A Hoax Bigger than Canada...

Posted by Slank on 21.01.01 00:00

I felt compelled to submit this theory after reading "Last Time Around", submitted by The Bish, concerning the Consequences of the Last Battle, suggesting that the True Source might be destroyed, thereby eliminating the One Power, which turns the Wheel of Time; this could possibly nullify the "wheel" and create a Straight Line of Time (doesn't quite have the same ring to it), resulting in the cessation of reincarnation and the repetition of the same seven Ages.

I propose that the Wheel itself was concocted by the Dark One as a step in the right direction, setting up the conditions he thinks he needs to free himself from the constraints of time and space, and that this was done so long ago that nobody has a clue that it's been done. He's made sure that everything centers on him (for example, the Wheel of Time has one central recurring event: the Last Battle, featuring the Dark One... and some other guy).

Now, why did the Dark One do this? Perhaps to take attention away from the Creator, who certainly hasn't been getting much attention, seeing as He's the ultimate being and all. Gods have a tendency to be worshipped, but the only entity being worshipped to any degree so far in all the history of Randland is the Dark One (consider all the bloody things Darkfriends have to do that have been alluded to in the series)! And the Dark One couldn't be more pleased; he can't beat the Creator, so he sets himself to do all the damage he can to the Creator's Beloved Creation, namely humankind, by taking away their fellowship with their God.

Of course, the above scenario opens a lovely little doorway for wotmania's vaunted (and alleged) Lightfriends, since the Creator wouldn't want to leave His boys and girls with no way back to Him...

Anyway, I should just mention, for those of you who detest ambiguity, that this would mean that the Dark One is the Source for the One Power and the True Power, which, if I may make a huge stretch, would tie in nicely with the common thought that Aes Sedai are like puppeteers and Egwene's dream of (sorry, I don't have the books handy - maybe The Great Hunt?) Lanfear holding the strings controlling Rand, and Ba'alzamon above her, holding her strings, and strings attached to Ba'alzamon, reaching up into dark clouds; I don't know if that was the dream exactly, but what I mean to say is, wouldn't it be amazing if the Randlanders discovered that their entire basis of belief and existence is just a big hoax - but that's a real stretch, eh?

wotmania says: Woohoo! Lightfriends! Heh heh... This is an extremely interesting theory, with some interesting implications. I think it would really bug the Aes Sedai if they found out they had been wielding a Power which was created by the Dark One. I do not know how likely this is, but it sure is fun to speculate, isn’t it?



Posted by luc_chiendelna on 29.06.01 03:54
A hoax bigger than Canada....why, you must mean it's Russia.

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A hoax bigger....

Posted by The Hammer on 12.08.01 19:21
Is it even possible for a larger hoax to exist than Canada... I somehow doubt it.

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Nice try....

Posted by GodMoridin on 29.08.01 16:42
Butttt as I remember it didn't Lanfear bore into a "new power" that just happened to be the Dark One. Isn't that strange? If the Dark One is the source of both powers then the One Power would be null and void while he's out. Not going to argue that he had a very large and heavy hand (down Mesaana!) in the creation of the sources, but him being the source would be rather impossible, unless he has a streak of drama. I'm not going into conspiracy theories of Randland. *shudders*

Break the Wheel He Made?!?!

Posted by Florin the Foppish on 13.12.01 09:42
All throughout TEotW, we heard about how the DO was going to break the Wheel and slay the Serpent, yadda-yadda-yadda. Now, if the DO made the wheel, why would he want to break it? If the Wheel is designed to set him free, shouldn't he be free by now, since the Wheel has turned countless times before?


Posted by theguy32 on 18.02.02 12:59
ok well I though the ideals where great....
but why did you use Canada in your title, why did you call Canada a Hoax.
That was just rud and there was no reason for you to say that man.


Posted by Nope Fenrir on 16.06.02 16:39
Ok, if the DO created the wheel in an attempt to set himself free, maybe he unintentionally trapped himself. Let's set the stage:

The DO and the Creator are both powerful and eternal. They both have created power (the Creator has the One Power, the DO has his stuff (can't remember what it's called)), and let's picture that as a Yin Yang-like thingy much like Saidin and Saidar. That means that the two balance one another. The DO and Creator are equals, until the DO decides to try to usurp all power for himself. He attempts, but is defeated and bound by the Creator. The DO sees his fatal flaw and, to get a second chance, makes a cycle of Ages in which he will always get the chance to usurp power; however, the same mistake is always made, so the DO is always bound. He trapped himself in an endless cycle that he now wishes to break...

The canadian hoax is that it is it's own country

Posted by borderlander on 10.07.02 08:16
When it is oboiusly just the 51rst state.


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Posted by haruka on 05.03.04 10:08
omae wo korosu

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Posted by Al_Gai on 09.06.05 17:02
A little history they'll never teach you in your ignorant American schools.

1)We Canadians have burnt down the White House TWICE(And I'm working on a third).

2)Canada won the War of 1812, not you.

3)America is the most despised country in the world.

4)Everybody loves Canadians.

5)America is merely "babysitting" all that land until my people decide we've had enough of you ignorant f*cks being a superpower. When that happens, we're coming down there, and Canada is gonna have a bunch of new provinces.

Oh, and BTW, my wonderful nation is far to large to be one mere state. Besides, Canadian citizens wouldn't stand for the idiotic crap your leaders shovel down your throats. You can stay in the U.S., (and I hope you do, we have enough trash up here already) but should your people try to move on us, you'll find that our reputation as "Peacekeepers" stems from the fact that any war we get involved in, we win.

In conclusion, Canada isn't a hoax, America's views of the world, that's the hoax.

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Dispite what you seem to think...

Posted by Etheran Shadowbane on 10.08.05 23:38
There is a point to the Dark One creating a wheel of time,
1 he has infinte chances to escape his prison
2 no matter how bad events are in one turning he will always have a chance to escape (with a fresh slate) in the same time as passed ages ago, since after all, time is a wheel.
3 apon escaping, and having done away with the dragon (in someway) He could "inspect" the world to see if the conditions are favorable to break the wheel and create a straight line of time, and be a controling factor in the progression of time.

Now in the books he makes mentions of having the dragon on his side, why not break the world then? maybe he needs the combined power of the Dragon, Himself and the forsakken, which could explain why it has not come to pass already, since the forsakken have thier own plans, and doubtless so would the dragon, the wheel comes into play here, he has infinite chances to complete his plans, instead of one.

hey Al_gai your history fails.
-white house burned ONCE, by the british
-Canada didn't exist during the war of 1812

-I would like to see America turn Canada into the "Canadian Ocean" after a stunt like that.

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Screw you Canada haters

Posted by siswai al shadar on 24.07.07 00:44
First of all before I get into this I want to say, yes, despite its ludicracy, I am American.
now that thats over...
Canada Rocks and they could kick America's ass really easy.

The Great Canadian Conspiracy Theory:

Although very few people know it, Canada supplies America with a larger percentage of oil than any other country in the world. That said, a Canadian embargo on oil to US would entirely devastate us. It wouldn't be that hard for them to convince the Middle East to stop supplying us oil for a while either(no secret they hate us). That would take roughly 80% of the oil that comes into the US out of the market. The rest comes from Marxist countries in South America(God knows the Commies have reasons to hate us), and they would gladly join in. This all means that the US wouldn't even have enough oil to slide the Nukes out of the missle silos. Canada sweeps in and takes the rest, promising prominent buisnises "cheap" oil for double the price before the orchestrated crisis. The revenue would allow Canada to go a few years without collecting taxes, which would gain the support of the rest of America(we are all just a bunch of greedy bastards anyways,"give me something free and I'll kiss your ass for the rest of my life" mentality).Thus Canada destroys us utterly.

Someone give this to the Canadian gov. I don't want to wait for them to figure it out themselves.

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If RJ make a book after AMOL

Posted by siswai al shadar on 24.07.07 00:54
If the DO won, and the series would be renamed the Straight Line of Time as you suggested, we would all be on a SLOTMANIA : FEED YOUR SLOT ADDICTION, a website devoted to RJ fans and gambling addicts
Probably run by some guy called "prince of ravens" or somewho like that


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