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Posted by Riselle's Bosom on 17.01.01 00:00

Let me begin by saying I am still not convinced that the Taim-Demandred issue is settled. I read the other theories and they definitely make good points but they do not mention past information.

In Lord of Chaos it seemed so obvious Demandred was Taim. Think about the knowledge that he displayed in front of Rand.

  1. He knew how to test for the talent.
  2. Referring to the "so-called" Aiel.
  3. Similar in appearance.
  4. Demandred was in the beginning and end of the book asking the Dark One if he had done well.
Another thing to look at is when Perrin smells Taim. Taim's emotions are very consistent to what those of Demandred might be if he were in a similar situation. Also, Demandred is supposed to be a pretty smart guy. The last thing he needs is a lot of people knowing his true identity especially Asha'man whether they are good or evil. Plus, the closer one stays to their true form the better the weave for illusion works. This might explain their similar appearance.

Finally I think Jordan may have threw in that part about not recognizing Damer to trick his readers so he could surprise them later. Taim and Damer were hardly friends and it was over a pretty good distance. The last thing Demandred expected to see was an Asha'man in a circle with Aes Sedai.

All I am saying is reread Lord of Chaos and A Crown of Swords before making a definite decision. If Taim is not Demandred I think Jordan has a lot of explaining to do about how Taim survived so long and knows the things that he knows.

wotmania says: Anyone who has been here for a while knows I have never been a big fan of the whole Taimandred theory, so I was very happy with the events of Winter's Heart in that regard. You say that Jordan will have a lot of explaining to do about Taim if it is proven he is not Demandred, but I think he would have even more explaining to do if it turns out Taimandred is the truth and somehow Taimandred did not recognize Damer. Just because Damer and Taim might not have been great friends does not mean Taim (Taimandred) would not recognize one of the first Black Tower trainees. I would also be horridly disappointed in Jordan if he put in that scene simply to throw us off the Taimandred track. So, at least for me, I am hoping this particular theory is now dead and buried.



Posted by zero on 25.03.01 00:00
There are hundreds of people in the black tower. It is that Demandred didn't recognize his own student.

Of course he knows Damer

Posted by rymlen on 26.01.02 14:13
Yes but Damer was the very first student Taim found so him not recognizing can't be true. Besides it is highly unlikely that Taim doesn't know which particular asha'man are arround Rand.

Why Taim and for that matter Logain have survived so long.

Posted by gnarzz on 27.01.02 08:47
Cadsuane Sedai. Cadsuane has had interaction with both men ,and while it hasn't been revealed yet,
taught or interacted with both somehow which has enabled both men to stay sane longer than any
of the others. It most likely is the thing she is to teach Rand and all of the other Asha'Man that Min has viewed.


Posted by suziannabean on 06.02.02 22:04
I thought the thing she was trying to teach them was how to laugh again - didn't they say that in Winter's Heart?

WoT swearer

Taim and Demandred

Posted by Eyeless Myrddraal on 25.04.02 11:18
Demandred knew there were Asha'man about - why not just be Taim? Then they wouldn't have attacked him. The reason is that he's not Taim.

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