WoT As a Modern World?

Posted by Alesta Sedai on 21.01.01 00:00

My theory is that the happenings in the series are leading up to the world to become like the modern world. If you remember in Lord of Chaos how at that school in Cairhien one person had an idea for a plow drawn by horses, and another for a device to look at the stars, ways to pave roads, a printing press, and a way to get water when the wells were going dry. If I remember correctly sometime after the Dark Ages (umm.. I don’t remember exactly how long though) the first real telescope was invented so... And I know that the printing press was invented when Martin Luther was alive (in the 1500s wasn't it??) and that’s why the reformation was successful.

wotmania says: The Wheel is slowly swinging around again. Look at the Age of Legends, for instance. They had (essentially) cars, planes, electricity and everything else we have now. But the use of the Power allowed all these technologies to be virtually pollution-free. As the Wheel turns, new technologies emerge.



Posted by Hornsounder on 01.09.01 15:13

While the AOL was similiar to the modern world, i think that to turn Randland into a version of the modern world would be yet another Semi-Tolkein rip-off. In the end of ROK, when everyone returns to the Shire thats exactly what happened up there....As in the Padan Fain situation, i would hope that RJ would try to avoid that much of a similiarity....

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Revenge of the Luddites?

Posted by plaidwizard on 27.03.02 21:01
IMHO, the AOL was a pretty Utopic time. Nothing like showing off your new jo-car to the cute little Servant next door. Perhaps Rand recognizes that the average strength in the Power(s) has diminished since AOL, and wants to recapture the standard of living that most people seemed to have back then. Without having a ter'angreal repairman or craftsman anywhere nearby it will be difficult to do what is necessary to get to that high level of technology/saidology(?). It may be that Rand doesn't realize what the end result of all this new, advanced technology will be. The horrific end of personal responsibility and the dawn of a newer, more litigious society

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Some people just don't get it

Posted by Astorex on 10.06.02 11:34
WoT as a Modern World? It was one, people! The past becomes present and such. Tne names have changed, but the stories are real! Lenn who flew to the moon in the belly of an eagle(EotW ch 4)? Try John Glenn who flew into space for a certain country that uses an eagle symbol. The Materese of Ind was always a real killer, too. Mater Taresa, ha. Lance of fire could be a missle or an ICBM. How does it feel to be living in the 1st or 7th age, really? Rand and the rest of the group isn't based on the Arthur legend or norse mythos, it's the basis for it. Can anyone else find the other examples? I forgot where they were.

AOL was not Modern

Posted by Nameless Ashaman on 10.09.02 15:20
It does seem obvious that Randland is headed for an industrial revolution (barring TG screwing up everything). We have Rand's schools (where someone is developing a steam engine) and Mat's cannons. However, this has nothing to do with a return to AOL. All AOL technology appears to be related to the one power.

Whether the next age resembles our own depends on whether or not there is still channelling. There is currently no way to know this.

As posted above, WOTworld was our world, and will again be our world. So at some point there was technology without channelling, and at some point there was both (AOL). So far I've seen no evidence that RJ is interested in the "Magic vs. Technology" debate (that you can't have both), so I doubt the emerging technology in Randland means anything.

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Why not the other way?

Posted by Dai Lau Returns on 11.09.02 07:45
If we take it that the AoL was the highest point of civilisation, well definitely higher than the now, I'd think the cycle of civilisation has to have a downslope to return to a "prehistoric age" or some such age where men run with wolves and blokes hit dinosaurs over heads with clubs (well you get the idea)

Anyway, its just possible things may have to get worse to get better, not a happy ending but then WoT was never a fairy tale.

Just one small correction.....

Posted by The_99th_Companion on 18.05.03 20:29
The WOT universe is not really in the "Dark Ages" as you said, because they already have a printing press. No one was working on one in the university. It's obvious printing presses exist, because how else could there be so many copies of The Travels of Jain Farstrider around huh? (I think that's the right name for the book). Also, I think I remember somewhere either in "the big white ref. book", or The Strike at Shayol Ghul, someone mentioning that it was a good thing printing survived the breaking, even if it did not happen often during it. Anyway just thought I'd say that. BTW, does anyone else besides me think Noal is really Jain Farstrider?


Posted by tincanchaser on 02.06.03 20:03
Noal could be Jain Farstrider... he could also be working for Graendal under Complusion. Both, either or neither. ^_^

Somewhere in the beginning-ish of TEotW is a metaphor/simile (can't remember which) where Rand is thinking that his head was like a balloon.

Errr... they have balloons?

Slightly OT, but a thought. *wg*

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A little correction...

Posted by thegeeky1 on 08.07.03 22:24
Printing press was in the 1400s... Martin Luther in the 1500s.

Close enough.

But excellent post (I must agree with it)... I noticed the same things, even a vehicle... yay!

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Posted by RJStalker on 23.02.05 15:55
I suppose. But rememeber, they're not discovering, they're rediscovering. And, I don't agree with the declining theory. I think that, by the Seventh Age, Humanity will be gone and the Ogier shall inherit the world! You want to know what they're going to do? I sneaked forward a few millennia and brought back their plans! They're going to turn the whole world into a stedding! Of course, I couldn't find out how they're going to do that. I escaped barely with my life when I escaped Stedding Shangtai! No, I was serious about that. The humanity disappearing part, anyway.

Ogier and Humans

Posted by Malkier3 on 27.11.05 10:13
The ogiers aren't even of this world. I don't know if they originated in an alternate scenario- portal stone or something else, but the existence of the "book of translocation," which can't be an ter'angreal- they're in a steading, suggests that they simply run to a diffrent world whenever they are in danger. They couldn't have been there in the last seventh age, and wheel wouldn't allow ogiers to block off the one power completely, and needs humans for the next turning


Posted by Gher the great on 29.05.06 14:57
Duh, this theory is Duh!

That is all.

They make you put a title

Posted by +Son_of_Battles+ on 03.06.06 21:56
so its been like wut 3000 years since the breaking and in our own world its been 2000 years since that dude that walked on water was killed and we can fly and talk to some one on the other side of the world in the space of a few min. ect. ect.i i think that the War of the Hunderd Years might of screw stuff up as well as the Trolloc Wars but i mean come on I think that they would of gotten a little farther techonolgy wise than they are now.. which i guess means they are some up dependent on the One Power...wow i didnt mean for it to be this long.

Some Dates and the circle of events

Posted by C├ęsar de Biscarrat on 18.05.07 00:50
The printing press was invented about 1445/50 by Johann Gutenberg and Martin Luther posted his 99 theories in Wittenberg in 1532. But that's only for reference.

As for WoT and the modern world: that's what WoT has been: A modern world with modern accomplisments and a modern society structure. (Hey, they knew genetic sciences in the AOL creating the Nym and other structures, and oh...the Trollocs as well.) They fell back rather badly after the Breaking but things like printing survived. And fireworks! Fireworks in WoT are not like in LotR the product of magic and a wizard who's speciality is fire. Here they are made by a guild that makes the technique a secret. So they have retained some knowledge of times past and how to produce gunpowder-like substances. ( I know, it's not all that hard to make if you know what you are doing.)
The world of WoT was never really medievial or 'dark Ages' like, it was an odd mixture of several time periods, due to their fall back from a more modern world.

After Tarmon Gaidon, I think there will be room for humanity to develop once more towards something, that some day might resemble the Age of Legends. I believe it will take 2 to 4 ages to accomplish that. By that time they should have forgotten about the DO and his touch and might just find the Prison again...

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Wot was modern

Posted by pyroman on 18.04.08 15:50
Wot was modern. and I will tell you why it will be modern again.

before you say

"All AOL technology appears to be related to the one power."

lets look at Shock lances, yeah sounds like a nasty police taser if you ask me! among with all the numerous refrences to fly to the stars in the eagle, space flight and weapons that traveld miles missles, and the golems reaction to being in his new time.

you are all thinking too small...Jordan is a master story teller and EVERYONES idea of the wheel is too small, rand is not going to mark an new cycle and break the world again like LTT I believe that he will set the course on to a long road that will lead back into the age of legends and then the drilling of the bore...In another theory I talked about the use of the key+calandor and how that might be enough to seal the bore, and how it might help kill rand....back to Wot being modern...

The one power is genetic, look at the info we gather from the people beyond the waste everyone who can channel lives in a enclosed society. (its not a dominate traite, its recessive and it might have environmental influences as well)

Next, a highly evolved society could implement genetic influences.

not everyones genetics could be alterd and therefore we have people who are not channelers.

Now, the end comes, I think something will happen maybe an counter attack from the DO and everyone cant channel anymore However, the standing waves come back...I remeber reading about it, when they were talking about ter angreal and somehow the standing waves ceased to exsiste anymore and some terangreal used the standing weaves <used only the standing weaves so ppl could use them who didnt channel.

Now when more people were channeling the standing weaves ceased to be...dont know why, maybe there using the power via genetic manuliptation drained the standing flow, like a battery. This could also help explaine how they made the eye of the world. They knew what would happen and so they made it to show them the power can exsiste, simply exsiste in a free form state not being weilded

PS trolocks and half men...how would you even think to make such a creation if you had no knoledge of genetics? The way the forsaken talk of the creation of them (I would say maybe with help with the power) That this is not that unlikely their civilization was in an age of legends...

In another theory I talked about the use of the keys+calandor and how that might be enough to seal the bore, and how it might help kill rand.