If Rand, Min, Aviendha, and Elayne All Live...

Posted by Aphrael on 21.01.01 00:00

You say that if there is still channeling after the last battle then that makes it awkward for this little quartet as Min would die much earlier than the others thanks to her inability to channel. Don't you think that it would be awkward if they were all to live? How many women do you know who are happy to share their man with another woman-much less two of them- permanently? Can't think of any myself! Therefore either Rand has to die or two of the girls or Elayne has to give up on Rand and fall for someone else so that she can rule and the same for one or both of the other two so that Rand is left with only one love interest or all three girls have none. There is also Lanfear to consider. If she were to repent as is suggested in another post and the other three were to either die or find other loves then this would leave Rand free for her. I would have to say that this last is a new theory for me as I don't tend to think of Lanfear becoming one of the good guys. Also if she were to repent and Rand were to die then the two of them could live together in Tel’aran’rhiod as heroes thus leaving the world without what I can only see as an ultimately unhappy quartet of lovers which can never live happily ever after. Unfortunately much as I hate to say it, the easiest way out seems to be for Rand to die, even though I would much rather see him end up with Aviendha myself and failing that Min.

Also has anyone else thought of the fact that Lanfear wears moons in her hair (and remember that Jordan seldom mentions anything no matter how small a detail without reason) and Mat is destined to marry the Daughter of the Nine Moons? Enough said. Preposterous perhaps but a thought all the same.

wotmania says: Hmmmm... Well, I do not know how many women in the real world would enjoy sharing their husband, but in Randland a number of Aiel women certainly do not seem to mind. Perhaps Jordan is being a bit unrealistic on this point... I have trouble with Rand, Elayne, Min, or Aviendha.



Posted by Rathan on 01.08.01 02:40
Read WH. Tuon is the DotNM


Men hav e had more than one wife before

Posted by The Hammer on 12.08.01 19:18
If you look at many ancient cultures and some less ancient there has been no laws against having multiple wives. I mean Kings of Siam or whatever could have as many as they wanted and the women accepted it. So who is to say it is improbable to be a happy little love square?

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The love quartet....

Posted by abraxcat on 04.02.02 17:35
According to inferences throughout the series and especially in WInter's Heart, I think Aviendha, Min and Elayne are really Ilyena split into three spearte bodies. Min and Aviendha reacted the same way "mirrored" before they bonded Rand. Ilyena's soul was probably split up (possibly by the creator or wheel) this way in order to protect her. (possibly to insure the protection or aid the Dragon Reborn in succeeding at the last battle)

Perhaps they will merge into one at the end but that sounds too simple of a solution. We do know the threesome will be present when The Dragon's body is on the bier according to Min's vieweings, which we know are always right.

Rand is Aiel after all and they do have at least two wives and now Aviendha and Elayne are first sisters, so why not become sister wives? Besides, Elayne can't rule Andor and Cairihien and still "enjoy" a full time husband especially not one as busy as the Dragon.

Elayne, Min, or Aviendha

Posted by mixima on 27.03.02 06:07
Elayne will live,
Min will die
Aviendha will live but on her own

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Regarding Warder's?

Posted by Memories228 on 10.04.02 17:11
Hey im new here so i was wondering if the warder's get the life span as would people that can channel. If they can then Min would live as long as Rand. just wonding thanks for the time

I really do care who lives

Posted by Llyreilen on 11.04.02 15:12
as long as Min dosn't get the short end of the stick

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Posted by Snowy Owl 7 on 04.03.03 17:27
All of it is stupid . You know Rand is Going to die because the propicies said he would die unless there was a typo in them . Last Mat already fond the Daughter of the Nine Moons .

Um, no

Posted by kwestfall_2006 on 10.07.03 13:42
Preposterous is right!

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