Breaking the Wheel

Posted by Ben on 21.01.01 00:00

I'm new to this series, but I'm interested in the breaking of the Wheel/continuity of the Wheel issue. So far in the books I've seen many statements that contradict each other - sometimes claiming the Wheel is just cycling and will continue to cycle, others claiming that THIS cycle is different, and will see the breaking of the Wheel and no more cycles. Here's my thought, ripped off from a Star Trek: the Next Generation episode... Each cycle the Dark One attempts to break the Wheel and remake the world in his own image, with the (dark) True Source replacing the (light) One Source, creating a "Dark One universe." This attempt has always ended in defeat of the Dark One, apparently, as the Wheel continues to turn. However, this outcome is in fact sort of a draw, because the Dark One gets to keep coming back to try again. So maybe the end of the series will be a breaking of the Wheel in a different sense than the Dark One desires: the Dark One will be destroyed or cast out of the world (like Morgoth in Tolkien) and perhaps the One Source destroyed as well, to prevent the Wheel from turning again? The Dragon would lose something with this outcome, too, because he wouldn't be coming back again, but good ol' Rand might be willing to give up his immortality for the rest of us slobs. This is the similarity to the Star Trek episode: both sides get to keep trying the cycle until one of them gets it "right" and breaks the Wheel.

wotmania says: Now this is an idea... It would require a leap in thinking by the Dragon (Rand, in this case). Obviously, we all know the Dark One is trying to break the Wheel. It would be an interesting twist if the good guys were to win by breaking the Wheel...


A very plausible idea

Posted by Esmertal on 17.01.02 01:27
The idea that the heroes would win by breaking the wheel is one that I have had for years, and it has only gotten stronger with each subsequent reading of the series. Lets look at some facts from the stories...
One of the Prophesies of the Dragon states that the day of Tarmon Gaidon will dawn twice. This suggests to me the usage of balefire (as it has a tendency to mess with time). Also remember the many warnings which we have heard regarding the usage of balefire. In the age of legends, people stopped using it because they could feel the pattern weakening. Moiraine explained one of the theories that balefire could unravel the pattern and make it reweave itself. That would most certainly redult in "breaking the wheel."
Now lets think about the fact that the Dark One is powerless against balefire (as evidenced by his inability to reincarnate the Forsaken who ran afoul of it). Next step, how would the pattern react to a major thread not only being cut out of it, but burned? Say the Dark One himself?
This is my theory of the details of Tarmon Gaidon. There will be a huge battle at Shayol Ghul which will culminate in the seal being broken and the Dark One loosed. Rand will be there waiting with several Asha'man and Aes Sedai. They will link through Chaedon Kal, Callandor, and every last angreal and sa angreal they can get their hands on. With such a load of the Power, Rand will fire balefire at the Dark One. His wound will explode open with the presence of the Dark One (as it tends to bleed when in proximity to the power of the Dark One. He will bleed to death, but his balefire will hit the Dark One and burn him out of the pattern. How far? I don't know, but the day of Tarmon Gaidon will dawn again as the pattern reweaves after having the Dark One's strand burned out of it. Only now, it will be a pattern without the Dark One. Rand will be alive again (fulfilling the prophesy that in order for him to live, he must die). And the story will be able to resolve, allowing everyone to live happily ever after.

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just to add to this a little.........

Posted by Lord_Foul on 22.01.02 07:04
after balefiring the 'DO' and dying, Rand will be 'reborn' or cometo live again because of the balefire. He will also have lost a hand whilst doing so, the power of the balefire being so extreme that his hand is atomised, he passes out, no one recognises him when he comes too and he wanders the world, or something.

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Posted by Warlord on 01.10.02 08:17
I agree.

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Hate to be the nay-sayer, but...

Posted by Dannymac247 on 08.03.03 12:55 just won't work, folks. The weaving of the Pattern is the weaving of time. The Dark One is not seeking a new world under his control, he is seeking the destruction of everything. You have to differentiate between the Dark One's goals and the lies he used to get the Forsaken and Darkfriends to do his dirty work. The Dark One is the anti-thesis of the Creator, ergo, a Destroyer.

It is not merely Rand who would stop being reborn. Everyone is someone else reborn, every life a thread spun into the Pattern by the wheel. The Wheel of Time is, well, time, and to destroy it would be to destroy Time. Even if you could break the wheel without destroying a pattern (a far from sure thing) it would be like the world would simply stop progressing. Everyone would be frozen, because time would simply cease to pass.

In the universe of the wheel is an equilibrium. Life and Death, Light and Shadow, Saidin and Saidar, One Power and True Power, Creator and Dark One, Yin and Yang. It was made that way, and the tie you are referring to is the way life is supposed to be.

Nice theory, but I fear it is mistaken.

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More reasons it wont work.

Posted by napoleonCoplin on 15.09.05 16:16
I'm gonaa leave the actul theory alone, Dannymac247 pretty much killed it. these are problems with the commenter theories. Firstly, the is outside the Pattern and therefore has no thread, so balefire would have little to no effect on him. Second, even if the seals are broken, the won't be fully free: He wasn't when they were put there, so why should he be now? Third, if the does break all the way free, he's won because if he can do that, then hecan do whatever he wants. Oh, and if even a lit bit of balefire touches you, you die.

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