The Result of Tarmon Gai’don

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Ok, this theory is a combination of many theories, bringing a lot of things together and is what I think will happen after Tarmon Gai'don.

My first supposition is that #1 : The One Power DOES NOT turn the Wheel of Time. Now, I know everyone in Randland [light I hate that name! :)] believes that the One Power turns the Wheel of Time, as Ages come and go, etc., etc., etc. But what if the One Power does not turn the Wheel, but keeps it in place. The One Power, the Creator, and the Dark One all serve as the axle that the Wheel turns around. They act as the axle on a car which has been raised off the ground. It allows the Wheel to spin freely around it, but to go nowhere. So the same spot on the Wheel keeps coming and going, but never moving from the same spot. The result is that the Ages come and go, but always repeat themselves.

Ok, now comes the tricky part...

I believe that at the end of Tarmon Gai’don Rand will break the One Power. (The axle holding the wheel in place remember...) What he will do is not just seal up the prison of the Dark One, but actually remove the Dark One’s influence on the Wheel. He will separate the turnings of the Wheel from the Dark One. He will break the One Power, for good. To do this, he will have to, for a short period of time, break outside the Creator and the Dark One's influence to truly act on his own. If this line of reasoning follows back about Ages coming and going, then every time Lews Therin gets to this point, he seals up the Dark One’s prison and dies at Shayol Ghul. The prophecies are just readings of the Pattern to be. But if the Pattern is held in check by the One Power, the Creator, and the Dark One, that means they are merely reading what the Creator is telling them will happen. Again and again as it always has.

This time, Rand will survive. He will break the One Power, causing the Wheel to break free of its axle that for so long held it in place. It will cause the turnings of the wheel to become movement. Time will no longer be a circle, but linear. By breaking free, it will allow the Wheel to go rolling away, so that when the same point on the Wheel comes again and again, the scenery will always be different so that Ages cease to come and go, repeating themselves as the always had. The first effect will be that Rand (Lews Therin) this time, does not die at Shayol Ghul. By breaking the One Power, he removes himself, and the entire pattern, from forever repeating the same actions over and over. He sets them free of the Creator, the Dark One, and the One Power.

He will lead the way in forging ahead into a new Age. An Age which will never repeat itself, an Age that leads into new Ages that will never come again once they pass. The One Power will forever be left behind them, never to be touched again by humans which will allow them to move forward. The Creator, the Dark One, and the One Power will become only legend, then myth as time rolls forward. Then eventually they will be forgotten entirely except by those who remain dedicated in the hope that one day the Creator will return and save them from their troubles.

Eventually the Wheel of Time will come to resemble our world. It's God and Devil, all but forgotten - purely a myth that cannot be proven. For now, we look ahead. The past long forgotten because we will never see it again, no matter how many turnings the Wheel takes. This is what Rand will do, he will lead the way into a new time. He will be our savior...

wotmania says: Wow, lots of people lately have been writing about how the One Power will cease to exist after this Tarmon Gai’don, which many believe will be the LAST battle. I would have to agree, though some of my reasons are bit simpler. What happens (if the Power exists after Tarmon Gai’don) when Rand, Elayne, and Aviendha all live for a couple hundred years, while Min (if she lives long) will hit about eighty? If the One Power disappears, they can all grow old together.


I like...

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I would just like to say how much I like this theory, it really goes deep into the story. Can you imagine how cool it would be?

Every book starts with the same thing, about ages and the wheel of time... Could you imagine how nifty it would be for the last book to end with something different?

Good Post!

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Reminds me of

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the end of the Dragonlance book, Dragons of Summer Flame. There all the magic(One Power) granted by the gods(True Source) is taken away and the magic users(Channelers) have to resort to other methods of magic use, such as death magic and nature magic. Maybe the inhabitants of the WoT world will have to resort to some other means of doing alot of the things they did with the One Power. This may mean major technological advances. Rand has already started a few advances with his school so it is entirely possible.

Whoa! what a deep survey of this story

Posted by aviendha firehair on 16.10.02 00:31
However, I must play devils advocate and point out a few errors in your logic. The prime one being the fact that the Forsaken have these "magical" devices, such as the transcirber, which are in no way archaic. They seem to be futuristic, yet have come from a past of nearly 3,000 years. This tells me that he wheel has allready had an age similiar to our own, or even more advanced that our current society. So, if the wheel begins to go linear, why do you think it will go forward? A rennaisance would be great, and even better if Robert Jordan continued the series far into the future. I just don't think it would be possible to break the axle in such a way. The wheel would have no balance without the Dark to counter the Light. Of corse, it will all go into legend, but there will be no total destruction of the Dark One. It would be nice to believe that Rand and his three women will all grow old together though.

Be practical here.....

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Frankly, everyone....i seriously doubt that many of these complicated theories have any chance of being right, simply because they are so complicated. A lot of them are difficult to understand even if they are written out in perfect english. If RJ ended his series with something like this, half of his readers would be stumped, having no clue exactly what happened.....he's not going to have such a complicated ending, with the wheel of time-which is essentially a metaphor anyway, i doubt there is truly a giant wheel somewhere spinning time-breaking off the axle of the one power and rolling away. Any ending like this would ruin the series for many, and be far too hard for RJ to tell through the story. Sorry to all you would-be Randland philosophers out there....

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The End of The Wheel

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I have read many of Jordans interviews, and in all of them he mentions some hook at the end that will keep the world alive in the readers imagination. I think that this hook will be somehow related to Rand releasing the Dark One, and then destroying him, thus bringing an end to the cyclic Pattern of the Wheel. Jordan has mentioned in his interviews his love for the greek philisophy of linear time.Why then would he right a series based on cyclic time? So that at the end he could create a cataclysmic event that is outside the Prophecies and would end the Turnings of the Wheel, thus creating linear time. I really dont think that Jordan will let the book end with the implication that the 3rd Age will repeat once again. It just doesnt fit with what he has said outside of his writings.

The Wheel

Posted by neien the short on 25.08.04 05:36
I see the Wheel of Time differently than you. I see it as a wheel on a road, not a wheel suspended in the air, and time is both circular and linear. Always going around and around, but also always going forward. The same part of the wheel touches the road again and again, but with different scenery, such as the Ogier being bound to the Stedding's and different landscape do to the breaking.

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neien is right.

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oops, that was all i had. Ur logic doesnt work.

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