The Last Battle

Posted by Alec on 21.01.01 00:00

I have only gotten to Lord of Chaos so there are many things I don’t know but I think I have figured out what will happen in the Last Battle. I was thinking about balefire and what it does. The Dark One is a thread in the Pattern so balefire would destroy him. If Rand hit him with an incredibly strong stream of it he could eliminate The Dark One all the way back to before the taint was put on saidin. This would make it so that the original Breaking of the World never happened which would cause the world to revert back the way it was causing a whole new Breaking in itself - this would fulfill the prophecy. Even the Aiel prophecy would be fulfilled because the Waste would be destroyed and there way of life would be gone.

wotmania says: If Jordan ends the series in this manner I will be extremely surprised, and disappointed as well. I do not think this would work, though... If Rand blasts him with such a large weave of balefire the world is never broken, the Aiel’s ancestors do not wander the earth, they do not meet the Cairhienin, they do not give the tree to the Cairhienin, there is no Aiel War, and Rand is never born... Then who would be around in the future to balefire the Dark One? Paradoxes, ya gotta love ‘em!


It's worse

Posted by Murgen on 06.04.01 00:00
Not only is this not what the author has in mind, and not only is it not possible (not even with the Chodan Kal, I think, can you get balefire that strong) but it's impossible. You're first premise is that the Dark One is a thread in the pattern, which is not true. The Dark One exists outside the pattern, and is said to be the only thing that can destroy the pattern (something within the pattern cannot destroy it, not even with balefire) so the entire argument is flawed.

Assuming you can...

Posted by Bob The Asha_Man on 20.05.01 18:30
Assuming you can balefire the dark one, that would be really, really, really bad. Why did they even stop using balefire in the War of Power? Because it kept messing things up, by removing a thread for so long a time. Now, imagine if you managed to balefire the dark one. That would take a lot of the one power, and it would really take him out of the pattern, undoing all that he had done. (Im not gonna go over that, just think about it. It would just remove, ohh...about EVERYTHING IN ALL NINE BOOKS.) Removing a thread that has affected the world as much as the DO's would really mess it up. IMHO, it would be the end of civilization as we know it, the universe would go kaput, etc, etc, etc.

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but ehm..

Posted by Rinoa on 22.06.01 08:39
The DO is outside the pattern, he is NOT a thread in the pattern(this iswhy the world is still 'alive'). That's like imagining(sp?) some Shadowsworn balefireing the Creator. The DO and the Creator are equals(sp?), only that the Creator is the good one, the DO the bad one(doh!). The a world where the Creator is a part of the Pattern and not the DO would make the same horrific world as the DO beeing a part of the pattern and not the Creator. Rand will NOT balefire the DO, he will not fight the DO in that way. He will fight the DO's chosen, as they fight the Creator's chosen. It is between them now. Or.. it should be, and the Creator, he/she/it stay's out, beeing the good one, and the DO, of course, does the opposite. But Rand will not fight the DO in that manner. You cannot balefire someone outside of the pattern, and if the DO was part of the pattern, there would be no TG to fight;theDO would already have won.

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this is a NON spoiler POST!!!

Posted by The_Naeblis on 22.06.01 17:42
read the guide!
and don't u think htat in AOL(Age of Legonds) they alrady tryed that?
in the guide it is writen VERY clearly!
'the dark one exists outside the WoT'
the so called 'proson' only abtains him in WoT!!!
he doesn't RAELY exists but is more like the creators little brother who came 2 inspect the 'toy'!


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Posted by drifter2020 on 05.06.02 12:06
This is one of the supidest theories I have ever read. You obviously have no clue as to the inner workings of WOT. Have you picked up nothing from reading the books. If you could get rid of the DO simply by balefiring him, don't you think anyone with the ability to channel would have done so. Back in the Age of Legends they were tossing it around like it was nothing and almost unravelled the whole pattern, and they were only balefiring mortals. Imagine what would happen if you balefired the source of most, if not all, the evil in the world. Put a little more time and thought into your theories before you post such rubbish.

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Some Thoughts

Posted by generalwooly on 26.04.03 06:00
I too respectfully disagree with this theory. I also respectfully disagree with Rinso. IMHO, The Creator and the Dark One are not equals.

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thats the dumbest thing iv heard...

Posted by Franky on 01.07.03 23:42
Finish the rest of the books b4 u make eny guesses

Wow . . .

Posted by betrayer reborn on 26.02.04 06:41
You folks REALLY need to Cut back on the rageohol!
I know it's nice and complex, I love every page I read,
but in the end, you're getting worked up over a story.

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It is possible

Posted by cong_sheng on 19.04.04 06:05
It is possible to balefire the Dark One. As quoted RJ "The amount of balefire needed to balefire the Dark One would destroy the world" Probably with the heat alone. The Dark One is as big as the pattern, every bit of the pattern is as near to the DO as every other. Just that the bore is thinner.

And no, the dark one is not a thread of the WoT. It is outside it, but his actions affect it.

Have any of you considered how the Do wants to break the Wheel of Time? He wants to break it so from what his minions SOMETHING in the turning of the wheel holds him. If he did break free he can totally rupture the ages ahead by desroying the correct souls, eg the dragons, various traitors of his, etc. SOMETHING IN THE WHEEL OF TIME holds him. He is afraid of something. Perhaps to stop the pattern from mending itself? Who knows. I think i'll make a theory about it.

ok that won't work

Posted by oathrod_breaker on 15.07.04 16:45
The Dark one exists outside of the pattern. So I don't think he can be burned out.

baad idea to make posts when youve read 5 books

Posted by Sabin on 04.02.05 19:00
I've read theories that say "i have only read the series twice, so i might be wrong" take those words into consideration.


umm, no!

Posted by nettles on 16.04.05 22:33
completely impossible.

one, the DO is not a thread, and could not be burned out of the pattern.

two, if youd read the rest of the books youd know how the taint problem was resolved.

three, if that much balefire was used, the pattern would unravel, and then rand didnt do his job too well, now did he?

four, if all the DO's actions didnt happen, then probably nobody currently alive in wot would be anymore (maybe this should have gone with three...).

and, last but not least, five, it would really be a crappy way to end the series. ok, not a strong point, but who really cares?

It's a good theory....

Posted by HoboBBJ on 07.03.06 20:52
but I don't think that it will happen. The dark one is outside of the pattern so it is not possible. Also balefire destroys the thread, so the dark one would be gone, but we know that the world is a wheel, so everything is a repeat of past things.That would have tio mean that the DO had been balefired before, which means that he wouldn't ve here now.

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That is the most retarded theory i have ever heard

Posted by Rahvin3 on 14.06.07 13:08
maybe you should finish the series before you make conclusions about the Last Battle.

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