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Posted by Korvikh on 21.01.01 00:00

Well I’ve been writing to this since it started, so I try to make a point of writing in periodically after considering a few points. None of these are real arguments but just pieces of evidence to help us identify with The Wheel of Time. Firstly the whole evil underdog thing. We’ve seen it with the weaker person turning to evil out of hatred for the greater person. This has happened with Demandred-Lews Therin, Taim-Rand, Elaida-Siuan, Couladin-Rand, the list goes on. The main one though is Dark One-Creator, which in my mind is exactly the same just on a greater scale. I’m not going to quote philosophy or anything cuz it tends to confuse me after a while. :) But this did happen in Christian history with St. Lucifer being cast out of Heaven to become Satan, and I think this was picked up by the wotmania guy. :) Also Christian belief says there will be one last battle. So if anyone can be bothered looking into this maybe Robert Jordan has taken pieces of his story line from this and there are more clues. :) The other point I have though will just sound weird. I can already see the wotmania guy’s response "Yes you were right, that does sound weird." I was talking with a few friends at school and we worked out that there could be an argument for Rand being fundamentally evil. Of course this would make the Creator evil, and the Dark One good. I'll first say we don’t honestly believe this, it is just interesting. What if, in previous turnings of the big Wheel, there was a "last" battle (though it obviously wasn’t the last) and the Dark One’s minions won. The Dark One took over the Creator’s job and remade his world in his image. The people worshipped the Dark One. The Creator was cast down and looked upon by the overwhelming majority as bad as the dark One was good. Over time people came to believe that the Dark One was the Creator, and they labeled the original Creator (who is now cast down and weaker) as the Dark One. The original Creator’s followers were labeled Darkfriends. I know you're thinking "But wouldn't the world be evil if the Dark One was in control" but not necessarily, it is just in the Dark One’s image. The Dark One’s image has the majority worshipping him and he has the most powerful person (Rand) in the world as his champion. The original Creator (current Dark One) is seething and wants to remake the world again in HIS image if you follow. He wants to throw away the big Wheel so this travesty of natural justice can never happen again. :) As I said, we don't believe this honestly, and I'm sure you can pick it to pieces if you try, but if put into perspective, this may have happened but I would be disappointed if this is how the story ends. :)

wotmania says: Yes you were right, that does sound weird. I think you are right, that Jordan might have taken an idea or two from Christian beliefs. I could be wrong on that, though... It is entirely possible that the Dark One and Creator switch roles all the time. It would certainly make the world a little more interesting. I just think that if the original "Dark One" was in charge of the world, things would not look the way they do now. The world is in general too nice for him to be in charge.


Changing places

Posted by Arien on 03.04.01 00:00
The idea of the Creator and the Dark One changing places as the Wheel turns is pretty unbelievable to me. The Dark One is know to be inherently evil. It also seems we are assuming that the Creator stands for what is right and good. I really doubt that a situation like this could completely reverse itself, making the Creator absolutely evil, and the Dark One a benevolent presence?? They would have to be some pretty manic-depressive deities for that to happen. The Dark One is probably jealous of the Creator and would readily take his place, but only so that he could delight in all sorts of evil, and making all of creation grovel before him.


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In Christian belief there are two battles. One when Satan is cast down to Earth, then the final one when he is cast to Hell.

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You Idiot!

Posted by Metallica-man2 on 04.11.01 22:54
Listen to me closely....YOU ARE WRONG! The DO calls the dragon his age old enemy, Ishy/Moridin, a genius and philosopher, who is so smart that he realized that everything had happened as it was in previous turnings of the wheel, says that he wants to turn rand to the shadow, and that it has been done before. A champion of LIGHT!...mad into a creature of the SHADOW! so there.

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Antichrist? Not impossible

Posted by Elder Haman on 20.02.02 10:26
Another name for the Antichrist, other than Adversary or Spawn of Satan, is DRAGON.

I read this in Neil Gaiman's Good Omens, and his books are always very well-researched and accurate to his sources.

This book also includes the idea of the Antichrist actually being GOOD, so the only question in my mind is: who's reading whose books?.

It's a good theory....

Posted by HoboBBJ on 12.03.06 01:01
but i don't see it happen. It would be funny if that is what had happend, but no i just don't belive it.

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