Spilt Blood

Posted by Riko the Wolf on 21.01.01 00:00

Everyone (including the characters in the books) seems to assume that the prophecy "his blood on the rocks of Shayoul Ghul, the price that must be paid" means that Rand will die. That is not the exact meaning. I see this prophecy as saying that Rand will be bled and a price will be paid. It does not say that he will die. Perhaps in defeating the Dark One Rand ends up being trapped in the Dark One's prison. Seems like a pretty hard price to me.

Of course, this theory is completely shot by the fact that Egwene dreams Rand will die, and Min foresees it with her talent. But as always, these are very cryptic and could mean something else.

wotmania says: Rand is not going to die after fighting Tarmon Gai’don. He might bleed, but he will not die. At least not for good...


Poor Rand

Posted by Rathan on 16.06.01 16:49
Just want to say, if Rand is bound in the DO's prison, that would really suck for Rand, and the Wheel, because if he is bound, he cannot die, and how could the next Dragon be reborn if the previous one did not die?


It just might be!

Posted by Lord Ray Jerden on 11.10.01 21:44
Hay man if you are right then it just might be the last battle, because if Rand is put in the DO prison then he can not be reborn and the world will be dragonless.

Rand has thought of this himself

Posted by easingthebadger on 18.10.01 14:00
Rand has mused many times that that prophesy may only mean he needs to bleed not die. So don't feel TOO original.

Easing The Badger

rand's blood

Posted by Archey on 05.05.02 22:38
Maybe it isn't literally his blood. The Aiel would be his blood, as would Tigrane's line. Perhaps that is what his blood will be spilled means.

Lots of Spilt Blood

Posted by The Dragon Lews TheRIN on 08.06.02 23:03
Think about this... The Aiel will bleed, Tigraine's line will bleed, Galad (Rand's half-brother) will probably bleed, Rand's kids might be born, and Rand sure as heck will bleed... that's a lot of bleeding all around. There's way too many ways to interpret the prophecy, so to sound like as much of a jackarse as I can... RAFO

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finns possibly related?

Posted by Dragon5001 on 20.11.02 17:16
Since a price must be paid, could that be related to the price, the finns ask for answering your questions? Rand needs a dead womens help to win the last battle, so what if he goes with thom into the Tower of Ghengi, and she advises him on what questions to ask for what price. Possibly, thoughts not all straight, but would have 2 get books 2 write this right so think about it

Min's Viewing

Posted by Robin on 15.12.03 01:05
Min see's Two people, LTT and Rand mostlikely; they join together then one dies, and one goes on.. That could mean anything and it doesn't have to be at Tar Gaid. It could be after a long life of watching children grow into adulthood.