The Results of the Last Battle

Posted by Joseph on 21.01.01 00:00

I think the theories about the Wheel rolling away and the end of the One Power are ridiculous. In the prologue of the first book, Ishamael said to Lews Therin that he had fought him thousands of times and will fight thousands of times more. The Wheel will keep on turning and there will be infinite number of Dragon Reborn's fighting the Dark One. Jordan clearly says that time is like the Wheel, it is a circle, and it will never end. The story in only set in the Third Age and it is only one Age in an infinite number of Ages. The part with the memories, myth and legend just says that the Wheel is a circle and it has will turn back to the same place again. In the first paragraph of every book, Jordan clearly states that everything moves in a circle and will go back to the same place and repeat itself. Jordan says that because this idea of the Wheel is the essence of the series and that's why he called The Wheel of Time.

My theory of the Last Battle is that Rand is going to seal up the prison again (If he gets rid of the Dark One then what Jordan said on time will not work.). Lan said to Rand once that every man has to choose a time to sheath his sword. I believe that Rand is going to sheath his sword and kill himself after he wins the Last Battle and shed his blood on Shayol Ghul. This way he won't go crazy and break the world like Lews Therin. This gives way for the Dark One to break free again and another Dragon Reborn will come out and the Wheel will repeat itself.

A more happy ending will be that Nynaeve will be able to cleanse saidin so Rand doesn't have to kill himself. I like my first ending better though.

wotmania says: Well, personally, I think the series might very well end with the end of channeling... I think it would be a very awkward relationship if Rand, Elayne, and Aviendha will all live for a long time (because they can channel) and Min lives a normal amount of time. Also, Rand already chose to sheath his sword - in the sky back in Falme. Until I read the last book in the series, I am going to keep believing channeling will disappear after Tarmon Gai’don.



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...that's a rather grim interpretation of "...when the age that gave it birth comes again. In one Age, called the Third Age by some, an Age long passed, an age yet to come, a wind rose..." I believe that this turning was meant to be significant. I don't know that Jordan will end the series with Rand killing himself, particularly since saidin was cleansed. If Rand dies, it will be a wound inflicted by someone else, whether it be the Dark One, one of the Forsaken, shadowspawn or even friendly fire. I think that in the next book Rand will be...different. He was a man ready to die, and now he has found that he has a chance to live. I wonder what Mr. Jordan will do with that?

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Posted by Daimen on 26.02.02 23:33
Who says that Min will survive TG. As you say having her and the other three all survive is a depressing prospect. Having all three of the others die or even just Elayne and Aviendhe is just as depressing. So Min has to die, if we want everyone to Live Happily Ever After.

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I hate it when it does that!!
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Theory alredy been dissaproved??

Posted by Bharon on 04.03.02 14:21
I mean... saidin is alredy clean....

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Posted by Mussels on 29.04.02 00:29
well, considering that the taint from saidin is removed at the end of book nine. i guess this is an old post.

if you recall, ishamael says that the dark one wants to break the wheel of time. and by doing that, he could stop the endless cycle of being freed and re-sealed.

but jordan says that the wheel is powered by saidin and saidar, so at least one of them will have to be destroyed to do that.

the kicker is, if rand manages to seal the dark one back in, THEN break the wheel of time, he'll be trapped forever... unless the forsaken release him again. but they should all be dead by then.

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