The Wheel Will Keep Turning

Posted by Oliver on 21.01.01 00:00

Okay, this is something that I only noticed on about my fifteenth reading of the series, but it is irrefutable. We've had a whole stack of discussions about the result of Tarmon Gai'don, and a lot of good points raised, but...

At the end of one of The Fires of Heaven the verse of prophecy is attributed to a writer in the Fourth Age. Well, if we're currently in the Third Age, then the Wheel can't be broken, and there can't be a "Straight Line Of Time," or there would be no Fourth Age for that to have been written in.

Advocates of the linear continuation theory might suggest that the Fourth Age would simply be the way of referring to the time after the Second Breaking (Rand's supposed destiny), but that seems a little facile and un-Jordan-like to me. If there was to be a counter-argument, I'd like to think that it would concern the fact that as things currently stand there is a Fourth Age in the pipeline, but the consequences of Tarmon Gai'don might conspire to preclude the possibility of a Fourth Age by breaking the Wheel. This doesn't sound much like Jordan to me, either. I reckon the Wheel will just keep on going like a little pink rabbit with a battery on its back. That's my story, and I'm sticking' to it.

wotmania says: This is a very good point, one I have never really thought of before... I still think channeling will disappear after Tarmon Gai’don, but this little peace of evidence does make it a bit tougher to believe that... Nice work!


I took it to mean...

Posted by bukama on 06.06.01 15:49
I took it as saying that the Fourth Age in which these prophecies were written was the LAST Fourth Age, in which people are describing what happened the last time this battle took place in general enough terms that we can see what it's going to be like THIS time. I don't look at these prophecies as part of the central story. Instead, they are peeks into the future for us, the audience, to look at and see how similar this Third Age is to the last one.

Can't remember last 4th age

Posted by Tuffsy on 13.08.01 13:37
I don't think it's reasonable to say that the prophecy is from the last 4th age, because as it says in the books by the time an age comes around again, the last time it was around has become completely forgotten. Considering that even any concrete information on the AoL is hard to come by, prophecy that was written almost an entire turning of the wheel ago wouldn't likely exist.
Whether this means that the good guys are going to win because there is a fourth age, or whether the fourth age is under the shadow of the Dark One, or whether its just a possibility that the verse could come to be written, I'm not sure.

Just some thoughts, dont know if they've been mentioned

Posted by Pinchy on 02.07.02 19:35
Iv always thought that there would be a reason why Jordan is writing aboutRand and not someone in a previous third age. The answer i believe is tied in with the fact that each time the wheel spins there is a greater chance of variation. Thus it is highly possible that somehow the wheel could be broken. Now that would mean an end to channelling I think.

I dont believe thwere can be an end to channeling after Tarmon Gaidon, largely because it is highly unreasonable to assume that all channelers will be wiped out. Did all channeleres get killed at end of the last age? nah course they didnt, and channling survived.

Also just a thought, as we all know prophecy doesnt always turn out to be what it first appears to be, ie there is a degree of ambiguity. Could it not be possible that a Breaking could in actual fact mean that the WoT may actually be broken.? That would certainly 'break' the world methinks......throughout all the ages there has been a belief and knowledge of the WoT, and it would certainly be shattering to the world to fin out this was no longer true.

We'll see, we'll see, and please dont shoot me, these are just thoughts.

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