in Sevanna's possesion aren't Rods of Dominion but just simple Binder's. That could be true but the do enable some form of Dominion over someone. I also think that the Nine Rods of Dominion were used for criminals. With the worst form of punishment being killed by balefire...to have your soul and being erased from time completely and to never be reborn again. The only Rod on the list that we don't know what it does is the Rod Elayne studies on the way to Caemlyn.

And when I was reading Fires of Heaven, Egwene makes an observation that the merchant wagons are full of ter'angreal and she says that there rods in some of the wagons...doesn't give a number...but maybe that accounts for the last 3 Rods.

Although I remember reading about a black rod that could be bent into a circle...so maybe that is one of Rods of Dominion, or it might have been one of the rods already listed above, I'm not sure


Posted by jeangenet on 28.03.08 13:26
does everything from the AOL have to be a great work of the power i think the nine rods of dominion were the symbols of authority