More of That Taimandred Debunking...

Posted by Wolf Brother on 08.01.01 00:00

Granted the end of Winter's Heart clearly shows Demandred not to be Taim based on his ignorance of the Asha'man, but I found one earlier piece of evidence and I have not seen it posted yet. So here goes....

On page 441 of Winter's Heart (Out of Thin Air) Raefar Kisman tells us Taim AND Demandred told them to kill Rand. This would indicate that they are two seperate people. I have not seen this posted before, is it too obvious?

The only hang up is that Kisman goes on to say Demandred told them: "It would be better they died themselves then be discovered again. By anyone, even the M'Hael, as if he did not know of Taim's order." If Demandred somehow managed to dispose of Taim and take his place, etc, etc. (Which seems unlikely to me.) Why would give an order disguised as Taim and then again as himself? That does not seem logical to me. I think once and for all, the Taimandred followers have been defeated. Unless they are going to argue that Taim IS Demandred, he just doesn't want the other bad guys to know that he is......Give it up!!

Pento McGreno says: Goody, goody. OK, it's been well and truly proved that Taim isn't Demandred. Next, please.


Taimandred Followers Undeniably Defeated. Thank the Light!

Posted by The Gholam on 21.03.01 00:00
Well done, Wolf Brother. Your evidence is the nail in the coffin for the Taimandred theory as far as I'm concerned. Just wanted to express my appreciation for an excellent theory.


Posted by zero on 25.03.01 00:00
The Forsaken have been known to give orders as more than one person before. Remember Lanfear going to the waste and giving the darkfriends orders as both herself and as her character?

just for the record I am not and have never been a supporter of the taimandred theory but this isnt evidence against it

Taim in Demandred's posse

Posted by Obby on 16.07.01 13:17
They aren't the same person, but that doesn't mean one isn't under the command of the other (obviously Taim is under Demandreds command unless something strange has happened

Sorry, not quite.

Posted by Green Gaidin on 20.07.01 05:28
To be honest with you, I thought the same until last night in the shower. I thought: If Rand caught them, would Demandred want him finding out who he is? No. Rand could have threatened/tortured him until he spit out that Taim/Demandred sent him. If that happened, it would be over for Taimandred. This is just another red herring (CRAP!) by RJ. Think about it, and you'll see.

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Posted by Rathan on 01.08.01 13:41
Taim is not Demandred. Get over it. Geez.


While I am not...

Posted by Deathbone1 on 20.03.02 18:37
While I am not a Taimdemandrod believer, I can see the logic behind Demandred giving the same order twice. If Taim was Demandred, and no one knew about it, wouldn't it make sense that he would not want his position to be discovered, there by giving the order two times to conceal his identity?. I can see RJ putting that little plot twist in there just to confuse us. But, I guess there are stubborn people who believe those two are one and the same.

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Posted by RandthePornstar on 27.04.02 13:34
Davram Bashere is Demandred. nuff said.

Excuse me, what?

Posted by Dannymac247 on 09.03.03 02:23
Enough people have pointed out how this evidence is not evidence, so I won't echo their arguments. I was just wondering if the vote about Bashere being Demandred was serious or not. If a joke, well, ok. If Not, I think it would be difficult for Taim to fool Bashere's wife, daughter, soldiers, etc.

Taim still COULD be Demandred, and is all in all the most likely of the characters we know. Either Taim is Demandred or Demandred has not taken on an alter-ego and is working through Taim as a Proxy. It's one or the other, folks.

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Posted by #1wotchick on 12.03.03 00:01
So many votes and so few comments sounds to me like someone wants to have a popular theory.

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