Agelessness and the Kin

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In regards to the discussion about the Kin's lack of ageless features, I'll re-quote Elayne from A Crown of Swords (emphasis added):

"We slow, Nynaeve. Somewhere between twenty and twenty-five, we begin aging more slowly. How much depends on how strong we are, but when doesn't. Any woman who can channel does it."
Assuming that this is true, then it fits that the Kin would display less of an effect. Being runaways, cast-outs, and other untrained women of the Tower, many of the Kin could very likely be weaker in the Power than most full Aes Sedai - and this could very well be the reason that they left or were expelled in the first place. As others have already noted, the Kin must show some sort of preservation since they are so ancient. The above quote mentions "slowing," not actual agelessness, which leaves the source of the physical "smoothing" left up to discussion.

wotmania says: Two things about this theory, if I am reading it correctly... First, not all Kin are weak - I remember one (cannot remember which one off the top of my head, though) saying she failed the test for Accepted because she could not face her fears. So she could have been very strong in the Power (as some Kin certainly are), she just did not have the psychological strength to be Aes Sedai. Second, if it is the case that stronger women age more slowly, why is it the Kin live longer than the average Aes Sedai?


A good theory but...

Posted by Dorinde Sedai on 16.08.01 16:20
what about the oath rod? i believe it was Nynaeve who said "you know what the rod does to us" (may not be an exact quote) to Egwene while arguing with her about taking/not taking the three oaths.

My theory stems from this, when verin is using compulsion on the aes sedai held by the wise ones of the aiel, she remarks to herself that this will, eventually, kill them, but not for years.

The Oath rod, i believe, is a form of compulsion, it compells the women to keep to the three oaths they have given upon it, which is the cause of the aes sedai being so much shorter lived than the kin. The Kin hae NEVER give oaths on the rod, most are either runaway's or put out for one reason or another, you only take the oaths when made full aes sedai.

also take note of the reactions of the aes sedai in the tower (who's names slip my mind at the moment) as they reswear and remove their oaths. it is remarked that it is extremely painful to remove the oaths with the rod, and that they can feel the oaths settle into them when resworn, as the compulsion is felt when verin wields it.

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it's the rod i tell ya

Posted by Myrddraall on 29.10.01 14:01
The reason the kin do not age as fast is the rod. It is stated by one of the forsaken that they bind themselfs like crimminals. Semirhage at one point reflected on the fact that she became a forsaken to escape being bound wich would mark her as a crimminal (agelessness) and send her to an early grave.

Why doesn't anybody get this?

Posted by Mierrisenne Sedai on 06.03.02 20:47
There is a big difference between SLOWING and AGELESSNESS. If you slow, you look younger, but if you look ageless, nobody can put any age at all to you. Get it? Every woman who can channel slows, but only Aes Sedai are recognizable as channeling women, because only Aes Sedai look ageless. And since nobody else uses the Oath Rod, the conclusion seems fairly obvious.

This is easy....

Posted by Robman on 14.03.02 20:53
this is easy... and was discussed in the books. Egwene and Nynaeve argued about Aes Sedai ages and the Kin's, and how the Kin lived longer. Nynaeve concluded that the use of the oath rod dramatically decreased the Aes Sedai life span, and Egwene unveiled her plan that older Aes Sedai would "retire" into the kin, freed of their bonds of the Rod.

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Posted by AshaMan Blademaster on 11.05.08 11:27
My guess i9s that the Agless look comes from when the Aes Sedai actuall age slips away from her childbearing age and into the menopause (when she loses the ability to bear children). As far as I know women do undergo so quite aperent outwards physical changes during this time.