Rand Will Die at Tarmon Gai’don

Posted by Vikki on 21.01.01 00:00

I have wondered what will happen with Rand loved by three women. I want to suggest that he'll marry them all, but I don't think Elayne is thrilled with this proposal from Aviendha, and I dunno about Min. No one seems willing to share him but Aviendha. So, I doubt it will come to that.

Some people have suggested that one or two of his three-fold lover club will die before or in Tarmon Gai'don. I however, think Rand will be the one who dies.

"The blood of the Dragon Reborn on the rocks of Shayol Ghul will free mankind from the Shadow." Blood spilled could just mean a wound, but with such a great battle it would make sense that he would lose his life to save the world.

Besides, Rand is doomed to go mad anyway. What of that? Most certainly it would be more... uh, honorable for lack of a better word... for Rand to die "freeing mankind from the Shadow."

Have you noticed the parallels between Rand and Jesus Christ?

Jesus' blood atoned for the sins of the world, saving mankind from Satan. He died in shedding that blood. Seeing that verse about 'Blood on the rocks of Shayol Ghul' convinces me that Rand will follow the same path.

wotmania says: I do not know about none of the women wanting to share Rand - Elayne has said on more than one occasion that she would not mind. She hardly even resents what Aviendha and Rand have shared; instead she wants the same thing herself... I do not see any of the three women really having a problem with sharing him (however unrealistic that might be). I have a hard time imagining the four of them not living "happily ever after." As for the Christ parallels, I take them to mean that Rand might die, but he will not be "dead for good."


Christian references in WOT

Posted by Chukka on 07.04.01 00:00
Firstly, I think that Rand WILL die at the last battle, but will be "resurrected" by Nynaeve (remember that in the AOL, Aes Sedai could heal anyone with even the faintest spark of life).

Secondly, I think that the Children of the Light are not too dissimilar to the inquisitors in the Spanish Inquisition, who had quite strong feelings about their religion. The cloaks they wear remind me of ceremonial robes.

A bit more tenuous: Maybe Rand will eventually have a close group of say 12/13 Asha'man and one of them will betray him. I haven't read WH yet, so maybe that is in store with Taim (Judas?). Also, 13 as the maximum number for a linked circle could be a reference to the 12 disciples and JC.

I don't think so....

Posted by doug on 03.12.01 12:42
I doubt Rand will die during the last battle. I have another theory all of my own. I believe it will be Lews Therin that will die during TG. Remember, the verse says the blood of the "Dragon", while Rand is the Dragon reborn. LTT will be pulled out of TAR during TG. Foolishness you say? Remember, the precedent has been set with Birgitte and I seriously doubt it was done for no reason at all. I see very little reason for such an unprecedented event if RJ wasn't setting up something else for the plot of the series. Also, I just don't see the main character of the series billed snuffed out. Once out of TAR, LTT could be killed during TG and his death would fulfill the prophecy.

A few refernces to support my theory...

In ACoS, Ch 33 - Min has a viewing about Rand merging with someone else, one of the dies, the other doesn't. I thnk she forsees LTT death at TG.

LoC, Ch14 - A foretelling from Nicola Treehill, "The lion sword, the dedicated spear, she who sees beyond. Three on the boat, and he who is dead yet lives." Obviously Elayne, Aviendha, and Min surrounding Rand, who still lives. Who is dead? LTT

Anyway, just a few random thoughts about TG and Rand.

remember MIn's viewing of rand?

Posted by king of illian on 04.05.02 09:19
at his pyre stands three grieving women that love him. One dangerous(avi)one royal(ela) and one other (min) cant remember what book i saw it in i think min and elayne were chatting. so none will die. sorry you did work hard nice try.

Of Course

Posted by The Dragon Lews TheRIN on 28.05.02 22:04
No shoot, Sherlock! Of course Rand's going to die! He HATES being involved in Daes Dae'mar. No man alive could stand being married to 3 women. And he has that future to look forward to if he lives... they call it mercy killing, folks. Mercy killing.

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People minding "sharing"

Posted by Subjugator on 15.08.02 05:21
The concept of women not minding the sharing of a man is not all that unrealistic. I'm not a lady killer by a LONG shot, but have found that if one is honest and forthright about one's desire to be romantically involved with more than one woman at a time, the women tend to be accepting of it. In fact, I've only met one woman who objected.

I'm now married and hold to one woman (my word is my bond), but do not find plural marriages to be objectionable so long as all involved agree to the situation.


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Posted by Alaerien on 30.12.02 17:22
always had a problem with this idea of healing even a spark of life, and this meaning rand can come back after he's dead. surely if there's a spark of life you're not dead?

but, remember when mat got busted at rhuidean and rand had to do cpr. mat was dead then wasn't he? but there was still a spark of life.

so, maybe rand will get KO'd but not quite KO'd, as it were.

am i making any sense?

Wow, I wrote this idea ages ago

Posted by Laeghen on 08.03.03 20:57
I still think Rand will die at Tarmon Gai'don, but I think that Nyenaeve will figure out how to Heal death.

Robert Jordan *never* spends books and books telling people something is impossible w/out breaking the aforementioned impossibility.

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Posted by maniac on 07.04.04 21:47
Rand cleansed the taint, so why wold he go mad???


Posted by Ledraisel on 11.06.04 22:36
Anti-Christs in the Christian religion come after the death of Jesus unless you suggest that LTT was Jesus and Rand is Jesus reborn which doesn't make sense. Also there are many anti-christs but only one Anti-Christ. The capital letter meant a lot in Greek and Arabic so the stress indicated can change your meaning.

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Posted by Starlit_Wishes on 27.08.04 17:50
Well...for all of you, I liked the idea of the Jesus and Rand comparasion. It made sense. Course, I'm a Cristian, so I believed it.

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Cool theory!

Posted by Ansicat Sedai on 30.05.05 21:08
I've seen similarly.Cheers, Sister!No i Hir na le.(That's my farewell.

Two Cents from an old Malkieri Hunter

Posted by Ashaman Neiyeth Andredin on 02.08.07 17:08
I'm afraid I do not beleive Rand will truly die at Tarmon Gai'don. This lead up to the fight feels very similar to Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, in which (spoiler warning) Harry has to give himself up to death, but returns and lives happily ever after. As far as the second breaking of the world goes, Rand going completely mad and having to be restrained, possibly by the ex-Damane who will "help him to die", is likely, but I doubt that that will be it for him. (Of course, all I may be sensing is that Rand will be reborn as the Wheel turns.)