His Blood On the Rocks...

Posted by Shadowkiller on 21.01.01 00:00

This is pre The Path of Daggers cause I haven’t read it yet, but it might work after. Now we all know prophecy "his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul, the price that must be paid," etc. Now everybody thinks that means Rand dies or else suffers from serious injury, but what if it is not him, but Galad? His blood, they’re half brothers. Now from The Eye of the World Elayne, everybody says he does what is right. Now what could be more right than giving your life to save the world? Not to mention Elayne who feels he must protect, Egwene whom he loves, and whatever men serve under him at that point in time. Now Whitecloaks feel the use of the One Power is evil, but Galad is more old school, it’s just Darkfriends he hunts, so even if he feels Rand is a threat he will believe that he must help him fight the Dark One. It would be ironic if one of the last scenes is Egwene and Elayne crying for Galad who they despise and Rand crying for the brother he never knew.

wotmania says: I would not count on that ending if I were you... It is true that Galad does whatever is right, but I think it will definitely be Rand’s very own blood that gets spilled at Tarmon Gai’don. I think he is going to die, too, but not be dead for good. That is a theory for another time, though...


Not too bad...

Posted by The Dragon Lews TheRIN on 28.05.02 22:00
A lot of theories on 'his blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul.' Personally, I think its gonna be a combination of them all: the Aiel will die, Elayne or Aviendha's babies might be born, Galad and Luc (Rand's uncle, I think,) will die, and Rand himself will die. (I am so optimistic, aren't I? Everyone is going to die... MUAWHAHAHA!!!)

Anyways, I hope Galad dies at Tarmon Gaidin, becuase I really can't stand anyone in a white cloak, let alone a sucker for authority and 'what's right.'

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Posted by perg on 08.11.02 10:24
Rand and Elayne and them all crying would support Cadsuanes saying Rand needs to leanr how to cry again

Since when...

Posted by maniac on 07.04.04 21:53
...does Egwene despise Galad? She just doesn't love him.
Good thinking though.