Perrin After the Last Battle?

Posted by Cas on 21.01.01 00:00

All this talk about rebuilding after the Last Battle doesn't seem like it actually makes any sense. As Moiraine once said, even if Rand and the other Asha'man don't go insane and break the world (or Rand does manage to clean saidin), Tarmon Gai'don by itself will tear the world apart. It took one or two hundred years after the Breaking of the World at the end of the Age of Legends for people to even start coming out of "hiding." It just doesn't seem like that much time will pass afterwards. I don't think that the Breaking will be as bad this time, mainly because it does seem plausible that Saidin has to get cleaned sometime, else there would never be another Age of Legends. But as grim as this sounds, Jordan stated once that when he began writing this series, he only had two scenes in his head - the very first scene (which I take as either Lews Therin and Ishamael or Rand and Tam at the beginning) and the last scene. And as I said, as grim as this sounds, I really think that the last scene might just be Min's viewing of three women mourning over Rand on a funeral byre. There might be a little more after it, but I think that's going to be the last major scene.

Here's another theory, though. Speaking of cleaning saidin before the next Age of Legends. There also has to be a time that the seals are no longer needed because by the time the Age of Legends comes around, there's not even mention of the Dark One. As in nobody even knows he exists. When do you think the Bore will be completely sealed again? The Creator stated at the end of The Eye of the World (at Tarwin’s Gap, talking to Rand) that he would not get involved. Do you think at the end of the Seventh Age the Creator reseals the Dark One in his prison and recreates the world? That would mean the world has to be destroyed at the end of the Seventh Age. Of course, that is four Ages from now, I doubt this theory will ever be answered. But it is nice food for thought.

wotmania says: I do not necessarily think that Tarmon Gai’don will tear the world apart - at least not to the extent of the Breaking of the World. I think it is perfectly reasonable that a lot of the rebuilding after the Last Battle will fall to Perrin. Also, I do not think the Creator will have to re-create the world after the Seventh Age - I think Rand (probably with a little help) will remake the Dark One’s prison. It would then be this prison that a future generation will drill a new Bore into.


What about Perrin?

Posted by jofraz on 31.08.03 15:50
You didn`t even mention Perrin.


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Posted by neien the short on 25.08.04 05:41
oh well, but anyway I dont think this will happen, because the story about the guy going to the moon, cant remember his name, comes from the first age. So eigther we got the ages wrong, or the First age is the peak of human civilation.

There can be only one, may it be


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Ahem, neien, the First Age is OUR Age. I must have said that ninety times today. And yes, what about Perrin? My favorite character? *unsheathes osan'gar and aran'gar stolen from AoL by use of time machine*

The creator talking?

Posted by PaintedBlank on 27.02.06 22:14
I dont remember anything from the end of the Eye of the world about the creator talking to Rand at Tarwin's Gap about not being involved.